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NASA confirms evidence that liquid water California, Sept 29 (IBNS) New findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. 29-Sep-2015
PSLV successfully launches India's Multi Bangalore, Sept 28 (IBNS) In its thirty first flight (PSLV-C30) India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle on Monday successfully launched ASTROSAT, the country's Multi Wavelength Space Observatory along with six foreign customer satellites into a 644.6 X 651.5 km orbit inclined at an angle of 6 deg to the equator. 28-Sep-2015
World waits to see supermoon eclipse ton New Delhi, Sept 27 (IBNS): Several nations are all set to witness another rare view on the sky- supermoon eclipse - on Sunday night and Monday. 27-Sep-2015
NASA technology aims to save commercial Washington, Sept 23 (IBNS) Two passenger airlines soon will test NASA-developed software designed to help air carriers save time and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. 23-Sep-2015
Dow AgroSciences wins Agrow Awards for B Kolkata, Sept 21 (IBNS): Dow AgroSciences, a company focused on the development of new technologies and sustainable solutions for modern agriculture, has won the 2015 edition of the prestigious Agrow Awards under the category of Best Industry collaboration with GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO)-Asia's leading Discovery Research and Development organization based out of Hyderabad, India. 21-Sep-2015
West Bengal Heart Foundation , Ramakrish Kolkata, Sept 19 (IBNS) West Bengal Heart Foundation and Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission took an initiative by organizing a life saving workshop for students to help people encountering heart attacks. 19-Sep-2015
Professor Sijbrand de Jong elected as ne Geneva, Sept 18 (IBNS) . CERN Council on Friday announced the election of Professor Sijbrand de Jong as its 22nd President for a period of one year renewable twice, with a mandate starting on Jan 1, 2016. 18-Sep-2015
Cassini finds global Ocean in Saturn's M California, Sept 16 (IBNS) A global ocean lies beneath the icy crust of Saturn's geologically active moon Enceladus, according to new research using data from NASA's Cassini mission. 16-Sep-2015
GSAT-6 put in its orbital slot: ISRO Bangalore, Sept 6 (IBNS): The Indian Space Research Organisation on Sunday said military communication satellite GSAT-6 has been positioned in its orbital slot. 06-Sep-2015
Soyuz heads to Space Station with new cr California, Sept 2 (IBNS) Three crew members representing Russia, Denmark and Kazakhstan have launched to the International Space Station to provide a new ride home for the station’s one-year crew and continue important research that advances NASA's journey to Mars. 02-Sep-2015
ATLAS and CMS experiments shed light on Geneva/Saint Petersburg, Sept 1 (IBNS): Three years after the announcement of the discovery of a new particle, the so-called Higgs boson, the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations presented for the first time combined measurements of many of its properties, at the third annual Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference (LHCP 2015). 01-Sep-2015
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