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Sushil Kumar would be a good addition to As part of WWE's extension programme, WWE superstar Sheamus toured India recently. IBNS correspondent Sudipto Maity caught up with the athlete regarding Sushil Kumar, India and his love for wrestling. Excerpts: 28-Oct-2016
Tabletops go colourful Tableware plays an integral part in the dining experience. But of late, just like the way chefs have crafted their own cooking style in an innovative manner, the tabletop too has seen plenty of new age variations, finds Sharmila Chand 28-Oct-2016
Studying Abroad: Make the right choice You might be thinking about studying abroad, but confused about where you should be looking. Not all foreign programmes are created equal! Studying in the United States and studying in the United Kingdom will mean very different things for your education. Rohan Ganeriwala, Co founder, Collegify, gives a lowdown on the choices 25-Oct-2016
Going the distance Long distance marriages are getting more common these days in urban India. But those women who quit their jobs to be with their spouses also face criticism from certain sections of society considering the act anti-Feminist. Surangama Guha takes look at both sides of the coin 07-Oct-2016
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