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China: Blasts kill 3, injures 15 Beijing, Sept 30 (IBNS) At least three people were killed as blasts rocked south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Wednesday, media reports said. 30-Sep-2015
Edward Snowden joins Twitter Moscow, Sept 30 (IBNS) Fugitive National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has joined micro-blogging site Twitter and since then 954K followers are following his account. 30-Sep-2015
President of Guyana urges UN to protect New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Reaffirming his country's commitment to international law and the primacy of the decisions of the United Nations, the President of Guyana on Tuesday called on the world body to stand by its commitment to protect small States from foreign aggression, in this case, attempts by Venezuela to "unravel borders which have been undisturbed for decades." 30-Sep-2015
With South Sudan at crossroads, Ban urge New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Citing a new window of opportunity for peace in South Sudan, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday called on all parties to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the peace agreement signed last month, including by immediately halting military operations and forming the Transitional Government of National Unity. 30-Sep-2015
The only sustainable future is one that New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Change is coming and it is vitally necessary, the President of Rwanda told the General Assembly on Tuesday, urging United Nations Member States to not merely pledge commitment to the Global Goals but to acknowledge that the bold new targets will only be reached if all countries work together and acknowledge their mutual interdependence. 30-Sep-2015
Mongolian President urges coordinated ac New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): In his speech at the 70th United Nations General Assembly's annual General Debate, Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj urged his international counterparts to unite and exercise decisive leadership to fulfil UN's core missions. 30-Sep-2015
African leaders highlight UN's ability t New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): The UN has played a significant role in reducing conflicts on the African continent and in other parts of the world was a message underlined by a number of African leaders who addressed the United Nations General Assembly today during the annual general debate. 30-Sep-2015
Growing threat of violent extremism dema New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Addressing the growing threat posed by violent extremist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as Da'esh, goes to the heart of the mission of the United Nations and requires a unified response, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed on Tuesday at a high-level event held in New York. 30-Sep-2015
UN agencies call for end to violence and New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Twelve UN agencies on Monday called for an end to violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) adults, adolescents and children, and set out specific steps to protect these individuals. 30-Sep-2015
Lethal use of force could worsen tension New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): The United Nations human rights office on Tuesday stressed the need for Israeli and Palestinian security forces to refrain from the use of excessive force amid the clashes and escalating tensions in East Jerusalem and in the West Bank, warning that such action could further inflame an already tense situation. 30-Sep-2015
Breakthrough needed to ensure nuclear-te New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Lamenting the fact that nearly two decades after its negotiation the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) has still not entered into force, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday urged world leaders gathered at the United Nations to demonstrate the necessary political will to usher in a nuclear-weapon-free world. 30-Sep-2015
Ukrainian President says country sufferi New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Ukraine is suffering from a brutal violation of the fundamental norms and principles of the United Nations Charter, President Petro Poroshenko told world leaders on Tuesday at the annual General Assembly debate. 30-Sep-2015
UNICEF advocate Orlando Bloom urges prot New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Actor and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Orlando Bloom called for greater protection for tens of thousands of refugee and migrant children on the move in Europe. 30-Sep-2015
Upcoming elections represent milestone i New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): The upcoming elections represent a milestone in Myanmar's transition to democracy, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday, adding that their credibility will depend on acceptance of its outcome among the political leaders and the broader population. 30-Sep-2015
Japan announces major boost in assistanc New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): In his address to the annual high-level meeting of the General Assembly, Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, vowed to enhance his country's assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons from Syria and Iraq. 30-Sep-2015
Presidents of Sierra Leone and Liberia o New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): In their respective statements to the United Nations General Assembly, the leaders of Sierra Leone and Liberia, among the countries hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak, discussed their subsequent recovery efforts, and also spoke about the need for the reform of UN bodies. 30-Sep-2015
Kuwaiti leader affirms importance of sca New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah, the Prime Minister of Kuwait, affirmed his country's commitment to promoting the existence of peaceful societies and highlighted the "serious challenges" facing Yemen, Syria, Libya and Iraq. 30-Sep-2015
