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Embraced in Love Forever: Jab Arjun Met 'Embraced in Love Forever' by Manvi Verma is one of the latest romantic fictions by an Indian author to hit the bookshelves this year. 30-Aug-2017
Vignettes of Darkness is a collection of “Vignettes of Darkness” by Bineeta gives us a collection of refreshing and poignant tales, each different from the other. 25-Aug-2017
Banu Bidarkund explores the bond of frie “The Rising” by Banu Bidarkund is a novella that is best described as sweet and poignant. it virtually ends before the readers can sink their teeth into it. 25-Aug-2017
Rediscovery of the earliest Latin Commen Birmingham, Aug 23 (IBNS): The earliest Latin Commentary on the Gospels, lost for over 1500 years, has been rediscovered and made available in English for the first time, thanks to research from the University of Birmingham. 23-Aug-2017
Power Publishers in association with Pre Kolkata, Aug 17 (IBNS): What could be more fitting than a discussion on the concept of 'hope' and its existence beyond literary fiction at the launch of Nidra Naik's book ‘The Bestseller’, recently, at the Press Club in Kolkata. 17-Aug-2017
Explaining the complexities of life thro Often, when we hear about chemistry, our mind tends to wander to formulas and molecules. Whether you love the subject or not, can you forget those sleepless nights studying the formulas over and over again. But for a subject that taught us that water was made by the reaction of oxygen and hydrogen, can it possibly give us an insight on life? 17-Aug-2017
In conversation with author Saket Chatto It is the rebellious streak in him that compelled him to write My Guru Girls, says author Saket Chattopadhyay about his latest novel. 08-Aug-2017
Envision Life: A book that tries to unra “Envision Life” written by Tusar K Kole is a book that says life is an amalgamation of scientific laws and human choices—a subject intriguing enough to merit a read. 07-Aug-2017
Importance of relationship overtakes car “My Guru Girls” by Saket stands apart from the run of the mill novels on erotica in that it does not just celebrate mindless sex; instead, it portrays sex as a bond between two individuals. 02-Aug-2017
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