Title Description Posted Date
ISIL should be degraded and destroyed: O New York, Sept 24 (IBNS) US President Barack Obama on Wednesday addressed the UN General Assembly where he attacked the ISIL and said the militant group should be 'degraded and ultimately destroyed'. 24-Sep-2014
Obama welcomes result of Scottish refere Washington, Sept 19 (IBNS): US President Barack Obama on Friday 'welcomed' the result of Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence. 19-Sep-2014
No US ground combat troops in Iraq: Obam Washington, Sept 17 (IBNS) US Presdient Barack Obama on Wednesday said the country will not return combat troops to Iraq. 17-Sep-2014
US to go ahead against Islamic State Washington, Sept 13 (IBNS): Ignoring international pressure, US Government on Friday declared “officially” that President Barak Obama will be leading to destroy the Islamic State (ISIS) group as part of a broader effort to root out extremism within the Muslim world. 13-Sep-2014
CIA triples estimate of ISIS fighters Washington, Sept 12 (IBNS) With US President Barack Obama vowing to 'destroy' ISIS militants, the CIA assessment has put the number of the group's fighters at 31,500 across Iraq and Syria. 12-Sep-2014
Will ultimately destroy ISIL: Obama Washington, Sept 11 (IBNS): US President Barack Obama has vowed to 'destroy' militant group Islamic State (IS). 11-Sep-2014
American Ebola patient returning to the Washington, Sept 5 (IBNS): An American doctor, who has been infected with the Ebola virus, is returning to the US for his treatment. 05-Sep-2014
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