Armenian President reports to General As New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): The peaceful resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh problem remains one of the most salient issues in the South Caucasus, the President of Armenia on Tuesday told world leaders attending the General Assembly, while highlighting that the establishment of the UN has been one of the "greatest achievements of humankind" that consolidated nations around shared aspirations and principles. 30-Sep-2015
Fighting terrorism is a priority Tajikis New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Taking the podium at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, Emomali Rahmon, the President of Tajikistan stressed that combating terrorism and extremism, and curbing drug trafficking are some of the top priorities for his country. 30-Sep-2015
President tells UN Assembly negotiations New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): Expressing the hope that a new round of negotiations that resumed this past May will lead to the final settlement of the "Cyprus problem," Nicos Anastasiades, the President of Cyprus, told the United Nations General Assembly on Monday that a negotiated settlement would create a "win-win" situation, not only for the people of Cyprus, but for the region, the interested parties and the wider international community. 30-Sep-2015
Ban stresses need to respect rights of d New York, Sept 30 (IBNS): As momentum continues to build towards abolishing the death penalty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday stressed the need to ensure that the rights of victims and their families are respected as part of efforts to ensure a life of dignity for all. 30-Sep-2015
Brazilian President urges solidarity tow New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Following the tradition of being the first Head of State to address the annual General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff today, in a wide-ranging address, stressed, among other issues, her country’s improved economy after the 2008 economic crisis and its efforts to provide refuge for migrants stranded across Europe. 29-Sep-2015
UN ideals point the way to solving the w New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Warning against those who advocate authoritarianism and a return to the era of “might makes right” in the face of global disorder, United States President Barack Obama today gave a ringing endorsement of the lasting universality of the United Nations principles of freedom, prosperity and equality for all. 29-Sep-2015
Report by UN and Gates Foundation presen New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): A new report released by the United Nations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation presents a vision to eradicate malaria by 2040 that involves new strategies, tools and financing and urges world leaders to expand their commitments to fight a disease that still kills about one child every minute. 29-Sep-2015
UN official alarmed at upsurge in human New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Monday reported an alarming upsurge in arrests, detention and killings in Burundi since the beginning of September, and urged the country’s authorities to fight against impunity. 29-Sep-2015
World drug problem violates human right New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): The global drug problem violates human rights in five key areas – the right to health, the rights relating to criminal justice and discrimination, the rights of the child and the rights of indigenous peoples, a senior United Nations official said on Monday. 29-Sep-2015
Nuclear deal could be blueprint for glob New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): While safeguarding its historic and cultural heritage, Iran is looking to the future – not only the distant future but also the near future with a bright outlook for cooperation, President Hassan Rouhani told the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, stressing that his country’s recent nuclear deal could suggest a way forward for broader international relations among all nations based on mutual respect and non-intervention. 29-Sep-2015
Divided peninsula last remaining vestige New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): In her address to the annual high-level meeting of the General Assembly, President Park Geun-hye of the Republic of Korea (ROK) cited the Iranian nuclear deal as she urged the international community to focus on resolving the North Korean nuclear issue. 29-Sep-2015
Russian President stresses national sove New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Stressing the unique legitimacy, representation and universality of the United Nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Monday that many of the crises facing the world have been exacerbated by countries acting against sovereign States outside the UN Charter. 29-Sep-2015
UN Assembly: Gulf, Mid-east leaders call New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Taking the podium at the 70th United Nations General Assembly on Monday, leaders from Gulf and Middle East countries appealed to world leaders to unite against the growing threats from Islamic religious extremists, and also drew attention to a wide range of issues including the Syrian crisis, the ongoing Israel-Palestine dispute and the European refugee crisis. 29-Sep-2015
Xi Jinping urges General Assembly to put New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): In his address to the United Nations General Assembly’s annual gathering of world leaders, the President of China warned that the security of all countries was interrelated and that no country could protect its security alone and none could find stability at the expense of another’s. 29-Sep-2015
World leaders recommit to modernize 120, New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Leaders of more than 50 countries gathered for a summit on United Nations peacekeeping operations today to pledge new commitments and strengthen existing capabilities, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saying "the demand for peacekeeping has never been greater." 29-Sep-2015
Kazakh President proposes 30-year plan t New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Stressing that there is no alternative to the United Nations as a universal organization, President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan on Monday looked ahead 30 years to its 100th birthday in 2045 to propose far-reaching reforms, from creating a supranational currency to moving its Headquarters from New York to Asia. 29-Sep-2015
