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Samoa: Business execs build partnerships New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Small island developing States offer opportunities for genuine and sustainable business partnerships, said executives and officials participating in a United Nations co-hosted private sector forum in Samoa. 31-Aug-2014
Samoa: Apia welcomes thousands for UN co New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Ahead of the official opening of the United Nations conference on small island developing countries, the UN and Samoan flags were raised on Saturday over the site in the capital, Apia, that will host what is considered the largest conference of its kind in the Pacific region. 31-Aug-2014
Enforced disappearances cannot be tolera New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Stressing that the enforced disappearance of individuals by States constitutes an unacceptable violation of human rights, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has declared that the time has come for the end to this "abhorrent" practice. 31-Aug-2014
Kosovo: citing recent unrest, UN envoy u New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) The United Nations envoy for Kosovo on Friday said that while great strides have been made since last year toward normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, close vigilance remains essential to safeguard achievements and continue dialogue. 30-Aug-2014
Amid growing attacks, Security Council u New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Against the backdrop of increasing threats to aid workers, the United Nations Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution calling for accountability for attacks and urging all parties to conflict to allow unimpeded access for humanitarian actors. 30-Aug-2014
Data revolution advisory group named by New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon named an Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development to provide him with inputs to shape “an ambitious and achievable vision” for a future development agenda beyond 2015 to succeed the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 30-Aug-2014
Security Council condemns actions of Hou New York, Aug 30 (IBNS): The Security Council on Friday voiced grave concern about the recent deterioration of the security situation in Yemen, condemning the actions of the Houthis, including their escalating campaign to bring down the Government and undermine the country’s political transition. 30-Aug-2014
On International Day, UN chief urges ren New York, Aug 30 (IBNS): Marking the International Day against Nuclear Tests, United NationsSecretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday called for a renewed global commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests. 30-Aug-2014
UN officials hail role of cultural, reli New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) United Nations officials on Friday highlighted the important role played by the initiative known as the Alliance of Civilizations in building bridges to peace, especially amid the current instability in many parts of the world, as they kicked off a global forum in Bali, Indonesia. 30-Aug-2014
Number of Syrian refugees tops 3 million New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Three million Syrians will have registered as refugees outside of their country on Friday, the UN refugee agency reported, amid accounts of increasingly horrifying conditions inside their homeland – cities where populations are surrounded, people are going hungry and civilians are being targeted or indiscriminately killed. 30-Aug-2014
Ukraine: UN report shows rising civilian New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) Intense fighting, including the use of heavy weaponry by both sides, in densely populated areas of eastern Ukraine, has increased the loss of civilian life, with an average of around 36 people being killed every day, says a new report issued on Friday by the United Nations human rights office. 30-Aug-2014
Detained peacekeepers in the Golan safe New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) The United Nations said on Friday that it has received assurances from credible sources that the 44 peacekeepers who were taken from their positions in the Golan on Thursday are safe and in good health. 30-Aug-2014
Samoa: From weeds to electricity, UN par New York, Aug 30 (IBNS) A toxic weed in Samoa is being turned into electricity, raising hopes that families on the southern coast of the Pacific island can be connected to the national grid as a result of a partnership between the Government and the United Nations. 30-Aug-2014
Ban alarmed by 'dangerous escalation' in New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he is alarmed by what seems to be a "dangerous escalation" in the crisis in Ukraine with reports that the fighting in the eastern part of the country has spread near the border with Russia. 29-Aug-2014
UN reports improved humanitarian access New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) For the first time in six months, there has been some improvement recently on humanitarian access to Syria, but much more needs to be done by the parties to the conflict to ensure rapid and unhindered access to people in need, a senior United Nations relief official told the Security Council on Thursday. 29-Aug-2014
UN peacekeepers detained by armed group New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) The United Nations said on Thursday that 43 of its peacekeepers serving in the Golan Heights were detained this morning amid increased fighting in the area between Syrian Government forces and armed elements. 28-Aug-2014
