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South Sudan: 100,000 people trapped in Y New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): Urgent humanitarian assistance is needed for some 100,000 people trapped in the South Sudanese town of Yei, where the security situation deteriorated rapidly after renewed conflict broke out in Juba, the capital, in early July, the United Nations refugee agency warned today. 30-Sep-2016
Rural Latin American and Caribbean area New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): Economic growth is not enough to eliminate poverty in rural areas of Latin America and the Caribbean, and governments need targeted policies and investments for agricultural development and correct historic inequality experienced by millions of people across the region, says a United Nations report released today. 30-Sep-2016
World leaders gather in Israel to attend Jerusalem, Sept 30 (IBNS): As many as 20 world leaders have arrived in Israel to attend the last rites of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, who passed way on Wednesday following an illness. 30-Sep-2016
UN-backed committee launches guides to a New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): A United Nations-backed inter-agency committee on Thursday launched two guides to assist aid workers worldwide in setting up sexual exploitation and abuse prevention and response systems in humanitarian settings. 30-Sep-2016
Colombia: UN human rights chief reaffirm New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): Speaking to the media just days after the signing of the historic peace agreement in Colombia and ahead of the 2 October national poll in which Colombians will have their say on the accord, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights reiterated that his Office (OHCHR) will continue to follow the progress of the human rights aspects of the agreement. 30-Sep-2016
UN officials optimistic of Paris climate New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): Senior United Nations officials on Thursday announced that the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change signed by world leaders this past April is closer to entering into force, as India – a country that produces more than four per cent of global emissions – plans to submit its ratification at the end of the week. 30-Sep-2016
Treaties against human trafficking key New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): With current armed conflicts and humanitarian crises driving massive population movements – and not just in Europe, though the continent has been heavily challenged – an upcoming United Nations report will confirm the troubling fact that human trafficking generally follows the overall migratory flows, a senior UN anti-crime official said on Thursday, urging States to back the Trafficking in Persons Protocol and other international tools to address the evolving and complex situation. 30-Sep-2016
Amid political jockeying and grandstand New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): In an impassioned appeal to the Security Council, the top United Nations relief official on Thursday called on the global body’s primary organ for maintenance of peace and security to act immediately to end the bloodshed in Syria so that humanitarian assistance is able to reach those who desperately need it. 30-Sep-2016
Modernizing sub-Saharan Africa’s farmi New York, Sept 30 (Just Earth News): With Africa set to play an ever-growing role in feeding the world’s bourgeoning population, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) on Thursday stressed that the sub-Saharan region needs modern, efficient – and above all mechanized and environmentally sound – farming system to meet global demand and transform the lives and economies of millions of rural families. 30-Sep-2016
UN relief wing appeals for urgent fundin New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): The United Nations humanitarian wing has said that more than $28 million in funding is urgently needed to provide immediate assistance to the 600,000 people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea affected by Typhoon Lionrock. 29-Sep-2016
UNICEF more than doubles funding appeal New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has revised its humanitarian appeal for Nigeria from $55 million to $115 million in order to be able to assist an additional 750,000 people who can now be reached across conflict-affected areas in the north-east of the country. 29-Sep-2016
Security Council calls on Somali parties New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): Regretting an extension to the 2016 electoral process in Somalia announced by the country’s electoral body, the United Nations Security Council has called on all parties in the country to upload their commitments on the elections and to come to an agreement on the remaining political challenges without further delay. 29-Sep-2016
On World Day, UN spotlights role of mari New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): The importance of shipping in supporting and sustaining on Thursday's global society makes it indispensable to the world and to meeting the challenges of the sustainable development agenda, top UN officials declared on Thursday, as the international community marked World Maritime Day. 29-Sep-2016
Airbnb epidemic worries Toronto realtors Toronto Sept 29 (IBNS): Realtors in Canada are worried because customers have been buying condos only to use them as short-term rentals, according to recent media reports. 29-Sep-2016
NATO to host Defence Ministers meet in O Brussels, Sept 29 (IBNS): The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will host Defence Ministers meet in October. 29-Sep-2016
A settlement to Cypriot dispute ‘clos New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): On 22 August 2014, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that he had appointed Espen Barth Eide of Norway as his new Special Adviser on Cyprus, replacing Alexander Downer of Australia, who had stepped down four months earlier, in April. 29-Sep-2016