Better future for Somalia must remain co New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Outlining the progress made so far by the Government and people of Somalia, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday stressed that a better future for the Horn of Africa nation must remain a collective priority for the international community. 29-Sep-2015
Mexican President urges UN to step up ac New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Enrique Peña Nieto spotlighted key issues facing the world body and urged the international community to promote sustainable development and combat climate change and also encouraged the reform and modernization of the UN Security Council. 29-Sep-2015
Addressing General Debate, Cuban Preside New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): In his first-ever address to the United Nations General Debate, Cuban President Raul Castro noted the warming of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba before promising to reintroduce an annual resolution calling for an end to the long-standing US embargo on the island nation. 29-Sep-2015
UN: South African President calls for re New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, South African President Jacob Zuma stressed on reforming and restructuring of the UN Security Council in order to resolve conflicts surrounding Middle East and African nations. 29-Sep-2015
Ban calls on all actors in Burkina Faso New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday urgently called on all national stakeholders in Burkina Faso to act responsibly, exercise restraint and work in the best interests of the country. 29-Sep-2015
Yemen: Ban condemns airstrikes that repo New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday condemned the airstrikes that reportedly struck a wedding party in Wahijah village, outside of the Red Sea port city of Mokha in Yemen, killing as many as 135 people. 29-Sep-2015
UN: President of Zimbabwe denounces sanc New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Addressing the General Assembly on Monday, President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe condemned sanctions against his country imposed by the European Union and the United States and called for broad scale reform of the United Nations and its institutions. 29-Sep-2015
Syria: Hollande pledges to work towards New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): France is ready to work with all countries that want to find a political solution to the four-year crisis in Syria except for President Bashar Al-Assad, who cannot be part of the solution, French President François Hollande told the UN General Assembly on Monday at the annual general debate. 29-Sep-2015
Renewed attacks in Central Africa prompt New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations Security Council on Monday called for an immediate end to the sudden eruption of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) which has led to more than 30 deaths and left over 100 wounded. 29-Sep-2015
Terrorism most immediate problem for new New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): The new Nigerian Government has many issues to contend with but none as important as defeating the terrorist threat posed by Boko Haram and bringing back the Chibok girls unharmed, the country’s President declared at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. 29-Sep-2015
General Assembly: Egypt calls for proact New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Denouncing Islamic extremists for negating a religion that stands for tolerance, justice and mercy, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi took to the podium of the General Assembly on Monday to call on the United Nations and its Member States to join him in a proactive strategy to defeat terrorism. 29-Sep-2015
UN: East European leaders urge stronger New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): Poland is ready to participate in the attainment of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted last week, the country’s President told the UN General Assembly on Monday, underlining that objectives such as the defence of democracy, sustainable economic growth, and fighting climate change all contribute to the preservation of peace world-wide. 29-Sep-2015
General Assembly: Mali leader lauds UN f New York, Sept 29 (IBNS): President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita of Mali took to the podium of the General Assembly on Monday to voice his “profound gratitude” to the United Nations for its help in restoring peace after a vicious civil war erupted in the north of the African sub-Sahara country in 2012. 29-Sep-2015
Ban tells crowd to stand up for a better New York, Sept 28 (IBNS): "Take your passion and compassion – and let’s make the global goals a global reality," United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged a massive crowd at New York’s Central Park on Sunday night, where he joined a star-studded roster of the world's leading performers to kick-off the fourth annual Global Citizen Festival. 28-Sep-2015
UN highlights potential of tourism for s New York, Sept 28 (IBNS): Marking the observance of World Tourism Day, senior United Nations officials are spotlighting the transformative potential of one billion tourists and their increasing capacity to help boost socio-economic and environmental development. 28-Sep-2015
UN deputy chief says world now has hope New York, Sept 28 (IBNS): United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson on Sunday welcomed the adoption of the first-ever universal goal on energy, but cautioned that it will take "arduous work" to reach the targets needed to end poverty and combat climate change as part of the new sustainable development agenda. 28-Sep-2015
Talks on climate change reveal broad sup New York, Sept 28 (IBNS): Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reported on Sunday that ahead of an upcoming United Nations climate conference in Paris, world leaders have voiced broad support for reaching a durable agreement that will accelerate investments in clean energy and spur a global, low-carbon transformation well before the end of the century, consistent with a below 2 degrees Celsius pathway. 28-Sep-2015
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