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Ontario presents a balanced budget Toronto, April 27 (IBNS): Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa, tabled the 2017 Ontario Budget which is a balanced one after almost a decade, since 2008 amidst criticism from both NDP and Conservative Party. 28-Apr-2017
United States charges Canadian man in hu Toronto, Apr 27 (IBNS): A Canadian man, Victor Omoruyi, charged in connection with a human smuggling ring, made his first court appearance Wednesday morning in a Grand Forks, North Dakota courthouse, media reports said. 27-Apr-2017
Canada: Government worries over security Toronto, Apr 26 (IBNS): The Federal Government of Canada has been making changes to the passport offices on the security front as they believe these centres can be soft targets for attacks, especially by disgruntled people whose official document to travel abroad may have been revoked, media reported. 27-Apr-2017
Ontario introduces legislation for rent Toronto, Apr 27 (IBNS): Ontario introduced The Rental Fairness Act, 2017 this week to promote affordable rental housing and to expand rent control to all private rental units, including those occupied on or after November 1 1991, media reports said. 27-Apr-2017
US lumber tariffs to hinder Canada’s l Toronto, Apr 26 (IBNS): The long simmering softwood lumber dispute between the Canada and US took the centre stage when US President Donald Trump and his administration slammed Ottawa’s provocation to 'rough' trade practices and slapped new duties on Canadian lumber. 26-Apr-2017
Ontario responds to UN officials’ call Toronto, Apr 23 (Just Earth News): Responding to the UN officials' call for urgent action to prevent famine in African region, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has stated that Ontario is contributing $2.5 Million for Emergency Relief Efforts in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria. 24-Apr-2017
US citizen detained in North Korea Washington/Seoul, Apr 23 (IBNS): An US citizen has been detained in North Korea, South Korean media reported on Sunday. 23-Apr-2017
US: Vivek Murthy dismissed as Surgeon Ge Washington, Apr 22 (IBNS): The White House administration has dismissed an Indian-American who was appointed as the Surgeon General. 22-Apr-2017
Project Raphael: YRP concludes report, a Toronto, Apr 22 (IBNS): The investigators of the York Regional Police Human Trafficking Team completed Project Raphael, a four-year investigation, with the arrest of 104 men attempting to purchase sex with children. 22-Apr-2017
'Alberta hires Albertan first' getting p Calgary, Apr 20 (IBNS): The pilot project initiated by the provincial government in Alberta to encourage employers to hire Albertans on a priority basis has garnered much praise from the local populace, reports said. 21-Apr-2017
Canada: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne i Toronto, Apr 20 (IBNS): Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Thursday introduced Fair Housing Plan (FHP) to make housing more affordable for home buyers and help renters market, a recent news release said. 21-Apr-2017
Ontario roads safest in country, why dri Toronto, Apr 20 (IBNS): A recent report by David Marshall, CEO of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board released on April 11, said Ontario drivers paid the highest premiums in the country even though the roads were considered safest in North America, media reports said. 20-Apr-2017
Canada: Three levels of government tryin Toronto, Apr 20 (IBNS): Charles Sousa, the Ontario Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, his Federal counterpart, and the mayor of Toronto, John Tory, met earlier this week to discuss on measures to rein in the red hot property market of Toronto, Canada. 20-Apr-2017
Canada: Fears of flooding force relocati Toronto, Apr 19 (IBNS): A state of emergency has been declared recently in Kashechewan First Nation over concerns of flooding and hundreds of residents were being moved to the northern Ontario town of Kapuskasing, media reports said. 20-Apr-2017
Canada: Consulate General of India sets Toronto, Apr 19 (IBNS): Consulate General of India, Toronto, Dinesh Bhatia has set a June deadline for all members of Indo-Canadian community, still holding Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) cards, to convert to Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) at the earliest so as to avoid any complications during their travel to India, an official statement said. 19-Apr-2017
Alberta lagging far behind on workplace Calgary April 19 (IBNS): Alberta’s Labour Minister Christina Gray said in a recent statement released by her ministry about the provinces intention to review and adopt the workplace rules which should be fair, modern and family-friendly that support a growing economy. 19-Apr-2017
