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Indian comic book illustrators sought by Art in its various forms have always found appreciation in India and it is indeed no surprise that Indian comic book artists are now in global demand and overseas publishers lining up to get their artworks done by Indian artists. 27-Jul-2017
Author Debasish Rath tries to find out i Men and women come from different planets is a remark we often hear in the context of difference in gender personality traits. But the latest novel by Debasish Rath titled, “The For Loop” puts a big question mark at the end of this remark. 26-Jul-2017
Self publishing is encouraging professio With the growing rate of book readers day by day, book publishing has become a commercial area for writers and professionals to earn money and transfer knowledge. Self-publishing has widened the scope for new and established authors. 26-Jul-2017
Emirates highlights female role models i Kolkata, July 24 (IBNS): Championing the importance of women’s contributions to the growth and development of aviation, aviation major Emirates recently hosted Shaesta Waiz for a Boeing 777 simulator challenge in its home base of Dubai. 24-Jul-2017
The Dubious Relationship: A contemporary “The Dubious Relationship”, written by two young women, Sinjini Sinha and Dipsikha Ray, and published by Power Publishers, is a treat to read from the very beginning. 19-Jul-2017
Lost Lustre: A hunt for a stolen gem tha Everybody loves a good mystery. And any good mystery book is just incomplete without adventure. But the problem is finding a good book of mystery with an engaging adventure thrown in. So it was with some trepidation that I picked up the 'Lost Lustre' by Akanksha Chokshi. 14-Jul-2017
Down Flows The Kansai: Tracing the many “Down Flows The Kansai” authored by Barendra Nath Ray traces the life of a college professor, Abhinov Ray. It is not a racy, pacy plot but interesting indeed. 10-Jul-2017
Living one's dreams is the main theme of 'An Old Monk' is the story of Keerat and his relation with his beloved grandparents. The author, Prab Keerat Mahendru, very honestly narrates the story with a swift flowing attitude throughout. 08-Jul-2017
Author Siddharth Roy weaves magic for th The concept of young love has been the topic of many fictional stories from time to time. But as time progressed, so did the way of portrayal of romance in books and movies. 07-Jul-2017
Playing the blame game helps no one, say "The Blame Game Theory” written by Amit Agarwal is the latest book that deals with a very pertinent and intriguing issue in human life. 05-Jul-2017
Spoken words rule the world says author Self-help books are often looked upon as assets by readers. One such book is “Public Speaking” by Provin Kami, where the author talks about the benefits of good public speaking skills and how to master the skill. 01-Jul-2017
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