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New UN initiative to boost access to sci New York, Feb 19 (IBNS) The world's poorest nations are one step closer to gaining access to critical science, technology and innovation (STI) that is vital to their sustainable development, poverty eradication, and changing the lives of millions of people who live in some of the poorest segments of the global community, the United Nations has announced. 19-Feb-2015
PM visits Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, Feb 18 (IBNS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday dedicated to the nation the Centre for Nano Science Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru. 18-Feb-2015
PM visits Institute for Stem Cell Resear Bengaluru, Feb 18 (IBNS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday visited the Institute for Stem Cell Research at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bengaluru. 18-Feb-2015
Harsh Vardhan inaugurates a Vigyan Sadan Hengbung, Feb 17 (IBNS) Union Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences & Vice President of CSIR, Harsh Vardhan has said that the central government is committed to ensure the development of the North eastern states and to make Manipur one of the most prosperous and scientifically developed states. 17-Feb-2015
NOAA's new deep space solar monitoring s Washington, Feb 12 (IBNS) A new mission to monitor solar activity is now making its way to an orbit one million miles from Earth. 12-Feb-2015
Critical NASA science returns to Earth a California, Feb 11 (IBNS): SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean about 7:44 p.m. EST Tuesday 259 miles southwest of Long Beach, California, with nearly 3,700 pounds of NASA cargo, science and first-of-its-kind technology demonstration samples from the International Space Station. 11-Feb-2015
India should become a member of CERN: Sc Kolkata, Feb 8 (IBNS): Indian science and technology has moved forward and touched the international benchmark, said a noted globally known home physicist at conference here organized by the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics and attended by some of the famous names in world science, including from Geneva-based CERN that proposed India to be its associate member at the earliest. 08-Feb-2015
Jupiter comes closest to Earth tonight New Delhi/Kolkata, Feb 6 (IBNS): Planet Jupiter will come closest to Earth on Friday night coming to within 404 million miles (650 million kilometers) of planet. 06-Feb-2015
NASA spacecraft returns new images of Pl California, Feb 5 (IBNS) NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft returned its first new images of Pluto on Wednesday, as the probe closes in on the dwarf planet. Although still just a dot along with its largest moon, Charon, the images come on the 109th birthday of Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered the distant icy world in 1930. 05-Feb-2015
Rs 1500 cr relief fund in place for nucl Kolkata, Feb 4 (IBNS): The Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC) Kolkata said that 3 to 4% of total electricity power in India now come from nuclear power plants and a relief fund is in place for compensation in case of any nuclear disaster. 04-Feb-2015
Jupiter coming closet to Earth on Friday Kolkata, Feb 2 (IBNS) The Jupiter will come close to the Earth on Feb 6. 03-Feb-2015
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