South Sudan: Security Council strongly c New York, Aug 28 (IBNS): The Security Council has strongly condemned the downing on Tuesday of a United Nations helicopter in South Sudan which resulted in the death of three Russian crew members and left a fourth severely injured, and called for a thorough investigation. 28-Aug-2014
Darfur: Security Council extends African New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) The Security Council on Wednesday extended the mandate of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) until 30 June 2015, while requesting the peacekeeping mission to focus on strategic priorities such as the improved protection of civilians and humanitarian workers, along with the facilitation of aid and mediation activities. 28-Aug-2014
Security Council reiterates concern over New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday reiterated its continued concern about the alarming situation in the Sahel region of Africa and reaffirmed its commitment to address the complex security and political challenges. 28-Aug-2014
UN operation to feed displaced Iraqis re New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) Food aid convoys from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) have reached displaced Iraqis in Karbala, southwest of Baghdad, bringing the number of people receiving food assistance to over 700,000 people since the start of violence in mid-June. 28-Aug-2014
Civil society gathers at UN to help shap New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) Civil society converged on United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday to make their voices heard regarding the future global development agenda that will point the way forward on a range of issues such as eradicating poverty, eliminating hunger and combating disease. 28-Aug-2014
Recent Libya fighting 'unprecedented in New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) In recent days, armed battles, inflamed by airstrikes and fuelled by deep divisions among Libyan political factions have been "unprecedented in their gravity and very alarming," the outgoing United Nations envoy to that country told the Security Council on Wednesday. 28-Aug-2014
Using Egyptian crossing for first time i New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) For the first time in seven years, a humanitarian convoy of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) successfully crossed from Egypt into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, carrying enough food to feed around 150,000 people for five days. 28-Aug-2014
Syria's brutal war threatens internation New York, Aug 28 (IBNS) Mass atrocities by Government forces and non-State armed groups continue to take place in Syria, causing immeasurable suffering to civilians and contributing to a spillover of violence affecting international peace and stability, a United Nations-appointed panel said on Wednesday. 28-Aug-2014
Consensual, Yemeni-led political process New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) The United Nations envoy to Yemen on Tuesday expressed concern over the high level of unrest in the country which he says is probably the most serious since the beginning of the political transition in 2011. 27-Aug-2014
Ban welcomes signing of blueprint to imp New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the signing by the South Sudanese Government and the opposition of a plan to implement a seventh-month-old ceasefire deal between the two sides. 27-Aug-2014
UN hosts meeting with Greek Cypriot, Tur New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) The United Nations confirmed on Tuesday that Greek and Turkish Cypriot negotiators met on Tuesday in Nicosia to discuss arrangements for the upcoming meeting of the leaders from the two sides. 27-Aug-2014
South Sudan: Three dead in UN-contracted New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) The United Nations mission in South Sudan has confirmed that three crew members died and another was injured when one of its helicopters crashed on Tuesday near Bentiu, Unity state. 27-Aug-2014
Security Council extends UN peacekeeping New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) The Security Council on Tuesday renewed the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for another year, while strongly condemning attempts to threaten the country’s security and stability. 27-Aug-2014
More than 300 die in boat tragedies on M New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) The past few days have been the deadliest this year for people making irregular crossings on the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe, with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reporting that at least 300 people have died in successive boat tragedies. 27-Aug-2014
Amid multiple crises UN children’s age New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) This August the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) shipped 1,000 metric tonnes of life-saving supplies for children caught in the world’s most urgent crises -- the largest emergency supply operation in the organization’s history in a single month. 27-Aug-2014
UN rights expert seeks access to Israel, New York, Aug 27 (IBNS) An independent United Nations expert has requested access to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory to gather first-hand information on the impact of current hostilities on the human rights situation. 27-Aug-2014
Ahead of Samoa conference, iTunes, UN te New York, Aug 26 (IBNS) Ahead of a major United Nations conference in Samoa on small island developing countries, iTunes has teamed up with the UN to create a dedicated page on the popular site – launched on Monday – featuring music from artists born and raised in some of the world's smallest islands. 26-Aug-2014
