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Book review: 'The Life Essentials'

Power Publishers' newest title -- 'The Life Essentials' -- is an honest effort by first-time author Sathyan Segaran that might get you in life reboot mode.

On the trail of a missing Van Gogh

On the Road to Tarascon (Niyogi Books) is a fiction weaved around the disappearance of a Vincent Van Gogh painting, arguably the most important painting to have been lost in the Second World War. In a chat with IBNS editor Sujoy Dhar, young globe-trotting writer Arnab Nandy, who works with a leading English daily in Kolkata, reveals how he came up with the idea of a historical fiction based on the painting and some very interesting things he found out while researching his debut novel.

Teen author Baani Pasrija on her first b

Being an author is not the only career option she is looking at, says Pasrija in her interview

Book Review: Life of a Bengali refugee i

Power Publishers released its new title 'Norway te Ek Bangali Shoronarthir Jiboner Obhighhota', a non-fiction novel by author Kumar Ghosh that talks about the life of a Bengali refugee in Norway. 

Marc Bieri on his book Trouble - The Las

Wendel and his troubles are drawn from his own childhood and his days as a teacher, says Marc Bieri

India’s largest spelling competition i

Kolkata, Jan 25 (IBNS): Notebook brand Classmate from ITC, in collaboration with Radio Mirchi, is organising Season 10 of its spelling competition for school students, Classmate Spell Bee, where the National Champion will win a grand prize of rupees two lakhs apart from an all-expenses paid trip to the US to watch the popular Scripps National Spelling Bee 2018.

Nature is her inspiration says Krishna P

Krishna Panda talks about her inspiration, her creative pursuits and about her recently published book.

Book Review: 'Chimera' by Baani Pasrija

Supernatural occurrences and psychological visions have been inspiring literature since a very long time. Have you seen something that wasn't really there? Heard someone call your name in an empty house? Sensed something that is following you and turned around to find nothing?

Book Review: 'Pratidhwani' by Ram Ratan

Pratidhwani is a collection of poems -- written by Ram Ratan Yadav -- that takes readers on a beautiful life's journey.

Book review: Trouble - The Last Chance

‘Trouble: The last chance’ is a fictional novel written by Marc Bieri where the reader is introduced to a character named Wendel, a school boy yet to enter into teenage.

Book Review: Hither & Thither

‘Hither & Thither’ is a collection of poems penned by Dibyangee Saha, where we get to see things from a unique point of view.

I have been writing more by intuition sa

Mangaden V Suresh talks about what inspired him to write Mystic Kerala, published by Power Publishers

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