‘No words left’ to describe sufferi New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): Children in Aleppo are trapped in a “living nightmare,” a senior official of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Wednesday, stressing yet again, the direness of the situation, particularly for the children, in Syria’s war-ravaged Aleppo. 29-Sep-2016
Republic of Korea: UN rights expert cal New York, Sept 29 (Just Earth News): Expressing dismay over the death of a protestor who was injured by the police use of a water cannon on a peaceful rally last year in the country, a United Nations human rights expert has called for a full investigation into the incident and to ensure that such a “tragedy” is never repeated. 29-Sep-2016
UN health agency declares elimination of New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): The region of the Americas is the first in the world to have eliminated measles, a viral disease that can cause severe health problems, the United Nations health agency has declared. 28-Sep-2016
Ban calls on UN Security Council for dec New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): Denouncing a surge in “horrific attacks” on hospitals, clinics and medical staff, most recently in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the Security Council on Wednesday to take decisive steps to end such obvious war crimes and hold the perpetrators accountable. 28-Sep-2016
Improved UN database spotlights huge glo New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): A revamped global database launched on Wednesday by the United Nations atomic agency highlights startling disparities across the world when it comes to access to treatment and care for cancer. 28-Sep-2016
UN food relief agency reaches town in no New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): For the first time in more than two years, the United Nations food relief agency has distributed urgently-needed food for people in and around the northern Iraqi town of Shirqat, which was under siege and cut off from humanitarian access from 2014 until earlier this month. 28-Sep-2016
On World Day, UN urges rabies control be New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): Officials at the United Nations on Wednesday urged human and animal health authorities around the world to step up and more effectively address rabies – a preventable but fatal disease that still claims the lives of an estimated 60,000 people each year – as the international community marks World Rabies Day. 28-Sep-2016
UN pays tribute to Shimon Peres, 'tirele New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has paid tribute to Shimon Peres, former Israeli President and the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize winner, who passed away early Wednesday at the age of 93. 28-Sep-2016
Funeral ceremony of Ex-Israel President New Delhi, Set 28 (IBNS): The funeral ceremony for former President of Israel Shimon Peres will take place on Friday on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. 28-Sep-2016
No loss of life reported yet from Indone Jakarta, Sep 28 (IBNS): Indonesian authorities are searching for several hundred tourists after a volcano erupted at one of the country's most popular hiking destinations, according to media reports on Wednesday. 28-Sep-2016
Australia: Spider bites man on the penis Sydney, Sept 28 (IBNS): An Australian man has been bitten by a venomous spider on his penis for the second time, reports said. 28-Sep-2016
UN Human Rights Council discusses situa New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): At interactive dialogues on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Libya Ukraine, and Burundi, senior UN human rights officials and independent experts on Tuesday urged the governments to take immediate steps to ensure protection of human rights in their respective countries. 28-Sep-2016
Accessible tourism will benefit everyone New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): Noting the obstacles that persons with disabilities or those with other access requirements face in taking advantage of fundamental aspects of travel, senior United Nations officials on Tuesday urged policy-makers, travel planners and companies that work with persons with disabilities to work together to make travel more accessible. 28-Sep-2016
Repealing anti-abortion laws would save New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): Warning that unsafe abortions kill nearly 50,000 women each year, United Nations human rights experts on Tuesday called on States across the world to repeal restrictive abortion laws and policies, and all punitive measures and discriminatory barriers to access safe reproductive health services. 28-Sep-2016
Latest Somali election delay raises risk New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): A new delay in Somalia’s elections is a matter of “immediate concern,” raising fears that the process is being politically manipulated and that the latest postponement may only be one of yet further rolling delays, the top United Nations official in the long-troubled East African country warned on Tuesday. 28-Sep-2016
Mali: UN food relief agency warns fundi New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Tuesday cautioned that unless it receives $3 million in urgent funding, it will have to suspend its school meals programme in Mali, affecting nearly 180,000 children in about 1,000 schools. 28-Sep-2016
Vast majority of world – 6.76 billion New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): With some 6.5 million people dying annually from air pollution and 92 per cent of the world’s population living in places where levels exceed recommended limits, the United Nations on Tuesday rolled out its most detailed profile of the scourge ever in a bid to slash the deadly toll. 28-Sep-2016
ICC finds Malian extremist guilty of wa New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday found a Malian Islamist accused of destroying historical and religious monuments in the fabled city of Timbuktu guilty in the first-ever prosecution of the destruction of cultural heritage as a war crime. 28-Sep-2016
