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Two decades of changes in Helheim Glacie Washington, July 30 (IBNS): Helheim Glacier is the fastest flowing glacier along the eastern edge of Greenland Ice Sheet and one of the island’s largest ocean-terminating rivers of ice. 30-Jul-2017
Asteroid flyby will benefit NASA detecti Washington, July 30 (IBNS): NASA scientists are excited about the upcoming close flyby of a small asteroid and plan to use its upcoming October close approach to Earth as an opportunity not only for science, but to test NASA’s network of observatories and scientists who work with planetary defense. 30-Jul-2017
NASA finds Moon of Saturn has chemical t Washington, July 29 (IBNS): NASA scientists have definitively detected the chemical acrylonitrile in the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan, a place that has long intrigued scientists investigating the chemical precursors of life. 29-Jul-2017
Scientists name new species of Dinosaur Toronto, July 17 (IBNS): Scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum have identified and named a new species of dinosaur in honour of renowned Canadian palaeontologist Dr. Philip J. Currie. Albertavenator curriei, meaning "Currie's Alberta hunter". 17-Jul-2017
Mamata Banerjee wishes Indian astronomer Kolkata, July 17 (IBNS): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday wished Indian astronomers who identified a previously unknown large supercluster of galaxies called now as "Saraswati". 17-Jul-2017
New limits to functional portion of huma New York, July 16 (IBNS): An evolutionary biologist at the University of Houston has published new calculations that indicate no more than 25 percent of the human genome is functional. 16-Jul-2017
Stanford scientists discover how dense, London, July 14 (IBNS): Stanford researchers have for the first time captured the freezing of water, molecule-by-molecule, into a strange, dense form called ice VII , found naturally in otherworldly environments, such as when icy planetary bodies collide. 14-Jul-2017
Mosquitoes should not be eliminated: Res West Lafayette, Ind., July 13 (IBNS): A Purdue researcher and a team of scientists working on a new insecticide argue that mosquitoes should not simply be made extinct due to their role in various ecosystems. 13-Jul-2017
The one trillion tonne iceberg: Larsen C Washington, July 12 (IBNS): A one trillion tonne iceberg – one of the biggest ever recorded - has calved away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica, after a rift in the ice, monitored by the Swansea University-led MIDAS project, finally completed its path through the ice. 12-Jul-2017
First battery-free cellphone makes calls Washington, July 12 (IBNS): University of Washington researchers have invented a cellphone that requires no batteries — a major leap forward in moving beyond chargers, cords and dying phones. Instead, the phone harvests the few microwatts of power it requires from either ambient radio signals or light. 12-Jul-2017
Lip-syncing Obama: New tools turn audio Washington, July 12 (IBNS): University of Washington researchers have developed new algorithms that solve a thorny challenge in the field of computer vision: turning audio clips into a realistic, lip-synced videoof the person speaking those words. 12-Jul-2017
Hidden stars may make planets appear sma Washington, July 12 (IBNS): In the search for planets similar to our own, an important point of comparison is the planet's density. 12-Jul-2017
LHC experiments delve deeper into precis Geneva and Venice, July 11 (IBNS): The world’s particle physics community is meeting this week in Venice (Italy) for the EPS International Conference on High Energy Physics. Dozens of new results from the full existing datasets of the Large Hadron Collider experiments are being presented for the first time. 11-Jul-2017
Scientists make “squarest” ice cryst Columbus, July 10 (IBNS): You won’t find ice cubes like this in your freezer. 10-Jul-2017
Surface of Mars poses danger to life, te London, July 8 (IBNS) The environment on Mars may be more harmful to Earth-based life forms than previously thought, experiments by Edinburgh scientists have shown. 08-Jul-2017
Particle discovery helps solve physics p London, July 8 (IBNS): Edinburgh scientists have helped identify a new type of particle in experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. 08-Jul-2017
Fastest stars in the Milky Way are ‘ru London, July 8 (IBNS): A group of astronomers have shown that the fastest-moving stars in our galaxy – which are travelling so fast that they can escape the Milky Way – are in fact runaways from a much smaller galaxy in orbit around our own. 08-Jul-2017
Astronomers discover a new branch in the Toronto, July 8 (IBNS): A new study involving scientists from UdeM's iREx reveals super-Earths and larger mini-Neptunes in our galaxy. 08-Jul-2017
CWRU researchers find a chemical solutio New York, July 8 (IBNS): Chemists at Case Western Reserve University have found a way to possibly store digital data in half the space current systems require. 08-Jul-2017
LHCb experiment announces observation of Geneva, July 6 (IBNS): At the EPS Conference on High Energy Physics in Venice, the LHCb experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has reported the observation of Ξcc++ (Xicc++) a new particle containing two charm quarks and one up quark. 06-Jul-2017
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