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NASA’s SDO sees partial eclipse in spa Washington, May 27 (IBNS): On May 25, 2017, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, saw a partial solar eclipse in space when it caught the moon passing in front of the sun. 27-May-2017
New stretcher to prevent baby deaths in London, May 26 (IBNS): Academics and industry partners in Birmingham, UK are developing a new device that will ensure newborn babies could survive in the event of a crash in an ambulance at up to 40 miles per hour. 26-May-2017
A whole new Jupiter: First science resul Washington, May 26 (IBNS): Early science results from NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter portray the largest planet in our solar system as a complex, gigantic, turbulent world, with Earth-sized polar cyclones, plunging storm systems that travel deep into the heart of the gas giant, and a mammoth, lumpy magnetic field that may indicate it was generated closer to the planet’s surface than previously thought. 26-May-2017
New horizons deploys global team for rar Washington, May 26 (IBNS): On New Year’s Day 2019, more than 4 billion miles from home, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will race past a small Kuiper Belt object known as 2014 MU69 – making this rocky remnant of planetary formation the farthest object ever encountered by any spacecraft. 26-May-2017
Now deaf-blind can “watch” televisio New York, May 21 (IBNS): The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Telefónica and FASOCIDE (the Spanish acronym for the Federation of Deaf-Blind Persons Associations) presented the PervasiveSUB technology, ground-breaking software which allows deaf-blind persons to receive and enjoy television content without intermediaries at the same time as the people around them. 21-May-2017
Scientists look to skies to improve Tsun Washington, May 19 (IBNS): A team of scientists from Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has developed a new approach to assist in the ongoing development of timely tsunami detection systems, based upon measurements of how tsunamis disturb a part of Earth’s atmosphere. 19-May-2017
NASA's CPEX tackles a weather fundamenta Washington, May 19 (IBNS): A NASA-funded field campaign getting underway in Florida on May 25 has a real shot at improving meteorologists' ability to answer some of the most fundamental questions about weather: Where will it rain? When? How much? 19-May-2017
NASA's IceBridge wraps up 2017 Arctic ca Washington, May 18 (IBNS): A fjord in southern Greenland, as seen during Operation IceBridge's last flight of the 2017 Arctic campaign, on May 12, 2017. 18-May-2017
NASA asks scientific community to think Washington, May 18 (IBNS): NASA is asking scientists to consider what would be the best instruments to include on a mission to land on Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. 18-May-2017
NASA annual Arctic Ice survey expanded r Washington, May 18 (IBNS): NASA’s annual survey of changes in Arctic ice cover greatly expanded its reach this year in a series of flights that wrapped up on May 12. It was the most ambitious spring campaign in the region for NASA’s Operation IceBridge, an airborne mission to monitor ice changes at Earth’s poles, which also included a rapid-response flight over a new crack in Petermann Glacier, one of the largest and fastest-changing glaciers in Greenland. 18-May-2017
Mars Rover opportunity begins study of V Washington, May 16 (IBNS): NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has reached the main destination of its current two-year extended mission -- an ancient fluid-carved valley incised on the inner slope of a vast crater's rim. 16-May-2017
Naveen Patnaik flags off top 20 YATS win Bhubaneswar/Kolkata, May 15 (IBNS): The top 20 budding astronomers from across Odisha are all set for a visit to the Space Application Centre( SAC) of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Ahmedabad. 15-May-2017
NASA affirms plan for first mission of S Washington, May 15 (IBNS): In February, NASA began an effort looking at the feasibility of putting crew aboard the first integrated flight of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft -- Exploration Mission-1, or EM-1. After weighing the data and assessing all implications, the agency will continue pursuing the original plan for the first launch, as a rigorous flight test of the integrated systems without crew. 15-May-2017
Hubble catches a Galaxy duo by the "Hare Washington, May 13 (IBNS): An image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the unusual galaxy IRAS 06076-2139, found in the constellation Lepus (The Hare). 13-May-2017
Massive cyber-attack hits at least 99 co Mumbai, May 13 (IBNS): A massive ransomware has hit at least 99 countries, retarding operations by locking down computers, reports said. 13-May-2017
Astronomers pursue renegade supermassive Washington, May 12 (IBNS): Supermassive black holes are generally stationary objects, sitting at the centers of most galaxies. 12-May-2017
NASA study finds unexpectedly primitive Washington, May 12 (IBNS): A study combining observations from NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes reveals that the distant planet HAT-P-26b has a primitive atmosphere composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. 12-May-2017
CERN celebrates completion of Linac 4, Geneva, May 9 (IBNS): At a ceremony on Tuesday, CERN inaugurated its linear accelerator, Linac 4, the newest accelerator acquisition since the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Linac 4 is due to feed the CERN accelerator complex with particle beams of higher energy, which will allow the LHC to reach higher luminosity by 2021. 09-May-2017
Antarctic study sheds light on central i London, May 7 (IBNS): Central parts of Antarctica’s ice sheet have been stable for millions of years, from a time when conditions were considerably warmer than now, research suggests. 07-May-2017
GSLV successfully launches South Asia Sa Sriharikota, May 5 (IBNS): India's Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F09) successfully launched the 2230 kg South |Asia Satellite (GSAT-9) into its planned Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) on Friday. 05-May-2017
South Asia Satellite launched successful Sriharikota, May 5 (IBNS): Creating history and carrying a 450-crore communications satellite, the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle or GSLV lifted off from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Friday and was launched successfully. 05-May-2017
Illustration of an Earth-sized 'Tatooine Washington, May 5 (IBNS): With two suns in its sky, Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine in "Star Wars" looks like a parched, sandy desert world. 05-May-2017
AIRS: 15 Years of Seeing What's in the A Washington, May 5 (IBNS): Accurate weather forecasts save lives. NASA's Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument, launched on this date 15 years ago on NASA’s Aqua satellite, significantly increased weather forecasting accuracy within a couple of years by providing extraordinary three-dimensional maps of clouds, air temperature and water vapor throughout the atmosphere's weather-making layer. Fifteen years later, AIRS continues to be a valuable asset for forecasters worldwide, sending 7 billion observations streaming into forecasting centers every day. 05-May-2017
US announces €1 ml pledge for modernis Vienna, May 3 (IBNS): The United States has recently pledged to donate €1 million to support the modernisation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Nuclear Applications Laboratories in Seibersdorf, outside Vienna, an official release stated. 03-May-2017
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