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6 more satellites planned to be launched New Delhi, Apr 30 (IBNS): Six more satellites are planned to be launched during 2015-16. These are two Communication satellites GSAT-6 & GSAT-15; three Navigation satellites IRNSS-1E, IRNSS-1F & IRNSS-1G; and one Space science satellite ASTROSAT. 30-Apr-2015
Russian spacecraft plunging to Earth? Moscow, Apr 29 (IBNS) The controlled deorbiting of a Russian cargo spacecraft is not possible, media reports said on Wednesday. 29-Apr-2015
Bizarre 'platypus' dinosaur discovered Birmingham, Apr 27 (IBNS) Although closely related to the notorious carnivore Tyrannosaurus rex, a new lineage of dinosaur discovered in Chile is proving to be an evolutionary jigsaw puzzle, as it preferred to graze upon plants. 27-Apr-2015
ICARUS neutrino experiment to move to Fe Geneva, Apr 22 (IBNS): A group of scientists led by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia will transport the world's largest liquid-argon neutrino detector across the Atlantic Ocean from CERN to its new home at the U.S. Department of Energy1’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 2. 22-Apr-2015
NASA Spacecraft achieves unprecedented s Washington, Apr 17 (IBNS) After extraordinary science findings and technological innovations, a NASA spacecraft launched in 2004 to study Mercury will impact the planet’s surface, most likely on April 30, after it runs out of propellant. 17-Apr-2015
Physics community to discuss latest resu Geneva, Apr 15 (IBNS) The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) collaboration will present on Wednesday the latest results in its quest to understand the origin of cosmic rays and dark matter. 15-Apr-2015
Driverless car by Gujarat scientists Ahmedabad, Apr 11 (IBNS) Inspired by Google's driverless car project, two scientists from Gujarat have made a driverless car of their own design. 11-Apr-2015
M Annadurai takes over as Director of IS Chennai, Apr 6 (IBNS) M Annadurai, Outstanding Scientist and Programme Director, Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS) and Small Satellite Systems (SSS) of ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC), Bangalore, has assumed the office of Director, ISAC on Apr 1, officials said. 06-Apr-2015
Proton beams are back in the LHC Geneva, Apr 5 (IBNS) After two years of intense maintenance and consolidation, and several months of preparation for restart, the Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful particle accelerator in the world, is back in operation. 05-Apr-2015
Uncovering the secrets of the Himalayas Mumbai, Apr 2 (IBNS) Despite being thousands of kilometres apart, a team of international scientists are collecting samples from the bottom of the Arabian Sea to find out how the growth of the Himalayan mountain range has affected the Asian Monsoon over the last 50 million years. 02-Apr-2015
NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission passes critica California, Apr 1 (IBNS) NASA said its 'groundbreaking science mission' to retrieve a sample from an ancient space rock has moved closer to fruition. 01-Apr-2015
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