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Do celebrities really write their books? Kolkata, Sep 26 (IBNS): Who doesn't love to read books written by celebrities. But are these book really written by them? After all, celebrities are busy. And not all are good writers too. The answer is ghost writing. 26-Sep-2017
Pink Ops: Girl Power If you feel it has been ages since you have treated your eyes to good art, there is some exciting news. Power Publishers’ attempt at giving graphic novel fans a whiff of contemporary graphic art of international scale and narrative, has been possible with author Jayson O’Neil’s ‘Pink Ops – Part 1’ book hitting the online store, 22-Sep-2017
From Wonderland to Reality: A young girl 'From Wonderland To Reality' is a recent book by Dipeeta Das Mukherjee. It is a very difficult task to categorise this book because it is the culmination of dreams and hopes and pain and hard work. 22-Sep-2017
Musings in the Mist: A story about growi “Musings in the Mist” by Shona George is a one of a kind book. It’s a story of growing up. It’s a story of bravery. It’s a story of loving your country. It’s a story of thinking beyond the self. It’s a story of unity. It’s a story which, simply put, touches the heart and stays there. 20-Sep-2017
Anurag Garg comes up with another though Kolkata, Sep 19 (IBNS): Starmark, in association with Penguin hosted the launch of Anurag Garg’s book 'Love Will Find A Way', at Kolkata's Quest Mall bookstore, recently. 19-Sep-2017
TET Made Easy: A handy guide for aspirin 'TET Made Easy' by Dipankar Pal is a handy guide for young teachers. And this particular book is not only going to help the aspirants in the preparation for the Teacher Eligibility Test but it will also be of use for young parents in general. 16-Sep-2017
Anchal Srivastava goes deeper into the m “Wow!” is the first word that popped into my head the moment I finished reading “An Unimaginable Love!!” by Anchal Srivastava. 15-Sep-2017
Awart Katiyar twists a plot around Agent “Agent Perculo, Volume 1” by Awart Katiyar is a spy thriller to hit the shelves this year. Thrills, suspense, romance, emotional drama, nail-biting tension, twists and turns—this new book has it all in the right doses. 15-Sep-2017
Juraite Chai Kothay Jurai: A poignant pe Power Publishers’ newest release 'Juraite Chai Kothay Jurai' is a Bengali language novel by author Ramendranath Biswas that narrates the poignant tale of Binodini, a young woman who faces adversities early in her life and finds herself getting pulled in the quicksand of prostitution during the era of “babus” and “zamindars” of Bengal. 14-Sep-2017
Savita Mishra decodes Operations Researc In 'Operations Research', Dr Savita Mishra discusses about the evolving branch of operations research (OR), a part of Applied Mathematics that is being increasingly used in various practical fields for formulating viable solutions to real-life complicated problems. 13-Sep-2017
Beyond the Fog: An anthology of short st “Beyond The Fog” is an anthology of fourteen short stories written by Pratibha Johri. Each story so heart-wrenching that it becomes very difficult to extricate oneself from one story and plunge into the next. 12-Sep-2017
Anuragam Vatsa's latest book helps under “Listen To Heart: Soulmate” written by Anuragam Vatsa is a book with a difference, a bridge between the difficult verses of Gita and the layman. 09-Sep-2017
'Let's Sing a Love Song' by Debanjana Gh If you are an admirer of poetry, Power Publishers’ latest release, 'Let’s Sing a Love Song', by debutant author Debanjana Ghatak, will surely pull at your heartstrings. 08-Sep-2017
Forever is a Lie: A dark romantic thrill Kolkata, Sep 6 (IBNS): Novoneel Chakraborty, the chart-topping writer of romantic thrillers, was recently in Kolkata for the launch of his latest book, 'Forever is a Lie', published by Penguin India. 06-Sep-2017
Knowledge hubs shouldn't be converted in Kolkata, Sep 4 (IBNS): Author Sudeep Nagarkar said knowledge hubs should not be converted into dens of separatism and anti-national activities as he unveiled his book Our Story Needs No Filter that deals with the nationalism debate presently raging in the country. 04-Sep-2017
Old Age Home: A poignant tale with many “Old Age Home” is the latest novel written by Sisir Bhattacharjee; an engaging tale that has the institution of old age homes as the central plot. 02-Sep-2017
The Khoobsurat Unlimited is a gripping t 'The Khoobsurat Unlimited' by Anshika Sony is a gripping fictional tale about women entrepreneurs. 02-Sep-2017
The novel 'Destiny of Joy' will give you Life is directed and governed by our deeds or does fate pull us along a pre-determined path is what author Siddhart Majumder tries to find out in 'The Destiny of Joy'. 01-Sep-2017
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