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India-bound plane forced to return to To Toronto, Dec 31 (IBNS): The airline Boeing 787-8, carrying 232 passengers, had been forced to return to Toronto recently due to the aggressive behaviour of a passenger, media reports said. 31-Dec-2016
Trump hails Putin as smart Washington, Dec 31 (IBNS): In a move that will cause a significant discomfort to the present US government, President-elect Donald Trump has hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin as a smart man, following the latter's decision to not act against the US government's move to expel 35 Russian diplomats. 31-Dec-2016
Arctic drilling freeze may interfere wit Calgary Dec 30 (IBNS): In a recent environment friendly move, US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that most of North American Arctic waters would be designated as off-limit for any new exploration including all future oil and gas licensing in Canadian waters, according to media reports. 30-Dec-2016
Canada tax changes in 2017 Toronto, Dec.30 (IBNS): A number of tax changes would affect federal and provincial governments in 2017 with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) claiming that the new rules will mean more money in the pocket of majority of Canadians. 30-Dec-2016
US govt sanctions Russian intel agencies Washington, Dec 30 (IBNS): The US government has sanctioned Russian intelligence agencies for allegedly interfering in the recently concluded Presidential elections in the United States, an official release stated. 30-Dec-2016
Unattended bag prompts evacuation of Tru New York, Dec 28 (IBNS): Unattended bag with toys prompted evacuation of Trump Tower in New York on late Tuesday afternoon, according to media reports on Wednesday. 28-Dec-2016
Will Canada's economy gain momentum in 2 Calgary, Dec 28 (IBNS): Canada's business lobby expects the nation's economy to strengthen in 2017 but prefers to remain cautious nevertheless, according to media reports. 28-Dec-2016
US President-elect Trump unhappy over me Washington, Dec 27 (IBNS): He may have been elected as the new US President, but billionaire Donald Trump is still unhappy with the media's activities or the lack of it. 27-Dec-2016
Trump disses Obama, UN in new tweets Washington, Dec 27 (IBNS): US President-elect Donald Trump has dissed the outgoing US President Barack Obama and the United Nations in his new tweets. 27-Dec-2016
I could have won again: Obama on US Pres Washington, Dec 27 (IBNS): US President Barack Obama said he could have won the polls if he was eligible to run for the third time to contest the US Presidential elections. 27-Dec-2016
Balloon man of Canada pleads guilty for Calgary, Dec 25 (IBNS): A Calgary man who in search of adventure flew high by tying his plastic lawn chair with 100 helium packed balloons had pleaded guilty of undertaking highly dangerous operations of an aircraft, reported National Post. 25-Dec-2016
Household debt in Canada rises compared Calgary Dec 25 (IBNS): A recently published report from Statistics Canada revealed that the ratio of household credit market debt to adjusted disposable income has shot up to 166.9 percent in the third quarter, up from 164.4 percent in the second quarter, according to media reports. 25-Dec-2016
Canada gets a Christmas gift in the form Toronto, Dec 25 (IBNS): Canada gets a Christmas gift when more than 100 rescued dogs from China would soon find new homes in the nation due to the efforts of Humane Society International (HSI), said media reports. 25-Dec-2016
Canada: London Humane Society warns of s Toronto, Dec 24 (IBNS): Pet owners had been warned about a possible serial animal killer on the loose by a southwestern Ontario humane society after it received several news of hideous crimes regarding mutilated animals, media reports said. 24-Dec-2016
US issues travel warning for Egypt,Jorda Washington, Dec 24 (IBNS): The US on Friday issued travel warnings to its citizens for Egypt and Jordan over threats from terrorist groups. 24-Dec-2016
Western University researcher creates wo Toronto, Dec 23 (IBNS): A research scientist at an Ontario University has created a microscopic figure of a snowman, a few days before Christmas, media reports said. 23-Dec-2016
Travel between Canada and US to ease fur Calgary, Dec 23 (IBNS): With the US Congress passing the new Promoting Travel, Commerce and National Security Act, travel between Canada and the United States will ease once Canada passes its own 'pre-clearance bill', according to media reports. 23-Dec-2016
