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Banks, UN set standards on channelling i New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): Nearly 20 leading global banks and investors, totalling $6.6 trillion in assets, have launched a United Nations-backed global framework aimed at channelling the money they manage towards clean, low carbon and inclusive projects. 31-Jan-2017
UNICEF launches $3.3 billion appeal to a New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): Against the backdrop of ever increasing number of children driven from their homes due to conflict, disasters and climate change, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on Tuesday launched a $3.3 billion appeal to provide emergency assistance in 48 countries around the globe. 31-Jan-2017
Moussa Faki Mahamat elected as incoming Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Jan 30 (IBNS): Chadian Foreign Minister Moussa Faki Mahamat has been elected incoming Chairperson of the African Union (AU) Commission by AU heads of State and Government, who form the Assembly of the African Union. 31-Jan-2017
Yemen: UN envoy condemns attack on build New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): The United Nations envoy for Yemen strongly condemned on Monday the attack on the De-escalation and Coordination Committee building, which regularly houses UN Staff, in Dhahran Al-Janoub, which is in Saudi Arabia near the Yemeni border. 31-Jan-2017
World must implement pledges on women’ New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): Speaking at a consultation in preparation for the Commission on Status of Women, a body exclusively dedicated to promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment, a senior United Nations official on Monday called for sustained commitment and leadership to ensure a successful outcome of the Commission. 31-Jan-2017
UN agency ‘alarmed’ by uncertainty f New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): The head of the United Nations refugee agency on Monday said he is “deeply worried” by the uncertainty facing thousands of refugees around the world who are in the process of being resettled to the United States after the country suspended its refugee programme last week. 31-Jan-2017
UN mission in South Sudan ‘deeply conc New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): Amid an outbreak of violence in the South Sudanese city of Malakal, the United Nations mission in the country on Monday called on the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the SPLA in Opposition to silence the guns. 31-Jan-2017
At Youth Forum, UN calls on young peopl New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): Drawing attention challenges such as climate change, unemployment and inequality, confronting young people around the world, including in places where peace prevails, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday called for the youth to speak up and share their stories. 31-Jan-2017
Myanmar: UN rights expert condemns kill New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): A United Nations human rights expert on Monday strongly condemned the brutal murder of a respected Muslim lawyer and constitutional law expert in Myanmar, who was also the legal adviser to the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD). 31-Jan-2017
At African Union Summit, UN chief Guterr New York, Jan 31 (Just Earth News): In his first address to the African Union since taking office, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday underscored the importance of a strategic AU-UN partnership for building sustainable development and advancing peace and security on the continent. 31-Jan-2017
Warning of dire food shortages in Horn o New York, Jan 30 (Just Earth News): With only one-quarter of expected rainfall received in the Horn of Africa in the October-December period, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday called for an immediate response to prevent widespread drought conditions from becoming a catastrophe. 30-Jan-2017
UN releases $100 million to sustain reli New York, Jan 30 (Just Earth News): United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday released $100 million from the organization's Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to sustain operations in nine “neglected crises” where levels of vulnerability are alarmingly high but funding remains critically low. 30-Jan-2017
As new drought hits Ethiopia, UN urges s New York, Jan 28 (Just Earth News): Commending the Ethiopian Government and humanitarian partners on the response to last year's El Niño drought that left 10.2 million people needing food assistance, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres and UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien on Sunday said the international community must show “total solidarity” with country as it faces a new drought. 30-Jan-2017
South Sudan: UN and regional partners c New York, Jan 30 (Just Earth News): The United Nations, the African Union (AU) and regional partners on Sunday reiterated their call for an immediate cessation of hostilities in South Sudan and urged the parties to ensure an inclusive political process, both in the proposed National Dialogue and in the implementation of the 2015 peace agreement. 30-Jan-2017
China: Tiger kills man in zoo Beijing, Jan 29 (IBNS): A tiger attacked a man in a Chinese zoo which left him dead, media reports said on Sunday. 29-Jan-2017
UN agencies express hope US will continu New York, Jan 29 (Just Earth News): The United Nations agencies dealing with global refugee and migration issues on Saturday expressed the hope that the United States will continue its strong leadership role and long tradition of protecting those who are fleeing conflict and persecution. 29-Jan-2017
UK , Jordan standing shoulder to shoulde London, Jan 28 (IBNS): Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has praised the crucial role Jordan plays in the fight against Daesh, following a meeting today with His Majesty King Abdullah II, officials said. 28-Jan-2017
