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Persistent Polarization Research Associate, Institute for Conflict Management On March 30, 2015, 41 people including 35 cadres of Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M)-led 30-party alliance, five Policemen and one minor were injured in clashes between Police and demonstrators during the lathi (baton) rally organized by the alliance across the country against attempts to draft the Constitution through the majority voting process, instead of consensus. 30-Mar-2015
Northeast: The Troubles Endure Research Assistant, Institute for Conflict Management Insurgencies in India's Northeast have seen repeated cycles of reverses and resurgence. Most States in the region remain poorly governed and, on a wide range of parameters. The recent conflagrations in Assam have demonstrated clearly that, however significant the gains of the state in a particular theatre, there is no space for the pattern of administrative incompetence, political corruption and neglect that has characterized governance in the Northeast - and, increasingly, much of India as well. The enemy waits, close at hand. SAIR Volume 11, No. 34, February 25, 2013. 24-Mar-2015
Telangana: Maoist Ebb Research Associate, Institute for Conflict Management After a protracted political slug fest and acrimonious protests, the new State of Telangana was created on June 2, 2014, bifurcating Andhra Pradesh. According to the arrangement, Hyderabad will remain the joint capital for both the States for ten years, after which Andhra Pradesh will have its own capital and Hyderabad will be transferred entirely to Telangana. While Telangana has 10 Districts, the residuary Andhra Pradesh has 13. Interestingly, even as the undivided Andhra Pradesh successfully broke the backbone of Maoist movement in the State, the Maoists managed retain a shadow of their presence in the State. That shadow remains visible in Telangana. 17-Mar-2015
Desperate Measures Research Associate, Institute for Conflict Management On March 4, 2015, Shipon Mia (30), a driver was burnt to death and his assistant Shakil Ahmed (15) suffered serious burn injuries, when supporters of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led 20-party alliance's blockade programme hurled a petrol bomb at their pick-up van in the Shibganj area of Chapainawabganj District. 10-Mar-2015
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