'Canada bears humanitarian obligations t Toronto, Apr 18 (IBNS): John Bishop was one of hundreds of Canadians, sixty-six years ago this month, who had fought to keep the South Korean city of Seoul from falling back into North Korean hands, media reports said. 18-Apr-2017
No ties as important as one with indigen Toronto, Apr 18 (IBNS): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that no relationship is more important to his government than the one with the Indigenous Peoples of the land. 18-Apr-2017
'Next Stop Canada' premium survival guid Toronto, April 17 (IBNS): The YMCA of Greater Toronto, started a new service called “Next Stop Canada” since beginning of April, with the aim to help immigrants know and learn about the settlement services in Canada prior to their arrival in Canada. 17-Apr-2017
US: Police search for man who live-strea Cleveland (Ohio), April 17 (IBNS): The police are searching for a suspect who has allegedly killed an elderly man in the US state of Ohio. 17-Apr-2017
Canada set to legalize marijuana as ruli Ottawa, Apr 15 (IBNS): Plans to legalize marijuana in Canada had been announced this week at a news conference in Ottawa by the ruling Liberal Party, with the North American country becoming the first among developed nations to fully legalize pot. 15-Apr-2017
Canada: CFIA updates Food Recall Warning Toronto, Apr 13 (IBNS): Canada-wide recall of previous warning, issued on Apr 4, has been updated to include various brands of flour and flour products due to E. coli O121, after the most recent food safety investigation by Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA), media reports said. 13-Apr-2017
Canada: City of Toronto plans to complet Toronto, Apr 13 (IBNS): The City of Toronto, municipal governing body of Toronto, have planned to complete various construction projects from April 24 to end of October 2017, which could impact the Ryerson community, media reports said. 13-Apr-2017
Trump signs own report card, happy with Washington, Apr 13 (IBNS): Trashing media reports about his competence as the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has awarded himself higher grades, claiming that "the country is on its way to becoming great again". 13-Apr-2017
Canada: Spike in mumps continues in Mani Toronto, Apr 12 (IBNS): The number of mumps in Manitoba could hit 600 before its disappearance, said Richard Rusk, Provincial medical officer of health. 12-Apr-2017
Canada: International activist Malala Yo Toronto, Apr 12 (IBNS): Nobel Peace Prize winner and a brutal Taliban attack survivor, Malala Yousafzai would receive honorary citizenship today during a formal ceremony in Ottawa before she addresses the House of Commons, media reports said. 12-Apr-2017
Affordable housing is not a distant drea Toronto, Apr 12 (IBNS): Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said recently that her government will soon rein in the soaring prices seen in the Toronto area housing market. 12-Apr-2017
Canada imposes new air security measures Toronto, April 12 (IBNS) Transport Canada, the federal transportation governing body of Canada, imposed new airlines security measures on certain Canada-bound flights on Tuesday. 12-Apr-2017
Canada: NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft detect Toronto, Apr 12 (IBNS): NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) spacecraft has detected metal ions in the upper atmosphere (ionosphere) of a planet other than Earth, media reports quoted said Joseph Grebowsky as saying recently. 12-Apr-2017
US: Man forcibly dragged off overbooked Washington, Apr 11 (IBNS): United Airlines has triggered an outrage after a video was posted which showed a man was dragged off a plane as it was overbooked. 11-Apr-2017
Bank of Canada unveils new $10 banknote Toronto, Apr 10 (IBNS): The $10 commemorative banknote for Canada's 150 celebrations was unveiled recently at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, media reports said. 10-Apr-2017
Canada: Large number of icebergs affect Toronto, Apr 10 (IBNS): During the past week more than 400 icebergs have drifted into the North Atlantic shipping lanes, consequently slowing down the ships to a mere crawling or forced them to change their directions to hundreds of miles, media reports said. 10-Apr-2017
Canada: Saskatchewan announces eliminati Toronto, Apr 10 (IBNS): The Saskatchewan provincial government's announcement, made on budget day last month, about the elimination of hearing aid plan from the budget to save $3 million had been strongly protested by parents of deaf or hard of hearing children, media reports said. 10-Apr-2017
