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Venezuela bans Attorney General from lea New York, June 30(Just Earth News): Amid the ongoing violence in Venezuela, the United Nations human rights office on Friday expressed concern about a decision by the Supreme Court to null the appointment of the Attorney General, freeze her assets and ban her from leaving the country. 30-Jun-2017
Challenges abound as ‘significant’ n New York, June 30(Just Earth News): Citing “significant” returns of displaced persons to and within Syria, the United Nations refugee agency said on Friday that while it will be scaling up its response to assist those coming back, it can neither promote nor facilitate returns given the security and humanitarian situation in the war-torn country. 30-Jun-2017
Iraq: UN warns against ‘collective pun New York, June 30(Just Earth News): The United Nations human rights office has expressed concern over forced evictions of people alleged to have ties with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da'esh) terrorist group, noting that such actions may amount to collective punishment that is in clear contravention of the Iraqi Constitution as well as human rights and humanitarian law. 30-Jun-2017
UN rights chief decries ‘unacceptable New York, June 30(Just Earth News): The United Nations human rights chief on Friday expressed strong concern about international demands that Qatar close down the Al Jazeera network and other affiliated media outlets as “extraordinary, unprecedented and clearly unreasonable.” 30-Jun-2017
On Asteroid Day, UN space agency urges i New York, June 30(Just Earth News): A top United Nations official on Friday urged the international community to come together to jointly raise awareness and develop a plan to mitigate the danger from a potential asteroid impact. 30-Jun-2017
UN refugee agency 'extremely worried' ab New York, June 30(Just Earth News): The United Nations refugee agency has voiced concern over a flow of people fleeing renewed violence in some parts of the Central African Republic, a country that has already seen a half million people internally displaced and another half million taking refuge in neighbouring countries. 30-Jun-2017
Paris: Man arrested for trying to plough Paris, Jun 30 (IBNS): Police arrested a man after his failed attempt to drive a car through pedestrians outside a Paris mosque, reports said. 30-Jun-2017
Security Council renews steps against il New York, June 30(Just Earth News): The Security Council on Thursday adopted a series of resolutions by which it extended the mandates of United Nations missions in the Golan, the Darfur region of Sudan and Mali, and renewed measures against illicit oil exports in Libya. 30-Jun-2017
Security Council updated on status of re New York, June 30(Just Earth News): Briefing the Security Council on Thursday, the United Nations political chief called on the participants of the plan of action on Iran’s nuclear programme as well as the wider international community to continue to support the full and effective implementation of the agreement. 30-Jun-2017
At Vienna forum, young people raise the New York, June 30(Just Earth News): Around 100 young people from 54 countries are raising their voices and harnessing social media to help mobilize support for a world free of nuclear weapons, and advance the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). 30-Jun-2017
Ending occupation only way to lay founda New York, June 30(Just Earth News): Top United Nations officials on Thursday declared that ending the occupation is the only way to lay the foundations for enduring peace that meets Israeli security needs and Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty. 30-Jun-2017
Delays in access in Syria ‘will mean f New York, June 30(Just Earth News): Citing attacks against aid workers in Syria, the removal of live-saving supplies from convoys and bureaucratic impediments restricting access, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator has called for ensuring immediate and safe humanitarian access to save lives that are dependent on assistance. 30-Jun-2017
Côte d’Ivoire: UN chief voices suppor New York, June 29(Just Earth News): Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed the closure of the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI), which will take place on Friday, and reiterated the UN family’s commitment to helping the people and Government of the West African nation to sustain their hard-won peace. 29-Jun-2017
UN marks first ever Day of the Tropics w New York, June 29(Just Earth News): The majority of the world’s most vulnerable communities are in the Tropics, and will be most affected by environmental threats, the United Nations on Thursday said, marking the first ever observance of the International Day of the Tropics. 29-Jun-2017
UN agency 'alarmed' by forced refugee re New York, June 29(Just Earth News): The United Nations refugee agency is alarmed by a fresh incident of forced returns of refugees from Cameroon into northeast Nigeria amid an absence of conditions to make such movements safe and sustainable. 29-Jun-2017
