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CSE releases CEMS guidance manual to mon New Delhi, Sept 26 (IBNS): In its effort to monitor, and thereby regulate, industrial air pollution, Centre for Science and Environment, a New-Delhi based environment research and advocacy body, in collaboration with International Labmate Limited-UK, Source Testing Association-UK, IEA-Clean Coal Centre- UK and FICCI, has organised a three-day conference and exhibition on effectively monitoring industrial emissions in India. 26-Sep-2017
WWF India launches digital resource port New Delhi, Sep 20 (IBNS): WWF-India, in partnership with Capgemini, recently launched the One Planet Academy (OPA), an environment education portal for students and teachers in India. 20-Sep-2017
Arctic Sea ice reached minimum extent on Boulder (Colorado), Sep 20 (IBNS): The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has recently issued a warning saying that the Arctic Sea ice is at its minimum extent. 20-Sep-2017
India joins the World Ozone Day celebrat New Delhi, Sep 16 (IBNS): The Ozone cell of the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change observed the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol and 23rd World Ozone Day on Saturday, in New Delhi, according to media reports. 16-Sep-2017
Plan India carries out humanitarian assi New Delhi, Sep 14 (IBNS): Plan India, a child development organisation committed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, their families and communities, said it initiated its humanitarian response with an immediate provision of distributing food and non-food relief items to the most vulnerable families in the worst affected areas in Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai. 14-Sep-2017
Climate change a buzzkill for coffee lov New York, Sept 12 (IBNS): Global warming could reduce coffee growing areas in Latin America — the world’s largest coffee-producing region — by as much as 88 percent by 2050. 12-Sep-2017
Floods claimed 1071 lives in Assam since Guwahati, Sept 11 (IBNS): Over 1000 people had lost their lives in devastating floods in Assam in past one and half decades. 11-Sep-2017
Hurricane Irma hits normal life in Flori Florida, Sept 10 (IBNS): Hurricane Irma hit Florida on Sunday, disrupting normal life in the American state, media reports said. 10-Sep-2017
March for preserving greenery and ecolo Kolkata, Sept 9 (IBNS): In an unique effort, several hundreds of nature lovers, eco-enthusiasts and students from various rowing , swimming and other clubs in an around Rabindra Sarovar lake took part in an awareness march to highlight the necessity of preserving the greenery and maintaining the ecology of the precious water body in south Kolkata on Saturday. 09-Sep-2017
Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Cuba, w Havana, Sep 9 (IBNS): After pummelling the Caribbean Islands, the powerful Hurricane Irma is lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rainfall, reports said. 09-Sep-2017
Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises to 6 Mexico City, Sep 9 (IBNS): The strong 8.2 magnitude earthquake which struck Mexico on Thursday has killed at least 61 people, reports said. 09-Sep-2017
Mexico earthquake: Country's strongest q Mexico City, Sep 8 (IBNS): The 8.2 magnitude which struck Mexico on Thursday, killed at least 27 people, reports said. 08-Sep-2017
8.1 magnitude quake hits Mexico, at leas Mexico City, Sep 8 (IBNS) : An earthquake of magnitude 8.1 struck the southern coast of Mexico late on Thursday, killing at least five people, reports said. 08-Sep-2017
Magnitude 8.1 earthquake hits Mexico, Ts Mexico City, Sep 8 (IBNS): A strong earthquake of magnitude 8.1 on the Richter Scale hit southern coast of Mexico. 08-Sep-2017
Hurricane Irma: At least seven dead, dea Tallahassee, Sep 7 (IBNS): At least seven people have died in the Hurricane Irma, which has left the Caribbean battered and bruised after making landfall, reports said. 07-Sep-2017
Insects can see the world in much finer London, Sept 6 (IBNS): Insects have much better vision and can see in far greater detail than previously thought, a new study from the University of Sheffield has revealed. 06-Sep-2017
Experts call for added focus on the impa London, Sept 5 (IBNS): Researchers have warned of an ‘urgent worldwide need’ to address a broad spectrum of cascading impacts of glacier mass loss on downstream systems. 05-Sep-2017
Zooplankton resilient to long-term warmi London, Sept 5 (IBNS): A new study from scientists at British Antarctic Survey shows that zooplankton, tiny animals that drift in the sea making up the base of the food web, which live in the Southern Ocean have been resilient to warming ocean temperatures. 05-Sep-2017
Hurricane Irma: Florida declares emergen Tallahassee, Sep 5 (IBNS): The southernmost US state, Florida, has declared an emergency on Monday, after Hurricane Irma was upgraded to category four storm, reports said. 05-Sep-2017
Air pollution a health hazard for traffi Kolkata, Sep 1 (IBNS): Police personnel who handle traffic on city roads are the most exposed to everyday air and noise pollution, and therefore, any effort to stem the pollution by planting and nurturing plants is a welcome effort, said Assistant Commissioner of Kolkata Police, Amit Nath. 01-Sep-2017
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