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Migration can transform art and culture, Birmingham, May 25 (Just Earth News) Migration from Asia and the Middle East to Western Europe could provide the kind of vibrant boost to arts and culture as movement from India and Pakistan did to UK food tastes over the past 40 years, a leading artist and academic has said. 23-May-2016
Kindred souls The affinity between India and the US as the world’s two biggest democracies is often spoken of today’s context. But a recent exhibition, Kindred Nations, brought out the fact that the connection goes back to a much earlier time, finds Ranjita Biswas 17-May-2016
Spinning it the right way: From Calcutta Yudhajeet Barua is a 20-year old club cricketer, who plays Grade A cricket for Green Point Cricket Club, based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a young prospect and is hopeful of making it big. Barua is also a regular in the Cape Cobras net session. In a special chat with IBNS correspondent Sudipto Maity, who has watched him grow as a cricketer and a person, the leggie opens up about his cricket and life beyond the sport. 13-May-2016
The queens of yesteryear Female impersonation as a genre in stage performances has a long history in India. Today, that tradition is all but dead but its contribution to the field of performing art cannot be ignored, says Shoma A. Chatterji 11-May-2016
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