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Time 'to ring the alarm bell' on waning New York, Mar 25 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations envoy for the peace process in the Middle East on Thursday warned the Security Council that the prospects for an independent Palestinian state are disappearing, and questioned the political will of the Israeli and Palestinian actors to address the main challenges blocking peace efforts. 25-Mar-2016
UNESCO chief welcomes the liberation of New York, Mar 25 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Thursday welcomed the liberation of the Palmyra archeological site, a martyr city inscribed on the agency's World Heritage list. 25-Mar-2016
'End to fighting can't come soon enough' New York, Mar 25 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations relief chief on Thursday welcomed efforts to find a solution to the crisis in Yemen, adding that yesterday's announcement of an agreement to cease hostilities on 10 April is “positive.” 25-Mar-2016
Security Council extends mandate of UN m New York, Mar 25 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Stressing the importance of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia to that country's political process, the Security Council on Thursday extended the mandate of UNSOM's work until 31 March 2017. 25-Mar-2016
On World Day, UN chief urges States to New York, Mar 25 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Observing International Day for the right to the truth, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged States to adopt measures to promote truth, justice and reparations for victims, which is so crucial to ensuring that gross human rights violations are not repeated. 25-Mar-2016
UN rights chief urges Egypt to halt 'cla New York, Mar 25 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations human rights chief has expressed grave concern over the closure of hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Egypt and the prosecutions of numerous rights defenders for their legitimate work since November 2014, urging the Government to end such repressive measures. 25-Mar-2016
After Brussels attacks IS posts new vide Brussels, Mar 24 (IBNS): After the deadly attacks on Tuesday in Belgium's capital Brussels, terror outfit Islamic State on Thursday released a video where it has called on its followers to claim victory and wage jihad. 24-Mar-2016
UN Envoy for Yemen announces cessation o New York, Mar 24 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Following “extensive” consultations with Yemeni leaders and regional partners, the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen on Wednesday announced that parties to the conflict have agreed to a nation-wide cessation of hostilities beginning at midnight on 10 April, in advance of the upcoming round of peace talks, scheduled on 18 April in Kuwait. 24-Mar-2016
Progress made on humanitarian track for New York, Mar 24 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The advisor to the United Nations envoy on Syria on Wednesday reported further progress in the humanitarian relief efforts in the conflict-battered country, with more areas reached, allowing medical kits to get through checkpoints, and children to be vaccinated. 24-Mar-2016
Diplomatic Quartet to prepare report to New York, Mar 24 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations envoy for the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Wednesday unveiled a plan by the diplomatic Quartet – comprising the UN, Russia, the United States and the European Union – to produce a report that would help create a political environment for the two sides to resume peace negotiations. 24-Mar-2016
Senior UN official warns of dire consequ New York, Mar 24 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Returning from a visit to Iraq, a senior United Nations relief official on Wednesday drew attention to the worsening situation for more than 10 million people in need, and to the urgency to mobilize more funding for the humanitarian response. 24-Mar-2016
DR Congo at 'critical juncture,' amid ri New York, Mar 24 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is at a critical juncture, with rising political tensions ahead of elections which could lead to violence if left unaddressed, the top United Nations official in the country warned the Security Council on Wednesday, while highlighting key issues for consideration as it renews the UN's mandate there. 24-Mar-2016
World Meteorological Day: as extreme wea New York, Mar 24 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Observing the World Meteorological Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned on Wednesday that extreme weather events are becoming “the new normal” and bold climate action is needed to “face the future now.” 24-Mar-2016
NATO condemns terror attacks in Brussels Brussels, Mar 23 (IBNS): The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Wednesday condemned the terrorist attacks in Belgium's Brussels city which left over 30 people killed while injures scores on Tuesday. 23-Mar-2016
Brussels: Two brothers behind attacks Brussels, Mar 23 (IBNS): The police on Wednesday identified two of the attackers who were believed to be responsible for the Brussels massacre on Tuesday, media reports said. 23-Mar-2016
