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21st KIFF Remembering Orson Welles’ Ci Kolkata, Nov 18 (IBNS:. The 21st Kolkata International Film Festival is paying a centenary tribute to Orson Welles with a screening of his cult classic Citizen Kane. Over the years, hundreds of books, papers, essays and articles have been authored on this film and its amazing maker. But few have focussed on the material universe Welles created in his film to flesh out the character of his protagonist. The film is a text book model for filmmakers for all time in the future on how to create a material universe with objects associated with the characters in the film. 18-Nov-2015
Chhath celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand, New Delhi, Nov 17 (IBNS) Chhath was celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and other parts of the country on Tuesday, the beginning of the four-day festival as scores of thousands of people offered prayers to to the Sun through traditional rituals. 17-Nov-2015
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