Title Description Posted Date
Not so green The emerald landscape of tea gardens in Assam hide a healthcare lacunae among its women workers whose nimble fingers pluck the two leaves and a bud, invaluable to the industry. Activists from the community are now trying to change their condition. Ranjita Biswas reports from Sonitpur district on the north bank of the Brahmaputra 24-Apr-2017
Whiff from the West Music is high on the country’s cultural agenda but Western Classical music has somehow missed the bus in the current scenario. Surangama Guha reports 19-Apr-2017
A publishing company run entirely by wom Though the publishing industry is dominated by men, there is one leading publishing company in India run entirely by young women. 13-Apr-2017
Water tanks for thirsty animals Animal activists in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district have launched a unique campaign to provide water through tankers to wildlife animals to tide over acute water shortage in its forests. But conservationists say there is no need to intervene in these natural processes of variations in mortality, reports Rakhee Roytalukdar 11-Apr-2017
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