Trump cabinet probables likely to clear Calgary, Dec 22: (IBNS): Two notable Texans were selected by US President-elect Donald Trump for key positions in his cabinet and both of them are staunch supporter of Canadian pipeline projects and love Canadian oil, reported The Epoch Times. 22-Dec-2016
Montreal suburban mayors urge to change Montreal, Dec 22 (IBNS): In a recent meeting of mayors of 15 suburban areas of Montreal, it was urged upon the Transport minister of Quebec provincial government Laurent Lessard to lift a ban on right turn in red lights, reported The Epoch Times. 22-Dec-2016
Toronto police tests roadside drug scree Toronto, Dec 21 (IBNS): As part of a national effort aimed at testing police forces' ability to detect drug-impaired drivers, Toronto police have launched a pilot project to test the use of roadside screening devices for drug-impaired driving, media reports said. 21-Dec-2016
Canadian Cadets dress-code pamphlets pro Toronto, Dec. 21 (IBNS): Investigation on the dress-code pamphlets of the Canadian Military Forces conducted by the Canadian Forces revealed that the language used in eight of these pamphlets was offensive and unacceptable, media reports said. 21-Dec-2016
Toronto: Pharmacy employee steals drugs Toronto, Dec 20 (IBNS): An employee of Oshawa pharmacy near Toronto in Canada was faced with multiple charges after she stole $40,000 worth of prescription drugs, which had a street value of over $1 million, media reports said. 20-Dec-2016
Federal government promises full support Toronto, Dec 20 (IBNS): Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said Friday that there will be full support from federal government to improve aboriginal housing, media reported. 20-Dec-2016
Ottawa double amputee gets an unexpected Toronto, Dec 20 (IBNS): Sixtytwo-year-old Peter Muhl from Ottawa was overjoyed to get the most unexpected and early Christmas present that he had thought he would never see again. 20-Dec-2016
Canadian performer Gordie Tapp passes aw Toronto, Dec 20 (IBNS): Gordie Tapp, Canadian entertainer, a comedian, musician and script writer, who found success in radio and TV, died in his Burlington house, Ontario, Sunday at the age of 94, media reported. 20-Dec-2016
Toronto: Keychains sold to raise money f Toronto, Dec 18 (IBNS): Keychains made from extra leather from Downie's seven suit designs were sold Friday on a website raising money for brain cancer research. 18-Dec-2016
Canada: CBC's Sounds of the Seasons & Un Toronto, Dec 18 (IBNS): For many families in Windsor-Essex, near Toronto, access to healthy food is out of reach, media reported. 18-Dec-2016
Toronto: Peace activist Audrey Tobias re Toronto, Dec 18 (IBNS): Audrey Tobias, a long-time peace activist who died on Dec 1 at the age of 92, was remembered on Saturday for her drive and determination at a funeral service held at a church in Toronto. 18-Dec-2016
Toronto: 21-year-old man fatally stabbed Toronto, Dec. 18 (IBNS): Police issued a Canada-wide warrant for Shayne MacDonald, a 21-year-old man suspected to have fatally stabbed his aunt in an apartment near College and Dufferin streets on Friday, media said. 18-Dec-2016
We don't want drone they stole-let them Washington, Dec 18 (IBNS): President-elect Donald Trump has said that US should let China keep his country's Navy's unmanned underwater glider that the latter had seized in the South China Sea. 18-Dec-2016
Heavy snow logs out Toronto, flights can Toronto, Dec. 17 (IBNS): The city of Toronto is reeling under rain, snow and freezing rain which began Thursday afternoon, causing the cancellation of score of flights, delays, and even road mishaps. 18-Dec-2016
Toronto: Heroic efforts of 2-year-old ch Toronto, Dec 17 (IBNS): After two-year-old Bentley Davidson, also known as “Mini Gord Downie” became a social media star overnight, his parents decided to give back to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on Gord’s behalf. 17-Dec-2016
University of Toronto geoscientists disc Toronto, Dec 17 (IBNS): The discovery of two-billion-year-old water in a mine in Timmins, scientifically proven to be the oldest water in the world, by a team of University of Toronto geoscientists could lead to a new perception of ancient life on earth and on other planets. 17-Dec-2016
Extreme cold weather alert in Toronto Toronto, Dec 16 (IBNS): A man found outdoors covered in snow with his fingers turned blue in the early hours of Friday morning was transported to hospital, media reported. 16-Dec-2016