UN agency 'alarmed' by forced refugee re New York, June 29(Just Earth News): The United Nations refugee agency is alarmed by a fresh incident of forced returns of refugees from Cameroon into northeast Nigeria amid an absence of conditions to make such movements safe and sustainable. 29-Jun-2017
Conference on Cyprus off to constructive New York, June 29(Just Earth News): On the opening day of the Conference on Cyprus, a senior United Nations official expressed hope that the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders as well as the guarantors – Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom – have the determination to overcome the challenges and resolve the issues before them. 29-Jun-2017
‘Inclusive, equitable and quality educ New York, June 29(Just Earth News): Education leaders from around the world convened on Wednesday at the United Nations to discuss ways to advance action on Sustainable Development Goal 4, which aims to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.” 29-Jun-2017
Harness ‘immense’ potential offered New York, June 29(Just Earth News): Speaking at a major international meeting on migration and development, senior United Nations officials have underlined the need for safe, orderly and regular migration options to ensure that people around the world are not forced to undertake arduous and dangerous pathways in their search for a better future. 29-Jun-2017
‘Disproportionate emphasis’ on secur New York, June 29(Just Earth News): The United Nations deputy chief on Wednesday stressed the need to “avoid a disproportionate emphasis on security” when carrying out a strategy to help Africa’s Sahel region achieve sustained peace and development. 29-Jun-2017
International cooperation key to keeping New York, June 29(Just Earth News): The United Nations disarmament chief on Wednesday called for stronger international cooperation to prevent terrorists from accessing and using weapons of mass destruction, warning that technological advances – such as unmanned aerial vehicles, 3-D printers and the Dark Web – make it easier for terrorist groups to effectively use such weapons. 29-Jun-2017
Civilians must not be sacrificed for mi New York, June 28(Just Earth News): Voicing grave concern over the fate of as many as 100,000 civilians “effectively trapped” in Syria's Raqqa governorate amid the ongoing offensive against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da'esh) fighters, the top United Nations rights official urged all parties to the conflict to enact measures to allow civilians who wish to flee the fighting to do so in safety. 28-Jun-2017
Investing in poor children saves more l New York, June 28(Just Earth News): Investing in the health and survival of the most deprived children and communities provides more value for money than investing in less deprived groups, saving almost twice as many lives for every $1 million spent, according to a new study by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). 28-Jun-2017
Man hit by speeding uncontrolled bus, su London, June 28 (IBNS): A miraculous video is currently trending on social media where a man is seen escaping fatal injuries when he was rammed by an uncontrolled speeding bus. 28-Jun-2017
China: Elderly woman throws coin into je Beijing, Jun 28 (IBNS): Travellers were left fuming in Shanghai airport after a China Southern Airlines flight got delayed by over five hours due to a bizarre incident, reports said. 28-Jun-2017
Helicopter attack on Venezuelan Supreme Caracas, Jun 28 (IBNS): The Venezuelan Supreme Court has been attacked from a hovering helicopter, irking President Nicolas Maduro, who slammed it as a 'terrorist attack', reports said. 28-Jun-2017
UN envoy maps out 'ideal trajectory' to New York, June 28(Just Earth News): The United Nations mediator for the conflict in Syria on Tuesday mapped out what needs to happen in the next two weeks before the next round of intra-Syrian talks begins on 10 July in Geneva, Switzerland. 28-Jun-2017
UN welcomes major partnership initiative New York, June 28(Just Earth News): A senior United Nations official has called for sustained joint efforts to combat terrorism and welcomed a partnership initiative with tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube to counter terrorism and violent extremism online. 28-Jun-2017
Upcoming Cyprus Conference 'a unique opp New York, June 28(Just Earth News): A fresh round of talks on Cyprus will last “as long as it takes,” but there are no guarantees of success, the United Nations negotiator facilitating the process said on Tuesday. 28-Jun-2017
Colombia: UN mission collects nearly all New York, June 28(Just Earth News): The peace effort in Colombia on Tuesday reached a milestone, with nearly all of the remaining number of weapons held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP) turned over to the United Nations for registering and storing. 28-Jun-2017
Scientific collaboration 'essential' to New York, June 28(Just Earth News): Scientific collaboration is essential to achieving a world free from the nuclear threat, the Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) told a United Nations-backed expert forum in Vienna on Tuesday. 28-Jun-2017