Canada: Toronto experiences 73 percent s Toronto, Apr 10 (IBNS): Six suspected cases of drug overdose and the death of a young woman in Toronto has caused great concern among law enforcement public health agencies regarding the safety of people in night clubs, media reports said. 10-Apr-2017
Canada: Unemployment rate rose 0.1 perce Toronto, Apr 9 (IBNS): Employment in Canada has little changed in March (+19,000 or +0.1%), while the unemployment rate rose 0.1 percentage points to 6.7% as more people searched for work, said Statistics Canada website. 09-Apr-2017
Canada: Tookhar Tamasha Arts performance Toronto, Apr 8 (BNS): Performance of Tookhar Tamasha Arts earlier this week, to celebrate Canada’s 150 anniversary with local and overseas performers in their field and in support of Project Udaan (PU), was organized at Glenforest Secondary school in Mississauga, Ontario. 08-Apr-2017
Canada: Snowy conditions and high winds Toronto, Apr 7 (IBNS): A series of power outages across southern and eastern Ontario, due to heavy snow and high winds, were caused this morning, media reports said. 07-Apr-2017
US strikes Syrian military base, Trump d Washington, Apr 7 (IBNS): The US government on Thursday launched at least 59 Tomahawk Missiles at the Syrian military airbase, reports said. 07-Apr-2017
Spike in E. coli cases results in Canada Toronto, Apr 6 (IBNS): Recent increase in cases diagnosed with E. coli O121 in Canada resulted in extending the original recall of 10-kilogram bags Robin Hood brand flour by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to (CFIA) to the entire Canada, media reports said. 06-Apr-2017
Canada: Pearson Airport welcomes suggest Toronto, Apr 5 (IBNS): Toronto Mayor John Tory on Tuesday morning held a discussion with Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey and Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic about a regional transit hub at the Pearson International Airport in the Canadian city, media reports said. 05-Apr-2017
Canada has maximum number of crying babi Toronto, Apr 5 (IBNS): A report of a meta-analysis of studies, conducted on about 8,700 infants in Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Italy and the U.K by researchers at the University of Warwick, found that babies in Canada, Britain, Italy and the Netherlands cry more than babies in other countries. 05-Apr-2017
Pandit Prodyut Mukherjee's percussion wi Toronto, April 5 (IBNS): Pandit Prodyut Mukherjee regaled the audience with his mastery over Tabla, an Indian musical instrument, at the third Tookhar Tamasha Art's music festival held in Mississauga, Ontario. 05-Apr-2017
Canada: A Dutch court clears repatriatio Toronto, Apr 4 (IBNS): A Dutch court has convicted a cyberbully and sentenced him to nearly 11 years in prison for cyberbullying dozens of young girls and gay men., media reports said. 04-Apr-2017
Ontario calls for equal pay for women Toronto, Apr 3 (IBNS): Indira Naidoo-Harris, Ontario’s Minister for the Status of Women, has said although women made up some 55 percent of the workforce within the public service, they take home about 12 percent less money than their male counterparts, media reports said. 03-Apr-2017
Tory proposes vacant properties’ owner Toronto, Apr 3 (IBNS): Toronto Mayor John Tory has suggested, in a recent meeting with experts in the real estate, banking, business and housing sectors, that in the wake of the recent increases in prices of houses in Toronto, taxes should be levied on the vacant houses, media reports said. 03-Apr-2017
If China is not going to solve North Kor Washington, Apr 3 (IBNS): Responding to nuclear threats from North Korea, US President Donald Trump has said that his government is going to take on the Kim Jong-un led nation, with or without the help of China. 03-Apr-2017
193 people die as three rivers overflow Columbia, Apr 2 (IBNS): At least 193 people died as an avalanche of water from three overflowing rivers flooded a small city in Colombia in the US, media reports said. 02-Apr-2017
Canada: Federal, provincial and indigeno Toronto, Apr 2 (IBNS): A new agreement has been recently signed to plan for the First Nation community's future by Indigenous, federal and provincial leaders in Kashechewan, media reports said. 02-Apr-2017
Bombardier chairman desires his salary i Toronto, Apr 2 (IBNS): Senior Quebec cabinet ministers said on Friday that citizens and elected officials had been shocked regarding increased executive pay of senior executives of Bombardier, media reports said. 02-Apr-2017
Saskatchewan Premier invites oil and gas Calgary, Apr 1 (IBNS): Brad Wall, Premier of Canada's Saskatchewan province, appears to have ruffled his counterpart from Alberta, Rachel Notley, by inviting a few Calgary-based oil and gas firms to relocated to Saskatchewan. 01-Apr-2017
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