Title Description Posted Date
Escalating Savagery Research Assistant, Institute for Conflict Management As long as we rely upon the hammer when a file is needed and press Islam into service to solve situations it was never intended to solve, frustration and disappointment must dog our steps.. The Munir Report, 1954 18-May-2015
Nagaland: Rudderless Process, Aimless Vi Research Assistant, Institute for Conflict Management As the violent incidents of last few months suggest, NSCN-K's decision to unilaterally call off the ceasefire, the split within its ranks, and the Union Government's failure to make any progress with regard to talks with NSCN-IM, could lead to greater violence in Nagaland and neighboring northeastern states. SFs, who had enjoyed clear respite from terror, will, in particular, face the brunt of escalating violence, if these developments continue. Intelligence inputs predict a spike in hit-and-run attacks on SFs over the coming days, particularly by NSCN-K militants operating from across the Indo-Myanmar border. SAIR Volume 13, No. 41, April 13, 2015 04-May-2015
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