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Liverpool to lead international diabetic

London, Jan 31 (IBNS): Liverpool is to lead on a £1.15 million international research project to help transform early detection of diabetic eye disease in developing countries.

High rates of diabetes, hypertension fou

New York, Jan 30 (IBNS): Rates of diabetes and hypertension are high among middle-aged and elderly people across all geographic measures and sociodemographic groups in India, according to the first nationally representative study of those conditions in the country.

Medicaid expansion linked with better, m

New York, Jan 30 (IBNS): The Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion was linked to better access to surgery and higher quality surgical care, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

War in Ukraine has escalated HIV spread

London, Jan 30 (IBNS): Conflict in Ukraine has increased the risk of HIV outbreaks throughout the country as displaced HIV-infected people move from war-affected regions to areas with higher risk of transmission, according to analysis by scientists.


Ireland to hold abortion referendum vote

Dublin, Jan 30 (IBNS): Ireland is going to host a referendum vote on the much debated abortion ban in May.

Breakthrough leads to sequencing of a hu

London, Jan 30 (IBNS): A new nanopore technology for direct sequencing of long strands of DNA has resulted in the most complete human genome ever assembled with a single technology, scientists have revealed.

Body clock disruptions occur years befor

New York, Jan 30 (IBNS): People with Alzheimer’s disease are known to have disturbances in their internal body clocks that affect the sleep/wake cycle and may increase risk of developing the disorder. Now, new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis indicates that such circadian rhythm disruptions also occur much earlier in people whose memories are intact but whose brain scans show early, preclinical evidence of Alzheimer’s.

UN health agency finds high levels of an

New York, Jan 30 (JEN): Antimicrobials have been a driver of unprecedented medical and societal advances, but their overuse has resulted in antibiotic resistant bacteria, with the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting new surveillance data on Monday which reveals widespread resistance to some of the world’s most common infections, including E. coli and pneumonia.

Feelings determine from which side we em

Zurich, Jan 29 (IBNS): In emotionally charged situations, we tend to hug each other from the left side more often than in neutral contexts. 

WHO lauds global partnership to stop Lep

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IBNS): Welcoming the launch of the ‘Global Partnership to Stop Leprosy’, the World Health Organization today said a stronger force with a common vision was much needed to accelerate efforts to end leprosy.

Largest yellow fever vaccination campaig

New York, Jan 26 (JEN): The Nigerian Government launched a mass vaccination campaign in alliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday, aiming to immunize more than 25 million people before the end of this year.

Kolkata's first colon therapy centre ina

Kolkata, Jan 20 (IBNS) Kolkata stands witness to its first colon hydrotherapy centre Aero Wellness near Chakraberia Road.


5 things one needs do to quit smoking

New York, Jan 19 (IBNS): A popular New Year’s resolution that many fail to keep is to quit smoking.

A high-salt diet produces Dementia in mi

New York, Jan 17 (IBNS): A high-salt diet reduces resting blood flow to the brain and causes dementia in mice, according to a new study by scientists from Weill Cornell Medicine.

da Vinci Surgical Robot to be a star att

Bhubaneswar Jan 15 (IBNS): A da Vinci Surgical Robot promises to be a star attraction for hundreds of experienced gynaecologists attending the annual conference in the city starting January 17, 2018.

Can writing your ‘to-do’s’ help yo

Texas, Jan 14 (IBNS):Writing a “to-do” list at bedtime may aid in falling asleep, according to a Baylor University study. Research compared sleep patterns of participants who took five minutes to write down upcoming duties versus participants who chronicled completed activities.

Nearly half a million children being vac

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Jan 14 (IBNS): As part of an intensified response to the current diphtheria outbreak, WHO, UNICEF and health sector partners are working with the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to vaccinate more than 475,000 children in Rohingya refugee camps, temporary settlements and surrounding areas.

South Africa responding to largest-ever

New York, Jan 13 (JEN): What is believed to be the largest-ever outbreak of the bacterial disease Listeriosis – or Listeria – has left more than 60 people dead across South Africa, with nearly 750 confirmed cases, the United Nation’s health agency said Friday.

Memory loss from West Nile virus may be

Washington, Jan 12 (IBNS): More than 10,000 people in the United States are living with memory loss and other persistent neurological problems that occur after West Nile virus infects the brain.

Taking on environmental health risks, UN

New York, Jan 11 (JEN): Two United Nations agencies are teaming up in a major new initiative taking on the herculean task of combatting environmental health risks, which claim an estimated 12.6 million lives a year.

Women outlive men even during crisis: st

Durham,Jan 10 (IBNS): Women today tend to live longer than men almost everywhere worldwide -- in some countries by more than a decade.

At least three out of five people who tr

London, Jan 10 (IBNS): The findings, from over 215,000 survey respondents and published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, provides strong support for prioritising efforts to reduce cigarette experimentation among adolescents.

About 3,500 babies in the US are lost to

New York, Jan 10 (IBNS): There are about 3,500 sleep-related deaths among U.S. babies each year, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), accidental suffocation, and deaths from unknown causes.

Millions of children across Somalia vacc

New York, Jan 9 (JEN): One million children aged six months to 10 years in Puntland and 4.2 million across Somalia were reached during a five-day measles campaign that wrapped up on Sunday, the United Nations has reported.

Scientists uncover why sauna bathing is

New York, Jan 6 (IBNS):Over the past couple of years, scientists at the University of Eastern Finland have shown that sauna bathing is associated with a variety of health benefits. 

Tests confirm outbreak of avian influenz

Bengaluru, Jan 6 (IBNS): Union Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare has confirmed an outbreak of H5 Avian Influenza in Dasarahalli village, Bengaluru East Taluk, Bengaluru Urban District in Karnataka, according to media reports on Saturday.

Randomness a key in spread of disease, o

Toronto, Jan 5 (IBNS): An unfortunate church dinner more than 100 years ago did more than just spread typhoid fever to scores of Californians.

Eating more foods with choline during pr

Toronto, Jan 5 (IBNS):  When expectant mothers consume sufficient amounts of the nutrient choline during pregnancy, their offspring gain enduring cognitive benefits, a new Cornell University study suggests.

Children with chronic illness often show

Toronto, Jan 5 (IBNS): Children commonly show signs of a mental disorder soon after receiving a diagnosis involving a chronic physical condition, according to a recent study in BMJ Open.

Stressed out? Try smelling your partner

Toronto, Jan 5 (IBNS): The scent of a romantic partner can help lower stress levels, new psychology research from the University of British Columbia has found.

UN agency's mobile reproductive health t

New York, Jan 4 (JEN)  The United Nations reproductive rights agency has reached the Sheikh Maqsoud area of Aleppo, where thousands of women have been cut off from medical care for years.

PHE launches Change4Life campaign around

London, Jan 3 (IBNS): Public Health England (PHE) is helping parents take control of their children’s snacking by launching the first Change4Life campaign promoting healthier snacks.

Poisons from cigarettes reach major body

London, Jan 3 (IBNS): UK's Public Health England (PHE) releases a new TV advert highlighting the dangers of tar in cigarettes, as England’s 7 million smokers are urged to make a quit attempt with help from Smokefree this New Year.

Private docs call off strike as NMC Bill

New Delhi, Jan 3 (IBNS) : Private doctors on Tuesday called off their strike, held under the banner of the  Indian Medical Association (IMA), in  protest against the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017, agreeing to wait till the Parliament's standing committee takes a decision on it, reports said.

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