Brussels attack: Jet Airways crew safe i Brussels, Mar 23 (IBNS) Jet Airways crew who were injured during explosions at Brussels airport on Tuesday are safe in hospitals, the aviation company said in a statement on Wednesday. 23-Mar-2016
Post Brussels attack, Donald Trump slams Washington, Mar 23 (IBNS) After the horrific Brussels attack, which claimed at least 30 lives on Tuesday, was owned by Islamic fringe unit ISIS, Donald Trump slammed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US President Barrack Obama. 23-Mar-2016
‘Witchcraft’ beliefs trigger attacks New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):People with albinism are being hunted for witchcraft rituals, their body parts hacked off with machetes, and even having their graves desecrated, a United Nations expert warned on Tuesday in her first report to the UN Human Rights Council. 23-Mar-2016
World Water Day: UN calls for ‘better New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):With nearly half of the world’s workers employed in water-related sectors, sustainable access to safe water can change lives and livelihoods, the United Nations on Tuesday said, underscoring the link between water and jobs, this year’s theme for World Water Day. 23-Mar-2016
UN strongly condemns terrorist bombings New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations has strongly condemned on Tuesday's terrorist bombings in Brussels, extending condolences to the victims and their families while expressing solidarity with the people and Government of Belgium. 23-Mar-2016
UN Women launches media partnership to h New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations entity tasked with promoting gender equality launched an innovative partnership with leading media houses on Tuesday to galvanize attention and concrete action towards women's rights within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 23-Mar-2016
Zika: 'the more we know the worse things New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The head of the United Nations health agency on Tuesday reported that in less than a year, the status of Zika has changed from “a mild medical curiosity” to a disease with severe public health implications, warning that “the more we know the worse things look.” 23-Mar-2016
'Terrible year' in war-torn Yemen leaves New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):One year on into the conflict in Yemen, tens of thousands of Yemenis have been killed or injured, one in 10 are displaced and nearly the entire population is in urgent need of aid, the top United Nations humanitarian official in the country said. 23-Mar-2016
UN refugee agency redefines role in Gree New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations refugee agency has announced that it is “not a party” to the new provisions agreed between the European Union (EU) and Turkey to stem the large-scale flow of refugees and migrants into Greece and Europe, and that it will align its work to cope with the deal. 23-Mar-2016
Senior UN official warns Burundi's tens New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):A climate for inclusive dialogue is urgently required to eradicate the polarization and fragmentation of Burundian society, resulting from the increasing poverty and ongoing political crisis, a senior United Nations human rights official on Tuesday urged. 23-Mar-2016
New products and technologies needed to New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The head of the United Nations agricultural agency on Tuesday called for great use of agroecology, biotechnology and other creative tools to eradicate hunger, fight malnutrition and achieve sustainable agriculture. 23-Mar-2016
UN welcomes ICC's first conviction for r New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday welcomed the judgement issued by the International Criminal Court in the case of former Congolese vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba. 23-Mar-2016
Inclusive approach needed to embrace rel New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):While appraising Denmark as a liberal country that values and respects freedom and religion, an independent United Nations human rights expert on Tuesday also addressed challenges Danish society faces, especially towards “an open, inclusive” identity and religious diversity. 23-Mar-2016
Ukraine: UN experts urge accountability New York, Mar 23 (Just Earth News/IBNS):On Tuesday in Geneva, the United Nations Working Group on mercenaries called on the Government of Ukraine to ensure accountability for human rights violations committed by foreign armed actors during the conflict that has plagued the country since 2014. 23-Mar-2016
IS claims responsibility for Brussels at Brussels, Mar 22 (IBNS): The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in Belgium capital Brussels which left more than 30 people killed and scores others injured on Tuesday, media reports said. 22-Mar-2016
Eiffel Tower to be lit up in colours of Paris, Mar 22 (IBNS): The iconic Eiffel Tower is likely to be lit up with Belgium's national colours to stand in solidarity with the nation that was hit by three blasts on Tuesday. 22-Mar-2016
Brussels blasts kill over 30 Brussels, Mar 22 (IBNS) The city of Brussels was on Tuesday hit by three blasts, targeting the airport and a metro station, that left at least 31 people killed and 100 others injured, reports said. 22-Mar-2016
