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India observes National Science Day on F New Delhi, Feb 28 (IBNS): On Feb 28 every year, India celebrates National Science Day through science festivals in educational and science research institutions to spread awareness about science in daily life and the country's various achievements. 28-Feb-2017
SpaceX to send space tourists around Moo New York, Feb 28 (IBNS): In a major development, Space Exploration Technologies has announced its plan of sending two paying customers on a tourist trip around the moon in 2018. 28-Feb-2017
Maths and maps make you nervous? It coul London, Feb 26 (IBNS): Our genes play a significant role in how anxious we feel when faced with spatial and mathematical tasks, such as reading a map or solving a geometry problem, according to a new study by researchers from King’s College London. 26-Feb-2017
IAEA mission finds Cyprus radiation safe Nicosia, Cyprus, Feb 23 (Just Earth News): An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said that Cyprus has a competent and dedicated radiation safety regulatory body that works for the continuous improvement of safety, but noted that a legal framework review and other steps would further enhance safety. 23-Feb-2017
NASA telescope reveals largest batch of Washington, Feb 23 (IBNS): NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone, the area around the parent star where a rocky planet is most likely to have liquid water. 23-Feb-2017
Google hails NASA's exoplanets discovery Mountain View, Feb 23 (IBNS): Tech giant Google on Thursday dedicated a doodle to celebrate NASA's latest discovery, where the agency found out about seven Earth-like exoplanets. 23-Feb-2017
NASA: Snow science in support of our nat Washington, Feb 17 (IBNS): Researchers have completed the first flights of a NASA-led field campaign that is targeting one of the biggest gaps in scientists' understanding of Earth's water resources: snow. 17-Feb-2017
SAIL supplies steel for ISRO's 104 satel New Delhi, Feb 15 (IBNS): Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) has supplied steel to ISRO for the launch of a record 104 satellites in a single rocket on Wednesday. 15-Feb-2017
ISRO launches 104 satellites Sriharikota, Feb 15 (IBNS); In a major move, ISRO on Wednesday launched a record 104 satellites on a single rocket from the spaceport here. 15-Feb-2017
Lasers could give space research its 'Br Washington, Feb 15 (IBNS): Thought your Internet speeds were slow? Try being a space scientist for a day. 15-Feb-2017
Scientists shortlist three landing sites Washington, Feb 13 (IBNS): Participants in a landing site workshop for NASA’s upcoming Mars 2020 mission have recommended three locations on the Red Planet for further evaluation. 13-Feb-2017
Comet’s trip past Earth offers first i Washington, Feb 11 (IBNS): Comet hunters still have a chance to see comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková in the next few days using binoculars or a telescope. It’s the first of a trio of comets that will -- between now and the end of 2018 -- pass close enough to Earth for backyard observers to try to spot and for scientists to study using ground-based instruments. 11-Feb-2017
Next generation batteries could provide Washington,Feb 11 (IBNS): Sometimes good things come in very small packages. Just ask Dr. Luke Roberson, senior principal investigator for Flight Research within the Exploration Research and Technology Directorate at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 11-Feb-2017
Asteroid resembles dungeons and dragons Washington, Feb 11 (IBNS): Radar images of asteroid 2017 BQ6 were obtained on Feb. 6 and 7 with NASA’s 70-meter (230-foot) antenna at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California. 11-Feb-2017
NASA's OSIRIS-REx begins Earth-Trojan As Washington, Feb 10 (IBNS): A NASA spacecraft begins its search Thursday for an enigmatic class of near-Earth objects known as Earth-Trojan asteroids. OSIRIS-REx, currently on a two-year outbound journey to the asteroid Bennu, will spend almost two weeks searching for evidence of these small bodies. 10-Feb-2017
NASA, UCI reveal new details of Greenlan Washington, Feb 10 (IBNS): Less than a year after the first research flight kicked off NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland campaign last March, data from the new program are providing a dramatic increase in knowledge of how Greenland's ice sheet is melting from below. 10-Feb-2017
Cancer genes still alive in body after d Toronto, Feb. 9 (IBNS): Researchers from the University of Washington were of the opinion that certain genes in the body, including cancer genes, remained alive even after someone is clinically declared dead, media reports said. 10-Feb-2017
NASA's Curiosity Rover sharpens paradox Washington, Feb 7 (IBNS): Mars scientists are wrestling with a problem. Ample evidence says ancient Mars was sometimes wet, with water flowing and pooling on the planet’s surface. 07-Feb-2017
Scientists around the world, Canada offe Toronto, Feb 6 (IBNS): Scientists and academics from around the world, including Canada, have agreed to offer laboratory and office space to researchers stranded by the U.S. travel ban, media reports said. 06-Feb-2017
Tata Power committed to transform 56 vil Mumbai/ Kolkata, Feb 6 (IBNS): Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, has always undertaken several initiatives to improve the standard of living of its communities through various interventions in the field of education, income generation, agriculture, and many more. In line with this endeavor, Tata Power has committed to transform 56 villages in India as part of its Model Village Programme. 06-Feb-2017
NASA makes an epic update to website for Washington, Jan 3 (IBNS): NASA has upgraded its website that provides daily views of the Earth from one million miles away. NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) camera imagery website was recently updated allowing the public to choose natural or enhanced color images of the Earth and even zoom into an area on the globe. 03-Feb-2017
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