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5.6 earthquake hits Japan Tokyo, Feb 28 (IBNS): An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter Scale hit near the disaster-hit Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, media reports said. 28-Feb-2017
Contamination forces millions to go with Santiago, Feb 27 (IBNS): At least four million people have been hit by a major landslide in the Chilean capital Santiago, forcing them to go without drinking water as authorities have cut off supply fearing contamination, the BBC reported. 27-Feb-2017
Two earthquakes hit Nepal New Delhi, Feb 27 (IBNS): Two quakes jolted Nepal on Monday. 27-Feb-2017
Blue Abadi Fund raises US$ 23 million to Bali, Indonesia: Feb 24 (Just Earth News)– At the World Ocean Summit Friday, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund and the Indonesian government announced US$23 million in support for the Blue Abadi Fund, which is on track to be the world’s largest marine conservation trust. 24-Feb-2017
Greenpeace exposes high radiation risks Tokyo/ New Delhi, Feb 21 (IBNS) The Japanese government will soon lift evacuation orders for 6,000 citizens of Iitate village in Fukushima prefecture where radiation levels in nearby forests are comparable to the current levels within the Chernobyl 30km exclusion zone – an area that more than 30 years after the accident remains formally closed to habitation. 21-Feb-2017
Highly polluted Bengaluru lake catches f Bengaluru, Feb 17 (IBNS) : Flames continued to leap from the highly polluted waters of Bellandur lake in Bengaluru since Thursday after toxic froth caught fire, media reports said. 17-Feb-2017
Septage management needed to fulfil Clea Luciknow, Feb 14 (IBNS): Simly building toilets will not improve sanitation in the Ganga basin pointed out experts from Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) at a recent media briefing organised on the theme ‘Challenges and concerns of septage management in the National Mission for Clean Ganga’. 14-Feb-2017
Australia: Massive ancient undersea land Brisbane, Feb 9 (IBNS): Scientists have discovered evidence of massive ancient undersea landslide next to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, according to media reports on Thursday. 09-Feb-2017
ADB climate operations reach $3.7 billio Manila, Feb 8 (IBNS): The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved $3.7 billion in climate finance investments in 2016, according to recently released figures — marking a 42% boost from the $2.6 billion reached in 2015. Estimates show that in 2016, climate finance from ADB’s internal sources reached a record $2.65 billion for climate mitigation and $1.08 billion for climate adaptation. 08-Feb-2017
5.8 earthquake hits Uttarakhand New Delhi, Feb 7 (IBNS): An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale hit Uttarakhand on Monday as tremors were felt in several north Indian states including national capital New Delhi. 07-Feb-2017
Role of terrestrial biosphere in counter Birmingham, Feb 1 (IBNS): New research has suggested that the capacity of the terrestrial biosphere to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) may have been underestimated in past calculations due to certain land-use changes not being fully taken into account. 01-Feb-2017
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