Toronto: Dog survives miraculously after Toronto, Dec 16 (IBNS): Luna, a two-year-old border collie mix, miraculously survived a deadly encounter with a GO train 680 News reported on Thursday. 16-Dec-2016
U of T plans to preserve environmental d Toronto, Dec 16 (IBNS): With the growing risk of losing the environmental data under Donald Trump‘s leadership, researchers at the University of Toronto are planning what they called a “guerrilla archiving” meeting in Toronto on Saturday, to capture sensitive information currently available to the public through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), media reported. 16-Dec-2016
Toronto man’s way of giving back Toronto, Dec 16 (IBNS): Toronto based Steve McNeil, skated in Nathan Phillips Square on Thursday morning to raise money for Alzheimer's research, in memory of her mother who died after 15-year fight with the disease and his mother-in-law's struggle with dementia, reports said. 16-Dec-2016
Canada's top doctor retiring ahead of ti Toronto, Dec. 15 (IBNS): Canada's top doctor Dr. Gregory Taylor, 61, would be retiring Friday as Canada's chief public health officer after a little more than two years of his term, media reported. 15-Dec-2016
Toronto: Devastating house fire kills fo Toronto, Dec 15 (IBNS): A devastating house fire on Nickel Street East in Port Colborne near Toronto in the wee hours of Wednesday (before 1.30am) claimed the lives of four family members, according to a police report. 15-Dec-2016
Canada workers' union launches campaign Calgary, Dec 14 (IBNS): Verbally abusive customers are a serious risk to the mental and physical health of call centre employees and it’s time for employers to provide them with better protection, according to the United Steelworkers (USW), which represents approximately 10,000 call centre workers in Canada. 14-Dec-2016
University of Toronto’s fundraising ca Toronto, Dec 14 (IBNS): University of Toronto’s collection of $2.4-billion Thursday towards its Boundless fundraising campaign had exceeded the limit of $2-billion in the last five years, media reports said. 14-Dec-2016
Christmas festive spirit grips Toronto Toronto, Dec 13 (IBNS): With just few days left, Toronto is fully soaked in the Christmas festival spirit. 13-Dec-2016
Toronto hit by the first severe winter s Toronto, Dec 13 (IBNS): Warning of 15 centimetres of snow between morning of Dec. 11 and afternoon of Dec. 12, as was issued on Dec. 11 by Environment Canada for the Greater Toronto Area, and much of southern Ontario. 13-Dec-2016
Canada’s food guide should be more inf Toronto, Dec 11 (IBNS): The Canadian Food Guide is considered by public institutions, schools, universities and community-based organizations as an image of our basic and essential nutritional values, said Sylvain Charlebois dean of the faculty of management and professor in food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University, reported on Tuesday by The Globe and Mail. 11-Dec-2016
Ottawa Police ‘CopShop’ event unfurl Toronto, Dec. 10 (IBNS): Ottawa Police visited the Carlingwood Shopping Centre, mid week, as part of thir ‘CopShop’ event to spread the Christmas warmth and spirit in a festive way. 10-Dec-2016
Donald Trump rubbishes Apprentice involv Washington, Dec 10 (IBNS): US President-elect Donald Trump has rubbished reports linking him as the executive producer of TV show The Apprentice. 10-Dec-2016
Canada constantly ranks 4th globally in Toronto, Dec. 10 (IBNS): The latest survey conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISAA) ranks Canada fourth internationally in Science, maths and reading. 10-Dec-2016
First Canadian Woman: Viola Desmond to b Toronto, Dec 10 (IBNS): Viola Desmond will be the first Canadian woman to be on front of the Canadian $10 bill to be circulated in 2018, reported CTVNEWS. 10-Dec-2016
Canadian Museum for Human Rights wins in Winnipeg - Dec 10 (IBNS) The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) was Friday presented with the prestigious Gold Award from the International Association of Universal Design (IAUD) at a ceremony in Nagoya, Japan. 10-Dec-2016
Won't allow H-1B visa holders to replace Washington, Dec 10 (IBNS): Maintaining his his stern stand towards against outsourcing and H-1B visa holders, US president-elect Donald Trump has reiterated that he will not allow foreign workers on H-1B visa replacing native Americans in US companies, media reports said. 10-Dec-2016
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