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Rajasthan: High on Art In royal Rajasthan, the walls are no longer empty spaces. They speak through their vibrant colours and tell a story. From dreary, boring railway stations to splashy coloured auto rickshaws, one can now encounter art at every nook and corner of the state’s bustling towns. Rajasthan Post-TWF writer R Pal reports 26-Feb-2016
Laxmi Saa’s Face of Courage Laxmi was 15 when she rejected a 32-year old man’s offer of marriage. He decided to get even; he disfigured her by throwing acid on her face. That is whereLaxmi’s advocacy started: speaking out against the unregulated sale of acid in India and campaign for harsher sentence for those guilty of acid attacks. 22-Feb-2016
We campaign to abolish triple-talaaq: Za Zakia Soman, the co-founder of Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), which now has over 70,000 members, is a gritty woman standing behind women qazis of Jaipur and for empowerment of Muslim women with a model nikahnama. She is spearheading a silent social revolution in the backward Muslim community to stand up against injustice and patriarchy. Rajasthan Post/TWF correspondent Rekha Pal speaks to her in Jaipur 13-Feb-2016
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