Stage ‘gradually being set’ for Soma New York, Jan 28 (Just Earth News): Briefing the Security Council on the situation in Somalia, the United Nations envoy for the country noted on Friday that the recently concluded election was a “mirror” to Somalis, showing them the good and the bad regarding how power is exercised, relations between elders, clan power brokers, politicians, business, ordinary citizens, women and men. 28-Jan-2017
Mongolia: Lethal livestock plague now h New York, Jan 28 (Just Earth News): The international pledge to eradicate a devastating livestock disease affecting mostly sheep and goats has taken on new urgency in the wake of a mass die-off of a rare Mongolian antelope, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 28-Jan-2017
Warning against rising intolerance, UN New York, Jan 28 (Just Earth News): Decrying the anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust, the international community on Friday remembered millions of people who suffered in the genocide and honoured the survivors who continue to educate future generations about the ills that hatred and discrimination can bring. 28-Jan-2017
UN food relief agency chief welcomes pr New York, Jan 28 (Just Earth News): The head of the United Nations food relief agency on Friday welcomed the progress made by the humanitarian community and the Government of Nigeria in fighting hunger and malnutrition in the West African country’s north-east. 28-Jan-2017
Human rights community mourns passing of New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): Expressing sadness at the passing of noted rights icon, Sir Nigel Rodley, the United Nations human rights wing today recalled the contributions of one of the “best known public faces, and most eloquent voices” of the UN Human Rights Committee. 27-Jan-2017
With 2.2 million Afghans feared to be on New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): Amid concerns of a severe humanitarian crisis induced by sudden return home of hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees and undocumented citizens, coupled with conflict-induced displacement, the United Nations migration agency has launched a new displacement tracking system to better understand population movements and needs in the crisis-struck country. 27-Jan-2017
UN health agency stepping up efforts to New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): As the conflict in Mosul intensifies and greater numbers of civilians are caught in the crossfire, the United Nations health agency and its partners have increased trauma care services to ensure that patients requiring medical care for injuries have a greater chance of survival. 27-Jan-2017
Honouring Holocaust victims, UN chief Gu New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): The world has a duty to remember that the Holocaust was a systematic attempt to eliminate the Jewish people and so many others, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Friday, noting that building a future of dignity and equality for all will honour the victims of this “incomparable tragedy in human history […] who we will never allow to be forgotten.” 27-Jan-2017
FEATURE: Story of Japan’s 'Schindler' New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): During World War II, Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat posted as an acting consul in Lithuania, disobeyed instructions from his own Government and issued visas for Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. 27-Jan-2017
Urging ‘bold decisions’ to end Yeme New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): Amid attacks and counter-attacks in Yemen, those seeking a military solution will only prolong the suffering caused by the war, allow the terrorist threat to grow and deepen the challenges that will face the eventual recovery, the United Nations envoy for the war-riven country said on Thursday. 27-Jan-2017
Syria: UN chief Guterres clarifies tasks New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): Following the approval late last year of an independent panel to assist in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity in Syria, the United Nations on Thursday announced that the mechanism will be headed by a senior judge or prosecutor with extensive criminal investigations and prosecutions experience. 27-Jan-2017
South Sudan: UN mission chief meets Pres New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): The newly arrived head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, David Shearer, has met with President Salva Kiir in the country’s capital of Juba, where he reiterated the Mission’s commitment to supporting peace efforts. 27-Jan-2017
UN aid officials urge Security Council t New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): Senior United Nations relief officials on Thursday urged the Security Council to do more to ensure the support of the Syrian Government to deliver life-saving aid, warning that aid workers are “blocked at every turn” while some 4.6 million people live in hard-to-reach areas across the war-ravaged country. 27-Jan-2017
Amid hate speech, negative media spin New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): With hate speech and rhetoric against migrants and refugees on the rise in various parts of the world, and the increased role of media in shaping perceptions towards them, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) on Thursday co-sponsored with the European Union (EU) a symposium drawing attention to this growing challenge and explore efforts to combat it. 27-Jan-2017
UN-backed measles vaccination campaign t New York, Jan 27 (Just Earth News): A major vaccination campaign against a measles outbreak in northeast Nigeria is reaching 4.7 million children, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). 27-Jan-2017
Security Council approves six-month ext New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): Welcoming the progress thus far in negotiations led by Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot leaders, as well as ongoing efforts, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday encouraged the sides to “grasp the current opportunity with determination” to secure a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus. 26-Jan-2017