UN humanitarian wing condemns attacks o New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has condemned ‘in the strongest terms’ recent attacks involving humanitarian workers in the northern town of Kaga Bandoro located in the Nana Gribizi prefecture of the Central African Republic (CAR). 28-Sep-2016
UNESCO chief condemns killing of Mexican New York, Sept 28 (Just Earth News): The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending press freedom on Tuesday expressed indignation at the killing of community radio host Agustin Pavia Pavia in the Mexican state of Oaxaca on 13 September. 28-Sep-2016
Clinton-Trump face-off: Charges and reta New York, Sep 27 (IBNS): The first Presidential election debate between the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee Donald Trump found both sides in a virtual war of words, which was not quite unexpected, according to media reports. 27-Sep-2016
NATO Secretary General to attend the inf Brussels, Sept 27 (IBNS): NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will participate in the informal meeting of the European Union Defence Ministers in Bratislava on Tuesday, Sept 27, 2016, an official release stated. 27-Sep-2016
UN highlights agriculture's potential to New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): The role of agriculture should go beyond just generating food to help address global challenges such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance, the head of United Nations agriculture agency stressed on Monday. 27-Sep-2016
UNESCO chief condemns murder of Jordani New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending press freedom on Monday expressed indignation at the killing of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar. 27-Sep-2016
UNESCO unveils video on comprehensive s New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): The United Nations cultural agency on Monday released a new video that outlines how comprehensive sexuality education helps young people develop the knowledge and skills to make conscious, healthy and responsible choices about relationships and sexuality. 27-Sep-2016
World leaders spotlight 2030 Agenda, cl New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): Speaking on behalf of Peter Thomson, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, one of the 193-member body’s Vice-Presidents, Durga Prasad Bhattarai, Ambassador of Nepal, said he was encouraged by the fact that many UN Member States have already embedded the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their national plans and policies. 27-Sep-2016
Togo, at UN, calls for enhancing effort New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): Addressing the General Assembly on Monday, Kokou Kpayedo, the Permanent Representative of Togo to the United Nations, reiterated his country’s voluntary commitment in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and stressed that enhanced cooperation in responding to security threats and ensuring reform of the Security Council are needed to secure their wide implementation. 27-Sep-2016
Syria: Joint UN-Red Crescent relief con New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): The United Nations and Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have delivered life-saving food aid to 60,000 people under siege in four Syrian towns, their first supplies since April, but extreme concern persists for 250,000 people trapped in Aleppo, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) reported on Monday. 27-Sep-2016
Achieving 2030 Agenda will require overc New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): There is a feeling among people on Monday that the world is not “developing within the framework of rational order and common sense” as conflicts and an increasing number of transnational conflicts give rise to a feeling of chaos, the Deputy Vice Minister of Belarus told delegations in the United Nations on Monday adding that such chaos exists side by side with unprecedented interconnectedness and technological progress. 27-Sep-2016
As Colombians bid farewell to ‘decade New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News):Colombians are “bidding farewell to decades of flames and sending up a bright flare of hope that illuminates the world,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday in Cartagena, welcoming the signing by the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People's Army (FARC-EP) of a peace deal ending more than 50 years of conflict. 27-Sep-2016
In General Assembly, Denmark calls for g New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): Confronting the daunting challenges that face the world, the United Nations must improve its performance to transform its ambitious agendas on sustainable development and climate change into “real change” that benefits all people, Denmark told the General Assembly on Monday. 27-Sep-2016
Caribbean leaders, at UN Assembly, decry New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): Declaring that Caribbean countries are being treated “as if they are hell on earth” due to new financial rules against tax havens, Bahamian Foreign Minister Frederick Mitchell mounted the podium of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday to denounce the “immoral” withdrawal of normal banking services that inflict hardship on ordinary citizens. 27-Sep-2016
Onus is on ‘us’ to ensure implementa New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): Highlighting at the United Nations on Monday his country’s initiatives to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation of Tanzania emphasized the importance of collective efforts at local, national and international levels to achieve the goals in a timely manner. 27-Sep-2016
Palau has already made the choice for a New York, Sept 27 (Just Earth News): Addressing the General Assembly, Palau’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations underlined on Monday the urgency of addressing challenges such as threats from climate change, global conflict, issues of migrants and refugees, violent extremism, antimicrobial resistance and nuclear weapons. 27-Sep-2016
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