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Love is the Drug Opioid abuse ( or painkiller drug addiction) is a persistent scourge in the United States and an emerging problem in India. Hannah Cornett in US city of Louisville and Anusua Banerjee in India's Bangalore report on the worldwide challenge 31-May-2015
The Kabuliwala of Kolkata The Kabuliwala of Kolkata, a photo exhibition about a community in India's eastern city longing for Afghanistan that once was home, is travelling from Kabul to Kolkata, evoking strong emotional response from viewers. Inspired by Indian historic literature about the community, Moska Najib and Nazes Afroz, two photo-journalists, documented their lives in images over the course of two years and here share their experience in first person accounts. 24-May-2015
Online cab service: Safety net After the Uber rape case a few months ago in New Delhi, do women feel safe travelling in on-demand cabs alone late evening or night? Many are wary. However, post- incident, the private cab companies went back to the drawing board to beef up their security aspects. Madhumita Mookerjee explores 17-May-2015
Cattle smuggling along Indo-Bangla borde Kolkata, May 15 (IBNS) Cattle smuggling to Bangladesh along the porous Indo-Bangla border in West Bengal is a long standing problem. But with the BJP-led government in New Delhi taking up the matter seriously and as its policy to protect cows by stopping its slaughtering for beef, the Border Security Force (BSF) is cracking its whip on the cattle smugglers leading to a drastic climb down in smuggling of the animal. As a result the beef prices in Bangladesh have shot up too, said reports. Of the 4096 km Indo-Bangladesh border, West Bengal shares 2216.7 Km and along this border- both land and riverine- smuggling of goods and animals is an everyday activity. In 2015 till March, BSF has auctioned 23, 253 cattle after their capture along the border: Sujoy Dhar spoke to Mr. Sandeep Salunke, Inspector General, South Bengal, Border Security Force (BSF), on the recent anti-cattle smuggling drive along the border. 15-May-2015
The cup that cheers Notes on Chai , a performance by Mumbai –based Jyoti Dogra uses abstract ideas and real-life performance where the audience plays a vital role. She shares her thoughts on this unusual experiment with tea with Shoma A. Chatterji 10-May-2015
Threat to the Taj rears up its ugly head New Delhi, May 7 (IBNS) Taj Mahal is losing its sheen due to unchecked vehicular pollution, tourism and several other reasons. Administration's efforts to undo the damage hits people's livelihoods and local economies recent move to close petha-making units is a case in point, says New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) 07-May-2015
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