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Funding Terror through Extortion Research Associate, Institute for Conflict Management At least five women were injured in a medium-intensity blast in the Mohalla Bajauri Khord area of Sarki Gate in Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), on December 6, 2015. An unnamed Police official disclosed that a device weighing three kilogrammes was planted near the house of one Amjad Khan, a local contractor. "The windows of nearby houses have been damaged and five neighbourhood women were injured inside their houses when they were hit by broken glass," the official added. The official disclosed that the contractor was constantly receiving threats and extortion demands. 21-Dec-2015
Punjab: Creeping Shadow of Daesh Research Assistant, Institute for Conflict Management On November 30, 2015, after a heavy exchange of fire, the Security Forces (SFs) killed at least four al Qaeda terrorists at Wador, within the limits of Gadani Police Station in Dera Ghazi Khan District. However, an al Qaeda 'commander' Shoaib Cheema and his accomplice Hanif Muhammad managed to escape from the encounter site. According to Police sources, the terrorists had entered Punjab via Balochistan and had planned to launch major terrorist activities in the Punjab Province. 07-Dec-2015
How far is India from UN Security Counci In the recent months, Prime Minister Modi has strongly articulated the need for India’s inclusion in the elite United Nation Security Council. It is inconceivable that world’s largest democracy, representing one-sixth of the humanity, is absent, in the Security Council, he reiterated. A sizeable number of UN member countries too have voiced the express need for UNSC restructuring, as it no longer reflects the transformations in global power, since 1945. The incumbent Government may be going hammer and tong about the likely inclusion of India in the UN high table, but the pipe dream of the Modi Government is set for turbulent times ahead. 02-Dec-2015
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