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UNESCO chief hails poetry as an 'expansi New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):By paying tribute to the men and women whose only instrument is free speech, the head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized the value of poetry as a symbol of the human spirit's creativity as she marked the annual observance of World Poetry Day. 22-Mar-2016
Caste systems violate human rights of mi New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):At least 250 million people worldwide still face appalling and dehumanising discrimination based on caste and similar systems of inherited status, warned the United Nations expert on minority issues while presenting finding to the UN Human Rights Council. 22-Mar-2016
UN rights chief welcomes ICC judgement f New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations rights chief on Monday welcomed the judgement delivered by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the case of Jean-Pierre Bemba, a Congolese national found guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes, including rape, murder and pillage, committed in 2002 and 2003 in the Central African Republic (CAR). 22-Mar-2016
In Brazil, UN expert highlights deadly c New York, Mar 22 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Following a visit to Brazil, a United Nations independent human rights expert on Monday expressed alarm about the extent of documented and reported attacks on indigenous peoples in the country's central-western state of Mato Grosso Do Sul. 22-Mar-2016
North Korea fires several short-range mi Seoul, Mar 21 (IBNS) North Korea on Monday fired several short-range missiles into the East Sea, media reports said. 21-Mar-2016
President Obama visits Cuba Havana, Mar 21 (IBNS) US President Barrack Obama on Sunday arrived in Cuba, as promised by him a month ago, according to reports. 21-Mar-2016
Indonesia: Helicopter crash kills 13 Jakarta, Mar 21 (IBNS): At least 13 Indonesian military officials were killed as the helicopter in which they were traveling crashed in the district of Poso on Sunday, media reports said. 21-Mar-2016
Colombia: over 250,000 children impacted New York, Mar 21 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Hostilities in Colombia have disrupted the lives of more than a quarter of a million children since peace talks began three years ago, the United Nations children's agency on Saturday reported. 21-Mar-2016
Spain: Road mishap kills 13 Barcelona, Mar 20 (IBNS) At least 13 people were killed as a bus in which they were traveling crashed on a Spanish motorway between Barcelona and Valencia cities, media reports said. 20-Mar-2016
Turkey blames IS for Istanbul attack Istanbul, Mar 20 (IBNS) The suicide bomber, who has killed four people during the attack in Turkish city of Istanbul on Saturday, is connected to militant group Islamic State, media reports said. 20-Mar-2016
Earth Hour 2016: UN goes dark to spotlig New York, Mar 20 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations will go dark later this evening as the Organization shuts off the lights at its iconic Headquarters complex in New York and other facilities around the world in observance of 'Earth Hour,' an annual global event to put the spotlight on the issues facing the planet and to inspire millions across the world to live more sustainably. 20-Mar-2016
Istanbul blast kills 4 Istanbul, Mar 19 (IBNS): At least four people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Turkish city Istanbul on Saturday, media reports said. 19-Mar-2016
Ban welcomes announcement of release of New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has learned of the arrival in Djibouti on Friday of the Foreign Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, and the announcement of the release of four Djiboutian prisoners by the Eritrean authorities. 19-Mar-2016
‘No alternative to political settleme New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Briefing the Security Council, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and United Nations High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Friday voiced concern about spiralling violence and rights violations in Burundi, and called for an inclusive political dialogue to peacefully resolve the 11-month crisis. 19-Mar-2016
EU-Turkey refugee deal a historic blow t New York , Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS): European leaders’ collective ‘double-speak’ fails to hide the myriad of contradictions of the deal sealed between the EU and Turkey on how to handle the refugee crisis, said Amnesty International. 19-Mar-2016
UN appoints Red from the ‘Angry Birds New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations on Friday appointed Red, the leader of the “Angry Birds” mobile game characters, as an envoy to inspire climate action toward a sustainable and happier future for all. 19-Mar-2016
Refugees need protection, not rejection, New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations refugee agency has stressed the importance of ensuring safeguards in carrying out on Friday’s agreement between the European Union (EU) and Turkey on the situation of refugees and migrants making their way to Europe. 19-Mar-2016
Intra-Syrian talks advancing without New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):As the first week of the new round of intra-Syrian talks ended on Friday, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria said the “proximity system” of the discussions, whereby parties are meeting indirectly through his mediation, has contributed to the talks moving forward. 19-Mar-2016