UN Rights Council appoints final member New York, Aug 26 (IBNS) The United Nations Human Rights Council announced on Monday the appointment of the last of three members of its probe to investigate purported violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and particularly in the Gaza Strip since the conflict began on 13 June. 26-Aug-2014
UN adviser calls for taking 'leap of fai New York, Aug 26 (IBNS) The United Nations Special Adviser for Myanmar on Monday wrapped up a visit to the country during which he visited Rakhine state to see first-hand the progress made to provide aid to local communities, as well as actions being taken to address underlying causes of recent violence. 26-Aug-2014
South Sudan: UN mission condemns detenti New York , Aug 25 (IBNS) The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has condemned the detention of a team of six ceasefire monitors and three aircrew in Bouth, Unity state, on Saturday by forces allied to Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in opposition. 25-Aug-2014
Iraqi civilians suffering 'horrific' per New York, Aug 25 (IBNS) The United Nations human rights chief on Monday condemned the appalling and horrific crimes against humanity being committed daily in Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated armed groups. 25-Aug-2014
Iraqi civilians suffering 'horrific' per New York, Aug 25 (IBNS) The United Nations human rights chief on Monday condemned the appalling and horrific crimes against humanity being committed daily in Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated armed groups. 25-Aug-2014
Indian Army hand over Pakistani resident Srinagar, Aug 23 (IBNS): Showing human gesture, the Indian Army on Saturday handed over a Pakistan administered Kashmir resident Mangta Khan (72) who had by accident crossed over into the Indian territory on Aug 20 this month. 23-Aug-2014
On Day of Remembrance, UN says triumph o New Delhi, Aug 23 (IBNS) Marking the anniversary of the first successful slave uprising in the Western hemisphere, the head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said on Saturdaythat the struggle to overcome slavery "has strengthened awareness of the equality of all men and women, which we have all inherited directly." 23-Aug-2014
Hamas admits executing Israeli teens: Is New Delhi, Aug 23 (IBNS): Senior Hamas official Salah al-Aruri admitted during a conference of Islamic clerics in Turkey that Hamas's armed wing, the Kassam Brigades, was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in June and has praised the perpetrators for their "heroic action". 23-Aug-2014
Security Council condemns murder of Amer New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) The United Nations Security Council on Friday strongly condemned the “heinous and cowardly” murder of James Foley, an American journalist, by the militant group Islamic State (IS) and demanded the immediate, safe and unconditional release of all other hostages. 23-Aug-2014
Ban condemns killing of dozens of Sunni New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) Condemning in the strongest terms the reported attack on a mosque in eastern Iraq, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday called on all Iraqi authorities to ensure that the attack is properly investigated and its perpetrators held to account. 23-Aug-2014
Ban urges Russia, Ukraine to exercise re New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) Reacting to reports that a Russian aid convoy crossed the Ukrainian border without Kiev’s permission, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday urged all sides to continue to work together to ensure that humanitarian supplies reach those most in need. 23-Aug-2014
Gaza: Ban confers with world leaders, st New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) After the breakdown earlier this week of the latest temporary ceasefire in Gaza, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the need for efforts to guide the parties towards a durable peace, on Friday making a round of phone calls to a number of key players in the Middle East and beyond concerning the situation. 23-Aug-2014
Over 20,000 people risked their lives in New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) Over 20,000 people risked their lives in sea crossings in the Indian Ocean in the first half of this year, many of them Rohingya who fled Myanmar, according to a new report released on Friday by the United Nations refugee agency. 23-Aug-2014
UN envoy in Yemen calls for constructive New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) Amid escalating tensions and ongoing political instability in Yemen, the United Nations envoy to the country on Friday urged all the parties to move the political process forward by addressing the roots of the current turmoil through comprehensive dialogue. 23-Aug-2014
More than 191,000 people killed in Syria New York, Aug 23 (IBNS) The number of people killed in Syria is double the number documented a year ago, the United Nations human rights chief on Friday announced, criticizing the international community for its failure to stop the “killers, destroyers and torturers” that have torn the country apart. 23-Aug-2014
Iraq: Attack in Sunni mosque kills 73 Baquba, Aug 22 (IBNS): A Shia Muslim armed group opened fired inside an Iraqi Sunni mosque in Iraq's eastern Diyala province which killed at least 73 people on Friday, media reports said. 22-Aug-2014
Humane world cannot let West Africa suff New York, Aug 22 (IBNS) The newly-appointed United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola on Thursday began his visit to countries affected by the deadly disease, as the head of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) appealed for "massive, coordinated and targeted assistance" in the months ahead, saying "a humane world cannot let the people of West Africa suffer on such an extraordinary scale." 22-Aug-2014
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