I am shocked: British PM on Brussels exp Brussels/ London, Mar 22 (IBNS) British PM David Cameron on Tuesday said he was shocked by the explosions which hit Brussels and left at least 21 people killed. 22-Mar-2016
NATO Secretary General condemns Brussels Brussels, Mar 22 (IBNS) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday condemned the three explosions which rocked Brussels and left 21 people dead. 22-Mar-2016
21 killed in Brussels explosions Brussels, Mar 22 (IBNS): At least 21 people were killed as several explosions hit Brussels airport and the metro system on Tuesday, media reports said. 22-Mar-2016
Aircraft in Brussels are safe: Jet Airwa Brussels, Mar 22 (IBNS): Jet Airways confirmed that its aircraft at the Zaventem Airport in Brussels, where two explosions hit on Tuesday, are safe. 22-Mar-2016
No Indian casualties reported from Bruss Brussels/New Delhi, Mar 22 (IBNS) The Indian government has said that there is no Indian casualty reported following the two explosions at the Zaventem Airport in Brussels on Tuesday morning, which has forced the Belgian government to issue maximum alert across the country, according to media reports. 22-Mar-2016
Obama-Castro spar over human rights on t Havana, Mar 22 (IBNS) US President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro sparred over human rights at a joint press conference here on Monday, even as both hailed Obama's historic visit here as a new step in normalizing relations. 22-Mar-2016
Several feared killed in Brussels Airpor Brussels, Mar 22 (IBNS) At least one person was killed and several were injured in two explosions occurred in the departure hall of Brussels airport on Tuesday morning and several people were injured, media reports said. 22-Mar-2016
The future of Cuba will be decided by Cu Havana, Mar 22 (IBNS) On his inaugural visit to Cuba, US President Barrack Obama said that the nation's future will solely be decided by Cubans and not by anybody else, according to reports. 22-Mar-2016
‘Investing in forests is an insurance New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):On the International Day of Forests, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on governments, businesses, civil society and other partners to adopt holistic policies and practices to protect, restore and sustain healthy forests. 22-Mar-2016
Senior UN official condemns arson attack New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):A senior United Nations official has condemned an arson attack by suspected Jewish extremists on the home of a Palestinian family in the occupied West Bank village of Duma. 22-Mar-2016
'The future is happening now,' warns New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The Earth is already one degree Celsius hotter than at the start of the 20th century, halfway to the critical two-degree threshold, and national climate change plans adopted so far may not be enough to avoid a three-degree temperature rise, the UN weather agency warned on Monday upon the release of its 2015 annual report on the status of the climate. 22-Mar-2016
Political transition 'mother of all iss New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The UN mediator for the intra-Syrian talks said on Monday that political transition is the “mother of all issues” in the ongoing peace negotiations involving the Government and the opposition. 22-Mar-2016
#Climatechain: UN to launch campaign il New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):As the global community marked World Water Day during a special event at United Nations Headquarters, the UN Children's Fund reported that rapidly changing weather conditions are limiting access to safe drinking water for millions, and announced the launch of a new campaign on the link between water, the environment and climate change. 22-Mar-2016
Marking the World Day, Ban celebrates po New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The autonomy and independence of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities should be supported, so that they can be empowered to contribute to our common future, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday said marking World Down Syndrome Day. 22-Mar-2016
Ban spotlights need for human, economic New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday stressed the importance of human and economic development in addressing peace and security challenges in Africa's Great Lakes region, calling for the use of natural resources there as a powerful driver of growth. 22-Mar-2016
Former Intel CEO Andrew S. Grove dies California, Mar 22 (IBNS) Multinational tech giant Intel on Monday announced that the company’s former CEO and Chairman Andrew S. Grove passed away. 22-Mar-2016
Nowruz is an opportunity to bolster UN g New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):On the first year of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations celebrates Nowruz, “an ancient tradition with modern relevance,” as an occasion to strengthen the international community's resolve to leave no one behind in the collective journey to a better future. 22-Mar-2016
'Assault on one minority community is a New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Observing the world's day set aside to bolster efforts on eliminating racial discrimination, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday urged increased global efforts towards that aim and declared that “an assault on one minority community is an attack on all.” 22-Mar-2016
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