Ban appoints new Envoy for Sudan and Sou New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced on Friday the appointment of Nicholas Haysom of South Africa as his Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan. 19-Mar-2016
Iraq: UN and partners race to reach thou New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations relief wing on Friday reported that humanitarian partners are rushing to provide emergency assistance to an estimated 35,000 people who have been newly displaced in hard-to-reach areas west of Ramadi. 19-Mar-2016
Security Council calls on Haiti to compl New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Deeply concerned by the continued suspension of electoral rounds in Haiti, the United Nations Security Council on Friday called for the completion of the polling cycle without further delay to allow the Haitian people the opportunity to vote for their elected representatives in a free, fair, inclusive and transparent contest. 19-Mar-2016
UN human rights office ‘deeply trouble New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Friday said it is deeply troubled by the arrest on Monday in Bahrain of the social media activist and human rights defender, Zainab Al Khawaja, who was detained along with her one-and-a-half year old son. 19-Mar-2016
Honduras risks becoming ‘lawless killi New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):An independent United Nations expert on the situation of human rights defenders on Friday urged the Government of Honduras “to take immediate and concrete actions, or risk turning the country into a lawless killing zone for human rights defenders.” 19-Mar-2016
UN chief concerned that political will t New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Fifteen years after a landmark document to combat racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia was adopted in Durban, South Africa, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday said he is concerned that the political will that existed then is under threat. 19-Mar-2016
UN health agency sends specialists to he New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations health agency has dispatched a team of specialists to Guinea after 2 new cases of Ebola were confirmed yesterday, the first re-emergence of the deadly virus in the Western African country since its original outbreak was declared over on 29 December 2015. 19-Mar-2016
INTERVIEW: A fate shaped by injustice New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):When a woman arrived at his hospital about 17 years ago with her genitals destroyed by gunshots, Dr. Denis Mukwege ruled it an isolated incident. 19-Mar-2016
Russia: Passenger plane crashes in Rosto Moscow, Mar 19 (IBNS) At least 62 people are feared to have been killed as a passenger plane crashed in Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on Saturday, reports said. 19-Mar-2016
Holding urgent consultations, Security New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Expressing 'grave concern,' the United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the ballistic missile launches conducted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) earlier on Friday and on 10 March, pledging to closely monitor the situation and 'act as appropriate.' 19-Mar-2016
In wake of another deadly attack in Yem New York, Mar 19 (Just Earth News/IBNS): The United Nations human rights chief on Friday condemned the repeated failure of the Coalition to effectively prevent civilian casualties in airstrikes and to publish transparent, independent investigations into those that have already occurred in Yemen. 19-Mar-2016
Key Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam Brussels, Mar 18 (IBNS): The main suspect in the terrorist attacks carried out in Paris in last November, Salah Abdeslam, was on Friday arrested during a raid in Brussels, media reports said. 18-Mar-2016
Medical relief ‘single most difficult New York, Mar 18 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The advisor to the UN envoy on Syria on Thursday stressed the need to obtain Government permits to dispatch aid convoys to the remaining six of the 18 besieged locations and stressed that “the issue of medical relief continues to be the single most difficult issue in humanitarian access work,” with medical ite and personnel are being taken off the incoming relief vehicles. 18-Mar-2016
Security Council urges all parties in Le New York, Mar 18 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Deeply concerned over the 21-month vacancy in the presidency of Lebanon and the current political stalemate in Government, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday called on Lebanese leaders to adhere to the Constitution and put to put the country's stability and national interests ahead of partisan politics. 18-Mar-2016
Cambodia: UN rights expert launches fact New York, Mar 18 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Cambodia on Thursday announced she will be visiting the country Monday to assess the enjoyment of rights by women and indigenous peoples in the country. 18-Mar-2016
UN officials call for concrete commitme New York, Mar 18 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Top United Nations officials on Thursday called on leaders to attend the World Humanitarian Summit in May and make concrete commitments to enhance gender equality, as women and girls are “central” to humanitarian action. 18-Mar-2016