Global Goals on poverty and hunger requ New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): The world must take urgent action to mobilise the estimated $265 billion a year needed to achieve the first two Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty and hunger by 2030, the head of the United Nations agency for financing rural development projects has told an international conference. 26-Jan-2017
Somalia: Militants attack hotel in capit Mogadishu, Jan 26 (IBNS): Militants attacked a hotel in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, and killed over 20 people, according to media reports on Thursday. 26-Jan-2017
Billions needed to eradicate poverty and Rome, Jan 26 (IBNS) The world needs to take urgent action to mobilise the estimated US$265 billion a year needed to achieve the first two Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty and hunger by 2030, said Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) at the opening of a conference focused on finding innovative ways to finance rural development. 26-Jan-2017
Latin America and the Caribbean can make New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): With continued and strengthened implementation of a regional food security plan, Latin America and the Caribbean could become the first developing region to completely eradicate hunger, the head of United Nations agricultural agency said on Wednesday. 26-Jan-2017
Sustainable agriculture, better-managed New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): Highlighting the challenges associated with the inextricable links between water and food – the so-called ‘water-food nexus’ – for food security, as well as for sustainable development, the United Nations agricultural agency on Wednesday outlined steps that can be taken to improve water sustainability for current and future needs. 26-Jan-2017
Enhancing regional partnerships among to New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): Strengthening the United Nation’s partnerships with the African Union, empowering women and youth, and greater cooperation with the World Bank will be among the key priorities this year for the UN Peacebuilding Commission, its new chair on Wednesday said. 26-Jan-2017
UN, NYC Mayor’s office team up to prom New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): Addressing an event on mental health, a special advisor to the President of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday stressed the importance of mental health for all actions to be taken to achieve sustainable development goals. 26-Jan-2017
Somalia: UN mission condemns Al-Shabaab New York, Jan 26 (Just Earth News): The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has condemned the coordinated suicide bombing attack earlier on Wednesday at a hotel in Mogadishu for which Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility and which reportedly killed dozens of people. 26-Jan-2017
Fighting impunity is the best way to pro New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): A United Nations rights expert expressed concern on Wednesday about widespread impunity for crimes against human rights defenders in Mexico, noting that the situation is inducing more violations. 26-Jan-2017
Keyword: UN, calm amid fears, violence, New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): Two United Nations human rights experts on Wednesday called on the Government of Cambodia for the immediate release of five human rights defenders detained in May 2016 on charges, which they see as politically motivated. 26-Jan-2017
UN relief official urges calm amid fear New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): Amid rising tensions in Central African Republic’s Ouaka prefecture and in and around its town of Bambari, a senior UN humanitarian official in the country has appealed for calm and refraining from any act that could further increase the fragility of an already vulnerable population. 25-Jan-2017
Australia: Man set on fire following arg Sydney, Jan 25 (IBNS): An Australian man was allegedly set alight and is presently fighting for his life after an argument over a dog went wrong, BBC reported. 25-Jan-2017
UN rights expert ‘deeply concerned’ New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): A United Nations expert warned on Tuesday about possible reprisals against the people she met during her recent visit to the country, noting that she was particularly struck by the fear of some she spoke to “who were afraid of what would happen to them after talking to me.” 25-Jan-2017
UN rights chief urges probe into Askarov New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): The United Nations human rights chief on Tuesday voiced deep concern about a decision by a Kyrgyz court to uphold a life sentence against human rights defender Azimjan Askarov, saying it highlights “serious shortcomings” in the country’s judicial system. 25-Jan-2017
Mali: UN mission condemns attack on Kid New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) on Tuesday condemned the attack on its camp in the country’s restive northern region of Kidal, which left one ‘blue helmet’ dead and two others seriously wounded. 25-Jan-2017
Responses to global ills must integrate New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday highlighted the importance of recognizing the links between sustainable development and sustaining peace amid such intertwined global challenges as rising inequality, protracted conflicts and climate change. 25-Jan-2017
With international agreement on ceasefir New York, Jan 24 (Just Earth News): The talks to strengthen the ceasefire in war-torn Syria ended on Tuesday in Astana, Kazakhstan, with agreement on how to monitor the effort started last month and praise from the United Nations Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura. 25-Jan-2017
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