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Author interview: Shaheed Hasan talks ab

Love is like oxygen that we cannot see but cannot live without too, says author Shaheed Hasan.

The Journey of Me and My Son: A mother's

Debut author Revathi Kumar talks about how she drew from her own experiences and that of her son for the book.


Book Review: Leaves of Green Chillies, a

Modern poetry is often difficult to explain or understand as it is open to many interpretations. Its meaning keeps changing with time and contexts.

Book Review: He Owned My Crush, a story

'He Owned My Crush' by Mayur Sahare seems like a love triangle but not quite. The book is about the journey of three friends: Dhruv, Niharika, and Siddharth (Sid), who go through a lot of struggle for the sake of friendship and love in this bitter, selfish world.

Book Review: Some Suitable Words, a book

Some Suitable Words by Pijush Biswas is a collection of beautiful poems, where the author bares his kindly heart, describing the divinity of nature and the social happenings around him.

Starmark and Readomania launches eminent

Kolkata, Mar 10 (IBNS): Starmark, in association with Readomania, hosted the launch of eminent actor, director and writer Jayant Kripalani’s third book and first book of poems—Some Mad Poems, Some Sad Poems, Some Bad Poems and A short Story in Verse— at its South City Mall store.

Book Review: 'The Journey about Me and M

'The Journey about Me and My Son' by Reevathi Kumar is a memoir penned by a mother, who recounts her life's journey with her son. She speaks about the beautiful bond she shares with her son and how they both have always been a wonderful company to each other.

Book review: Kalo Chakti Sada Kolom, a v

“Kalo Chakti Sada Kolom” is the autobiography of musician and artist, Subroto Bhattacharya, written in the format of an interview, where the author himself is asking the questions and answering them too.

Filmmaker Gautam Ghosh and other celebri

Kolkata, Mar 10 (IBNS): Twin books, ‘Kalo Chakti, Sada Kolom’, and ‘Atashkaanch’, by author and musician Subrata Bhattacharya, published by Power Publishers, were released, in the presence of a large number of celebrities, such as filmmakers Gautam Ghosh, Kaushik Ganguli, Nandita Roy, Nitish Roy, actor Deboshree Roy, and singers Nachiketa, Swapan Basu and Antara Chowdhury.

Book Review: Atosh Kach, an anthology of

“Atosh Kach” is a recently published anthology of fifteen Bengali short stories written by Subrata Bhattacharya.

Book Review: Love Made in Heaven, a roma

“Love Made In Heaven” by Shahid Hasan Piyush is a Bengali romantic fiction that will remind reader that love is the most powerful force in the world.

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