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Paying condolence to Lt. Ummer Fayaz's f

Author Bhaavna Arora spent six months in dire situation of Kashmir for her research work to write Undaunted: Lt. Ummer Fayaz of Kashmir, a book on the life of Lt. Ummer Fayaz who was abducted and killed by militants in 2017. Being the guest at An Author's Afternoon presented by Shree Cement Ltd and organised by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with Taj Bengal Kolkata this month, Arora spoke about her roller coaster ride in writing the book.  IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh bring excerpts

Book review: This anthology of Hindi poe

Perhaps poems can express our various emotions and facets of life in the best possible way. If we read some enriching and meaningful poems, they can make us happy and can also awaken our senses.

Book review: This Bengali novel is a mir

Tamosik (in Bengali) by Satyajit Mazumdar is a multi-layered story, which includes in itself stories about various characters and their varied lives.

Book review: A book to help you master H

Hindi, our national language holds a lot of importance and we, Indians are proud of it as well. However, this language is not known by many and even if some can speak in broken Hindi, they cannot read or write well since they are not aware of the Hindi grammar and its rules.

Author interview: Sheela Agarwal talks a

Congratulations on the release of 'Saral Hindi Byakaran'. What is the feedback from your friends and readers who have already read your book?

Book review: The crucial '52 Steps' in

We all have a story to tell which are unique in their own way. However, one thing is common for everyone, that is the hurdles and challenges that life throws at us at various phases and these challenges are not same for everyone.

Book review: 'I'm Fine' tries to unscram

Someone has rightly pointed out that, “Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on the planet. They are treated like children and expected to act like adults.”

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