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One in seven teens are ‘sexting,’ sa

Calgary, Feb 27 (IBNS): Sexting is known as the sharing of sexually explicit images and videos through the internet or via electronic devices such as smartphones.

Ignore your phone while dining with your

Ottawa, Feb 27 (IBNS): Smartphones might make people feel more connected, but they likely don’t belong at the dinner table, according to new research from the University of British Columbia.

Udayananda World Heritage Dance Tour to

Kolkata, Feb 27 (IBNS): Udayananda World Heritage Dance Tour – a year-long celebration of Uday Shankar style dance by Tanusree Shankar and her troupe – is a series of well-choreographed dance pieces, to be performed in different global venues.

Tea ceremony and drum beats from Japan

Kolkata, Feb 27 (IBNS)  Drinking tea is so common to us in India that only a personal choice, Darjeeling orthodox or Assam’s CTC, can become a debatable point. But in Japan, the process of tea making and drinking evolved into an elaborate ceremony that can stretch from 40 to 45 minutes.

Author interview: Uttarayan Deb on his B

It was his readers who inspired him to become an author from a columnist, says Uttarayan Deb.

Dating app Tinder aids infidelity, helps

New York, Feb 25  (IBNS): The popular dating app Tinder is all about helping people form new relationships. But for many college-aged people, it’s also helping those in relationships cheat on their romantic partners, according to studies.

Stanford researchers find that kids see

New York, Feb 24 (IBNS): Young children literally see words and faces differently from adults. Where adults can most easily comprehend a word when they look at it straight on, children need to look a bit up and to the left. For faces, they need to look a bit up and to the right.

Why you're probably not 'addicted' to yo

Toronto, Feb 23 (IBNS): Obsessively checking your smartphone apps might look like addiction, but is it? Dr Andrew Campbell, a University of Sydney expert in cyberpsychology, explains and offers evidence-based tips to reduce smartphone use.

How to Buy Home Linen that is Durable an

There are plenty of tips that you should follow when it comes to buying sheets, blankets, pillow cases and other types of linens from any store. These tips will help you to get the best options in terms of durability as well as affordability, so make sure to keep them in mind while you are shopping. These can be used if you are purchasing the items online or even in person, so here are the best tips to follow.

Jacqueline Fernandez the new face of IMA

New Delhi, Feb 21 (IBNS): USPL, the fastest growing celebrity led fashion retail company announced, popular Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez as the new face of IMARA beginning Spring 2018. IMARA is a celebrity fashion line for women’s ethnic wear and was conceptualized by USPL as a contemporary interpretation of the conventional with a refreshing take on ethnic designs.

Author Rajeev Singh on his debut novel T

You will have to read the book to know about what happens to the protagonist, says author Rajeev Singh when asked about his debut novel The Erotic Muse

Life in the cities

Rapid urbanisation the world over has  put severe pressure on the infrastructure of many cities and towns. India is among the countries with the fastest growth in this sector and, unless plans with a long view are mooted, the situation could only worsen.  Ranjita Biswas reports

Study dispels notion that social media d

New York, Feb 16 (IBNS): Echoing concerns that grew with the Internet itself a decade earlier, the rise of social media has stoked fears of “social displacement” — the alienation of people from friends and family in favor of Facebook and Twitter.

Masterchef India chef Kirti Bhoutika bak

Kolkata, Feb 15 (IBNS): Were you celebrating Valentine’s Day at or around Park Street on Feb 14? Chances were, you had an opportunity to taste a special batch of chocolate chip cupcakes baked by Kirti Bhoutika, the winner of Masterchef India 2017, India’s biggest culinary battle!

Study: Materialism in marriage linked to

New York, Feb 14 (IBNS): Madonna may have loved living in a material world as a material girl, but a recent study shows that married couples should avoid living according to this '80s jam at all costs.

Youth prefers mobile dating apps over ma

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IBNS): Matrimonial websites are passé as singles across metros in India are hooking up via location based, free mobile dating applications and social media networks, according to a random survey conducted by ASSOCHAM Social Media Foundation (ASDF) ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Swiggy celebrates delicious union of lov

Kolkata, Feb 12 (IBNS): Valentine’s Day is around the corner and so are the quintessential butterflies in the stomach.

#PadmanChallenge: Promotional campaign o

Is #PadmanChallenge, which stormed the social media before the release of R. Balki’s Pad Man, a promotional approach coupled with social responsibility? IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh speaks to women to understand

Book Review: Purono Album- Redolent of B

Sometimes you look back at the sepia past, dotingly, sometimes one stops and gazes behind, lamenting all wealth was in the past, sometimes people steal a glance back, just enjoying it.

Pleasure of leisure

‘Without leisure, a civilised life is impossible. Without leisure we are sunk in barbarism,’ that’s the essence of the new book The Pleasures of Leisure by Robert Dessaix, award winning author from Australia. Dessaix was in Kolkata recently to participate in the Apeejay Literary Festival and spoke to Ranjita Biswas about his thoughts on leisure and travel

Udayananda World Heritage Dance Tour: A

Kolkata, Feb 2 (IBNS): Udayananda World Heritage Dance Tour, by Tanusree Shankar  and her troupe, will commence its journey from Kolkata on February 23, 2018  with a debut show at Kala Mandir.

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