‘Alarmed’ over violence in South Sud New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):While noting that the ceasefire between South Sudan’s warring factions has “largely held,” the United Nations Security Council on Thursday said it was deeply alarmed by ongoing violence in the country and set out specific steps for the parties to take towards full implementation of a seven-month–old peace deal, saying it would review their progress by the end of the month. 18-Mar-2016
FEATURE: A conversation with female amba New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):While the gender ratio between female and male diplomats at the United Nations is becoming more balanced overall, the number of women ambassadors in the Security Council has fallen from its peak of six women in 2014 to four in 2015 to just one this year. How has this influenced the top collective decision-making body on peace and security, and what, if anything, does this say about the future of UN diplomacy and peacebuilding? 18-Mar-2016
Haiti’s only path to institutional and New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):A protracted political crisis in Haiti may hamper the stabilization gains achieved in recent year and further decline the island nation’s economic growth, the top United Nations official in the country on Thursday told the Security Council. 18-Mar-2016
‘Raise your voices’ to create a bett New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):Delivering a lecture at Lehman College in New York, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday urged students to join the global fight against conflicts, poverty, inequality, migration crisis, diseases, and climate change. 18-Mar-2016
Future of Liberia and UN presence in the New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):One year since Liberian authorities launched a “historic undertaking” to assume full responsibility of the country’s security by the end of next June, top United Nations officials on Thursday discussed what measures are needed to support the implantation of the plan. 18-Mar-2016
Addressing violent extremism ‘urgent h New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):Top United Nations officials on Thursday urged the international community to develop effective, rights-based responses to violent extremism by examining its drivers and shifting away from the “security only” approach to dealing with the scourge. 18-Mar-2016
Ukraine: UN calls on all parties to ens New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):Concerned about the continuing impact of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine on civilians, the United Nations on Thursday called on all parties to ensure access to safe water in Donetsk, after security concerns forced the evacuation of staff from a water treatment facility that serves thousands of people in the area. 18-Mar-2016
UN chief condemns double suicide bombing New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned yesterday’s double suicide attacks in Maiduguri in Nigeria’s restive Borno state by suspected Boko Haram elements, which left 20 people dead and many injured. 18-Mar-2016
North Korea fires ballistic missile into Seoul, Mar 18 (IBNS): North Korea on Friday fired a ballistic missile into the East Sea, South Korean media said. 18-Mar-2016
IMAX launches ‘Big Picture’ initiati New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):IMAX Corporation, the company that creates entertainment technology best known for its big-screen IMAX theatres, has partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to launch an ambitious corporate social responsibility initiative called ‘Big Picture,’ which aims to address the host of environmental, societal and economic issues. 18-Mar-2016
UN confirms Sierra Leone’s Ebola flare New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):The latest flare-up of Ebola in Sierra Leone is over, the United Nations health agency on Thursday reported, but cautioned that the West African region remains at risk and should remain on alert. 18-Mar-2016
Myanmar: UN recommends measures to addre New York, Mar 18(Just Earth News/IBNS):More than seven months after Cyclone Komen struck Myanmar, poor rural communities are still seeing increased levels of food insecurity, a situation highlighting their vulnerability to withstand similar emergencies in the future, warns a joint United Nations agency report released on Thursday. 18-Mar-2016
UN agency expands relief programme in Zi New York, Mar 18 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has announced that – for the first time – it would not suspend relief operations to vulnerable people in Zimbabwe during the spring and summer but continue food and cash assistance throughout the year. 18-Mar-2016
UN Women chief, Canadian Prime Minister New York, Mar 17 (Just Earth News/IBNS):During a conversation on how to achieve gender equality on the sidelines of the Comion on the Status of Women (CSW), the Prime Minister of Canada and the head of UN Women – the United Nations entity tasked with promoting gender rights – highlighted that the movement needs to involve everyone in society, not just women. 17-Mar-2016
Days of ‘silence’ on sexual exploita New York, Mar 17 (Just Earth News/IBNS):The United Nations is sending a very strong signal that the days of silence and comproion with behaviour related to sexual exploitation and abuse by its troops are over, according to the UN envoy in the Central African Republic (CAR). 17-Mar-2016
In Greece, UN envoy Angelina Jolie Pitt New York, Mar 17 (Just Earth News/IBNS):Angelina Jolie Pitt, the United Nations refugee agency’s special envoy,on Wednesday visited Greece, which has become the main entry point to Europe for refugees and asylum seekers fleeing Syria and other strife torn countries. 17-Mar-2016
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