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Smartphone apps reduce depression, says Melbourne, Sept 23 (IBNS): New Australian-led research has confirmed that smartphone apps are an effective treatment option for depression, paving the way for safe and accessible interventions for the millions of people around the world diagnosed with this condition. 23-Sep-2017
Birmingham builds world’s first clean London, Sept 18 (IBNS): The world’s first international congress dedicated to clean cold will see academic experts join leaders from industry and government to map a global response to ever-increasing global demands for cooling – it was announced on Monday. 18-Sep-2017
NASA's Cassini spacecraft ends its histo Washington, Sept 15 (IBNS): A thrilling epoch in the exploration of our solar system came to a close today, as NASA's Cassini spacecraft made a fateful plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn, ending its 13-year tour of the ringed planet. 15-Sep-2017
Indian biotech leaders visit Birmingham Birmingham, Sept 8 (IBNS): A delegation of Indian biotech company leaders visited the University of Birmingham to see the life sciences cluster. 08-Sep-2017
New device discovered which accurately New York, Sept 7 (IBNS): A team of scientists and engineers at The University of Texas at Austin has invented a powerful tool that rapidly and accurately identifies cancerous tissue during surgery, delivering results in about 10 seconds—more than 150 times as fast as existing technology. 07-Sep-2017
Physical activity can lead to difference London, Sept 6 (IBNS): Recent studies have shown that approximately 90 percent of adult Americans fail to reach the U.S. Department of Health guidelines for physical activity, which could be contributing to surging obesity rates. 06-Sep-2017
Both chimpanzees and humans spontaneousl London, Sept 6 (IBNS): Copying the behaviour of others makes us effective learners and allow skills, knowledge and inventions to be passed on from one generation to the next. 06-Sep-2017
Gene related to brain damage in pre-term London, Sept 6 (IBNS) A gene has been identified by a joint study by researchers at King’s College London, Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS), Inserim and Paris Diderot University that is thought to be associated with the types of brain damage that can be caused by pre-term birth. 06-Sep-2017
Antarctic marine life may grow faster in London, Sept 5 (IBNS): A team of scientists has discovered that a 1°C rise in local sea temperature has massive impacts on an Antarctic marine community. 05-Sep-2017
Ericsson expands its 5G portfolio London, Sept 5 (IBNS): Ericsson on Tuesday said it has introduced a new radio product, AIR 3246, for Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (Massive MIMO), which is a complement to Ericsson’s global 5G radio offering. 05-Sep-2017
NASA gets a night-time and under-the-hoo Washington, Sept 2 (IBNS): NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP Satellite provided a night-time and infrared look at the Atlantic’s latest hurricane that revealed the power under the clouds. NASA’s GPM also provided a look at the rainfall being generated by Hurricane Irma. 02-Sep-2017
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