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Book Review: Sold Over Million

We have all dreamt of having enough money to do things when we want and how we want. But most dreams never become a reality.

Power Publishers completes a decade of b

Kolkata, Dec 30 (IBNS): Power Publishers completes 10 years on December 31, 2017. Pinaki Ghosh, the co-founder of Power Publishers, tells Olivia Chatterjee Biswas about the journey so far and what the future holds.

Book Review: Between You and Me

Power Publishers' latest release -- 'Between You & Me' -- is a collection of amorous poems narrating and reflecting the various dimensions and colours of love.

Book Review: The Family

India, as a country, is known for various concepts and traditions that revolve around the idea of an ideal family and one such thing is the concept of a joint family. To portray a family in a fiction is always interesting. It brings more nuances for the author to write on, as well as for the readers to enjoy.

Author Nilanjana Roychowdhury on her deb

A chat with author Nilanjana Roychowdhury about her book 10/3 Rash Behari Avenue, released by Power Publishers

Operation Drug Mafia: A somnolent spy th

Venkatesh Raghavan’s Operation Drug Mafia though a fast paced crime novel, has less of action and more of strategizing, mind games, brainwashing techniques and information gathering means as the meat of the content.

Book Review: Dusra Janam

Kunwar Vivek Chauhan's debut novel Dusra Janam, from Power Publishers, is an interesting story revolving around the theme of rebirth and resurrection.

Book review: Active Mismanagement of Mal

Bhagaban Chandra Patra’s book, 'Active Mismanagement of Maladies', published by Power Publishers, is all about the harsh treatments faced by common people day in and out.

The Life Essentials: A self-help guide t

Power Publishers' newest title 'The Life Essentials' is an honest effort by first-time author Sathyan Segaran that might get you in life reboot mode, if you are on with it.

Debut author Piyaah Nandi talks about he

Power Publishers has recently released Grandma's Bucket Full of Magic by author Piyaah Nandi. A Clinical Psychologist by profession, she brings to life some of the forgotten tales of Bengal in her book.

Round the World on Twenty Five Rupees

Ambitions are what shape us and differentiate us from the crowd. For some, it may be all about clearing the toughest exam in the world while for a few it might be taking a cycle trip around the world with means that would not even suffice for a day!

The Last Esteem Desire: An unconventiona

An unconventional love story, that asks, ‘’What happens when we die ?’’ The answer is simple -- we must repay our debts to help seven souls cross over. Only then we can rest.

What happened to 10/3 Rash Behari Avenue

When remembering houses that impressed us deeply as children, that may have made us wonder whether we weren’t born in the wrong century, we can’t help and wonder, is it still there?

Amrita Kolay takes a perceptive glance a

In India arranged marriage has ruled in spite of today’s youth enthusiastically celebrating the Valentine’s Day.

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