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Stone- Being and Becoming: Kounteya Sinh Kolkata, June 30 (IBNS): Veteran actor Om Puri, with the trademark chequered 'gamchha' -- that most Kolkata rickshaw-pullers use -- round his neck, relived his iconic role as Hasari Pal in Roland Joffe’s The City of Joy recently. The occasion: a photographic tribute to the rickshaw pullers of Kolkata at a city art gallery. 30-Jun-2016
Under-reporting Biodiversity: Clear and Media has not been able to keep aside its circulation arithmetic and assign enough space to this critical topic---Biodiversity, reports Jayalakshmi Sengupta for IBNS humanitarian and development news service Just Earth News 21-Jun-2016
Gabbar Singh: The villain as hero “Kitne aadmi the?” the dialogue sent a chill down the spine of the audience as Gabbar Singh in Sholay walked menacingly in front of his gang swinging his whip. That even today the villain par excellence of Indian cinema remains an icon is a attribute to the characterisation and Amjad Khan’s acting. Shoma A. Chatterji examines the phenomenon of Gabbar Singh 12-Jun-2016
Green fashion Sustainability is a living concern today with issues like global-warming and climate-change posing a huge threat to the planet. How is the fashion designer community responding to the call for sustainable fashion? Pramita Bose probes 02-Jun-2016
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