Despite progress, challenges remain for New York, June 28(Just Earth News): In spite of “remarkable” progress in Liberia since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2003, the presence of challenges that risk a reversal of the gains made warrant continued international support and attention, the United Nations envoy for the country has cautioned. 28-Jun-2017
Perpetrators of suicide attacks in Nige New York, June 28(Just Earth News): Condemning violent attacks in Maiduguri, in Nigeria's restive Borno state, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has underscored the Organization's resolve to support the country in its fight against terrorism. 28-Jun-2017
IAEA Mission says Jamaica strengthens re Kingston, Jamaica, June 27(Just Earth News): An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said the operator of a research reactor in Jamaica showed continuous commitment to safety after its successful conversion to use low enriched uranium (LEU) instead of high enriched uranium (HEU) as fuel. The experts also made recommendations for further safety-related improvements at the reactor, which is the only such facility in the Caribbean region. 27-Jun-2017
UN recognizes young entrepreneurs on Day New York, June 27(Just Earth News): United Nations agencies on Tuesday launched a new campaign to make it easier for the 70 million unemployed youth to get financing and learn new skills to start a business. 27-Jun-2017
UN agency saves 600 stranded migrants in New York, June 27(Just Earth News): The United Nations migration agency in Niger has saved more than 600 lives since April 2017 through a new search and rescue operation that targets migrants stranded in Sahara Desert, but 52 did not survive. 27-Jun-2017
British Sikh couple denied to adopt whit London, June 27 (IBNS): British Sikh couple, Sandeep and Reena Mander, were denied by an agency to adopt 'white' child citing their Indian origin, which sparked off controversy related to racial discrimination, media reports said. 27-Jun-2017
Google receives record EU fine for promo London, June 27 (IBNS):Tech-giant Google has received the record fine of 2.42bn euros by the European Commission on Tuesday, for promoting its own shopping services at the top of search results, media reports said. 27-Jun-2017
Rising seas could result in 2 billion re New York, June 27 (IBNS): In the year 2100, 2 billion people – about one-fifth of the world’s population – could become climate change refugees due to rising ocean levels. 27-Jun-2017
Brazilian President accused of receiving Brasilia, Jun 27 (IBNS): Brazil's chief prosecutor has accused country's President Michel Temer of accepting bribes, reports said. 27-Jun-2017
US says Syria preparing for chemical att Washington, Jun 27 (IBNS): The USA has handed out a severe warning to Syria, who they say is preparing for another chemical attack. 27-Jun-2017
On International Day Against Drug Abuse, New York, June 27(Just Earth News): To mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the United Nations is calling on all countries to honour their commitments to address the scourge and to ensure that steps to do so are consistent with human rights and promote equality, peace, security and sustainable development. 27-Jun-2017
Experts head to Vienna to discuss advanc New York, June 27(Just Earth News): Scientists and technical experts from all over the world are gathering this week in Vienna, Austria, for a meeting convened by the United Nations partner organization working to establish a verification regime to monitor global compliance with the comprehensive ban on nuclear testing. 27-Jun-2017
Woman participant's bone snapped during London, June 26 (IBNS): In a shocking incident, a woman contestant's bone was snapped during an arm wrestling competition on game show floor. 26-Jun-2017
Swedish Al-Qaeda hostage freed Stockholm , June 26 (IBNS) Militant group Al Qaeda has freed a Swedish man who was kidnapped from Mali in 2011, media reports said. 26-Jun-2017
Conservatives strike a deal with DUP to London, June 26 (IBNS): Conservatives signed a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) on Monday to form the UK government, two weeks after PM Theresa May failed to secure a majority in a snap election of the country. 26-Jun-2017
World Drug Day observed today New York, June 26 (IBNS): Pledging to fight against drug abuse, countries across the world are observing World Drug Day on Monday. 26-Jun-2017
Colombia: Tourist boat sinks, killing at Bogota, Jun 26 (IBNS): At least nine people were killed after a tourist boat sank on Sunday in Columbia's Guatape water reservoir, a popular tourist hotspot, reports said. 26-Jun-2017
With hidden lives vital to our own, 'se New York, June 26(Just Earth News): Highlighting the challenges faced by seafarers – women and men sailing and working aboard ships – the United Nations International Maritime Organization has called on everyone around the world to show appreciation for their vital contributions. 26-Jun-2017
AirAsia plane returns to Australia after Perth, June 25 (IBNS): On its way to Malaysia, an AirAsia flight was forced to return to Perth after it suffered technical fault, media reports said on Sunday. 25-Jun-2017
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