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Unexpected Calm Despite shrill assessments across the board and an enveloping sense of apprehension promoted by polarizing politics, the past year has been astonishingly peaceful in India in terms of terrorist and insurgent violence. Total terrorism/insurgency related fatalities across India at 772, are at a dramatic low - certainly the lowest since 1994, when the South Asia Terrorism Portal began maintaining data for this category. Indeed, since 2012, total fatalities across the country have remained below the 'high intensity conflict' threshold of a thousand fatalities per year. It is useful to recall that fatalities remained above 2,000 for 18 of these 22 years; out of which they were above 3,000 for 11 years; above 4,000 for five years; and over 5,000 in 2001. 26-Apr-2016
She stood her ground. Many cannot “I won’t marry before I complete my studies. So will my little brother. We will work with dignity and ensure that we reach a stage where we can support our family,” says Sarika Kumari, who stood defiant against her parents’ will to get her married off, and instead went on to continue her studies. But the number of child brides across the districts in Bihar still is a grave reality." 18-Apr-2016
LWE: Reverses & Resistance On April 5, 2016, three villagers were killed by Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) cadres in two separate incidents in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. As per preliminary information, three villagers from the Kudur area in Kondagaon District were abducted by the Maoists on April 4, and two others were abducted on April 5, from the same area. Subsequently, the Maoists held a Jan Adalat (kangaroo court) around 15 kilometers from Kudur in the Tilam-Becha area, which falls in Narayanpur District. There two of the abducted civilians were "brutally beaten to death", while the rest three were released by the ultras. In a separate incident, a villager was killed by the Maoists in Kanker District allegedly for refusing to support them. The victim was "brutally beaten with sticks to death by rebels at his native place Kadgaon" subsequent to his abduction. 11-Apr-2016
Northeast: Widening Tranquility Peace prevailed over much of India's Northeast through 2015, with 62 civilian fatalities in the year, as against 245 such fatalities recorded in 2014. Fatalities had been rising since 2011, with 79 civilians killed in the year, as against 77 in 2010; rising to 90 in 2012 and further to 95 in 2013. 04-Apr-2016
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