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US-Canadian couple appear in Taliban vid Kabul, Aug 31 (IBNS): A Canadian man and his American wife, who were captured by the Taliban in 2012 in Afghanistan following their visit to the nation, purportedly appeared in a video uploaded by the fringe unit, US watchdog SITE reported. 31-Aug-2016
Donald Trump to meet Mexican President E Washington, Aug 31 (IBNS): US Republican candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday confirmed that he is all set to meet Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. 31-Aug-2016
100-year-old Indian woman runs to win go Vancouver, Aug 30 (IBNS): 100-year-old woman from India Man Kaur, challenges her age as she competes and wins gold in 100-meter dash at the America’s Masters Games in Vancouver. 30-Aug-2016
Bugfest at Canadian National Exhibition Toronto, Aug 30 (IBNS): Every year the Canadian National Exhibition awes its fans and visitors with some innovative concoctions. This year the Ex allowed crickets and beetles to enter officially as they were dished out in the food plates. 30-Aug-2016
Indian Consul General Toronto visits Dix Toronto Aug 30 (IBNS): The Consulate General of India Toronto, Dinesh Bhatia, paid a visit to the Dixie Gurudwara, the largest Sikh Temple in Canada. 30-Aug-2016
Canada's crime rate surges back after 12 Ottawa, Aug 29 (IBNS): The national crime rate in Canada has increased three percent in 2015, showing the first increase in 12 years. 29-Aug-2016
‘Upskirt’ voyeurism charges against Toronto, Aug 27 (IBNS): Police charged and arrested 28-year-old, Daniel Alder, on account of allegedly using a hidden camera inside a toy owl to peek under women’s skirts at the 2016 Canadian National Exhibition. 27-Aug-2016
Trump promises to fix African-American p Washington, Aug 27 (IBNS): Reiterating his stance about African-American voters, where US Presidential candidate Donald Trump had pronounced a week earlier that the coloured people in USA have nothing to lose, he promised to solve their problems, if elected in the Oval Office. 27-Aug-2016
BC elderly couple forced to separate, qu Toronto, Aug 27 (IBNS): A 83-year-old Wolfram Gottschalk and his 81- year- old wife Anita, who have been married for the past 62 years, have been forced to stay apart from each other for the past eight months in different healthcare facilities, owing to their health issues. 27-Aug-2016
Toronto man charged for triple murder in Toronto, Aug 26 (IBNS): Three first degree murder charges had been filed against a 35-year-old Toronto man, Brett Ryan, in connection with the deaths of three people in an incident involving crossbow in Scarborough here. 27-Aug-2016
US delivers four new light attack copter Kabul, Aug 26 (IBNS): Strengthening their combative power, the Afghan Air Force (AAF) on Thursday received four new light attack helicopters (MD-530 Cayuse Warrior) from the United States, reports said. 26-Aug-2016
West Nile Virus found in Toronto mosquit Toronto, Aug 22 (IBNS): Toronto mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile Virus for the first time this year, the media reported recently in August quoting the city's public health department. 22-Aug-2016
US: Donald Trump cries foul against Amer Washington, Aug 22 (IBNS): Republican nominee for the American Presidential election, Donald Trump on Sunday accused his country's media and the Wall Street of foul play. 22-Aug-2016
Cyclosporiasis affects over 50 people in Toronto, Aug 20 (IBNS): According to a recent report released by the Public Health Agency of Canada, over 50 people have been found affected by Cyclosporiasis, a parasitic food borne disease. 20-Aug-2016
CNE adds Pokémon Go to lure more visito Toronto, Aug 20 (IBNS): The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), which began on Friday, added Pokémon Go to its long list of attractions. 20-Aug-2016
Proposed Montreal dog bylaw aims to euth Montreal, Aug 19 (IBNS): The city of Montreal has revealed its proposed new animal control bylaw to tackle the issue of dangerous dogs, according to media reports. 19-Aug-2016
Canada PM Justin Trudeau walks with Ind Montreal, Aug 17 (IBNS) At the Montreal Pride, taking part in his third Pride parade, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the world looks to Canada for leadership in the fight for universal recognition of the human rights of gay, bisexual and transgender people. 17-Aug-2016
New York imam killing: One arrested New York, Aug 16 (IBNS): A man has been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of an imam and his assistant in New York, media reports said. 16-Aug-2016
JFK terminal evacuated amid reports of s New York, Aug 15 (IBNS): Amid reports of shots fired in the departure area, the police on Monday evacuated Terminal 8 at JFK airport in New York, media reports said. 15-Aug-2016
Ontario's University of Waterloo rushes Ontario, Aug 10 (IBNS): A top notch university in Canada, University of Waterloo, through a recent email to its faculty notified that a task group of the university assigned to analyse faculty salaries has uncovered a “systemic gender anomaly” that was “consistent across the university,” and which is being rectified, according to media reports. 10-Aug-2016
Trump is unfit to serve as president: Ob Washington, Aug 2 (IBNS): Attacking Republican nominee Donald Trump, US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said he is not fit for the post of the President. 02-Aug-2016
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