Nepal Voters face problems with election materials


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Kathmandu, Nepal, May 14 (ANI): Voters participating in the first phase of historic local election in Nepal faced problems with the election materials at the polling booths. The problem was because of a big sized ballot paper and the ink used to stamp on election symbols in the paper.The ink used for stamping has been a matter of concern for the voters. They have to wait in the booth for a bit longer to let the blue ink dry up in order to validate their votes. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal had the biggest ballot paper with 71-centimeter length and 51-centimeter breadth. Election Commission of Nepal have campaigned to inform the voters but it seemed ineffective as many don’t know the size of the ballot and folding technique. A total of 49,337 candidates including 30,005 male and 19,332 female are contesting for 13,556 posts in the first phase of the election. A total of 329 candidates, 160 women, and 169 men have already been elected unopposed.

Nepal Voters face problems with election materials

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