Title Description Posted Date
Dancing in the island The romantic islands of Hawaii is symbolised by the sensuous Hula dance. Rekha Pal delves into its history on a visit to the volcanic islands 30-Aug-2014
Sylvan historian with a pencil Does drawing as an art form still appeal? Has drawing as an art form that goes back to the time of the growth of human civilisation really reached the last frontier? Uttara Gangopadhyay explores 24-Aug-2014
A slice of Indian life in America A newly opened exhibit in the Smithsonian museum complex in Washington, D.C. gives a glimpse of the struggles and achievements of the Indian community in America. SPAN writer Jane Varner Malhotra reports 11-Aug-2014
Freud Museum: Cave of Memories Vienna's Sigmund Freud Museum highlights the prolific travels of the founding father of psychoanalysis in an exhibition to mark the 75th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's death in 1939 from relocating to Vienna as a three year old to his escape and exile in London as the Nazis advanced. Sujoy Dhar visits the museum in the Austrian capital 05-Aug-2014
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