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After Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to v Toronto, Sep 29 (IBNS): Former US President Barack Obama will visit Canada on Friday, a day after Hillary Clinton, the defeated candidate in the US presidential election 2016, addressed a gathering in Toronto, media reports said. 29-Sep-2017
City of Toronto leads in developing Cana Toronto, Sep 27 (IBNS): City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada recently purchased two 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EVs -- level three electric vehicles – in City's response to the development of its Consolidated Green Fleet Plan to combat climate change and poor air quality -- and has become one of the first governments in Canada to include level three electric vehicles in its fleet, a City of Toronto news release said. 27-Sep-2017
PM Trudeau urges Canadian companies to g Ottawa, Sep 26 (IBNS): At a time when the US is getting protective in trades, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, urged all the companies of the country to go global in conducting business, media reports said. 27-Sep-2017
Women from Muslim sect in Canada undergo Ottawa, Sep 25 (IBNS): A research has recently found out that around 80% of Dawoodi Bohra women in Canada, who were surveyed, had undergone female genital mutilation, media reports said. 26-Sep-2017
Invictus Games 2017 open with a grand ce Toronto, Sep 25 (IBNS): Invictus Games 2017, a sporting event for injured service personnel, opened on Saturday in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prince Harry of Great Britain to a packed house at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. 25-Sep-2017
US travel ban: N Korea, Venezuela and Ch Washington, Sep 25 (IBNS): The US government has added North Korea, Chad and Venezuela in its existing list of countries with travel prohibitions, to make 'America safe again'. 25-Sep-2017
Ontario mother seeks help for daughter s Toronto, Sep 23 (IBNS): An Ontario mother is seeking help to rescue her daughter who is presently stranded in Dominica due to Hurricane Maria, media reports said. 24-Sep-2017
Ontario, Quebec, California formally sig Ottawa, Sep 23 (IBNS): Despite the withdrawal of the United States under the leadership of president Donald Trump, Ontario, Quebec and California have formally signed the climate-change deal, media reports said. 24-Sep-2017
Supreme Court stays extradition order in Ottawa, Sep 22 (IBNS): The Canadian Supreme court has stayed its own decision of enforcing an extradition order in the British Columbia honour killing case involving an Indian-origin family, media reports said. 23-Sep-2017
'Madman' Kim Jong Un will be tested like Washington, Sept 22 (IBNS): US President Donald Trump on Friday threatened that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his regime will be "tested like never before" amid new U. S-imposed financial sanctions. 22-Sep-2017
Barbie row: Canadian MP attacked for sex Toronto, Sep 21 (IBNS): A Canadian MP was forced to apologise following his 'climate barbie' comment about Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, which sparked a huge backlash on social media. 21-Sep-2017
Watch Shabana Azmi essay the role of an Watch Shabana Azmi essay the role of an author embroiled in a psychological dilemma in Broken Images 21-Sep-2017
Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria leaves coun San Juan, Sep 21 (IBNS): The whole of Puerto Rico is facing a blackout, devastated by the category four Hurricane Maria, which made landfall in the US territory on Wednesday, reports said. 21-Sep-2017
Ontario college to start graduation cert Toronto, Sep 20 (IBNS): Amid the widespread disapproval of the legalisation of cannabis by the federal government, an Ontario college has decided to start a graduation certificate programme in cannabis production, media reports said. 21-Sep-2017
Living Arts Centre (LAC) re-brands itsel Mississauga, Sep 20 (IBNS): Living Arts Centre (LAC), a multi-faceted arts centre with vibrancy in a wide range of both visual and performing arts, unveiled its new branding in the 2017-2018 season on the centre’s 20th anniversary. 21-Sep-2017
Hurricane Maria to make landfall, threat San Juan, Sep 20 (IBNS): The Atlantic's second 'category five' hurricane this year, Maria, is due to make landfall in the US territory of Puerto Rico later today, threatening to maul it, according to reports. 20-Sep-2017
Google to fund NewsWise to help Canadian Ottawa, Sep 19 (IBNS): NewsWise, a programme that will help the Canadian students to identify fake news, will be funded by tech-giant Google, media reports said. 19-Sep-2017
Canadian PM Trudeau to receive global ci Ottawa, Sep 19 (IBNS): Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, will receive an award for global citizenship in New York on Tuesday, media reports said. 19-Sep-2017
UNGA: Donald Trump attacks North Korea, New York, Sept 19 (IBNS): In his first appearance at the UN General Assembly as the President, Donald Trump warned North Korea that the US will be forced to"totally destroy" the Asian nation if it did not back down from its nuclear standoff. 19-Sep-2017
New Human Rights ruling in Toronto enabl Toronto, Sep 18 (IBNS): A new human rights ruling by the city's health board enabled all schools-public and private-to apply for a programme that provides free breakfasts to underprivileged students , media reports said. 18-Sep-2017
Canadians believe fear towards Muslims i Ottawa, Sep 18 (IBNS): A recent poll conducted by Think for Actions and Insights Matter found that Canadians believe there is an increase in fear towards Muslims in the country, media reports said. 18-Sep-2017
Canadians believe fear towards Muslims i Ottawa, Sep 18 (IBNS): A recent poll conducted by Think for Actions and Insights Matter found that Canadians believe there is an increase in fear towards Muslims in the country, media reports said. 18-Sep-2017
US: Atlanta police shoot dead armed LGBT Atlanta, Sep 18 (IBNS): Atlanta police shot dead an LGBT student activist, who disobeyed orders to put down a knife he was carrying, reports said. 18-Sep-2017
Proposed drug injection site in Toronto Toronto, Sep 17 (IBNS): The drug injection site which has been planned by the provincial government at Bathurst and Richmond streets raised security concerns among the local businesses, media reports said. 18-Sep-2017
Court rejects Omar Khadr's request for u Toronto, Sep 16 (IBNS): Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr's request for unsupervised meet with his controversial sister, Zaynab, who has expressed her support to Al Qaeda, has been rejected by the Edmonton court, media reports said. 16-Sep-2017
Canadian Business unveils 29th annual li Richmond Hill, Sep 15 (IBNS): Canadian Business and PROFIT ranked mobileLIVE 33rd on the 29th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. 16-Sep-2017
Ontarians back government's control on s Toronto, Sep 15 (IBNS): The majority of Ontarians are fully supporting the provincial government's latest decision to put a restriction on the sale of marijuana, a recent poll suggested. 15-Sep-2017
Ontario bans Big Pharma marketing scheme Toronto, Sep 15 (IBNS): Ontario has decided to ban Big Pharma marketing scheme, a process of selling drugs by using electronic medical records, over an allegation of favouring certain drug selling brands, media reports said. 15-Sep-2017
Canada threatens America of retaliation Ottawa, Sep 14 (IBNS): Canada on Thursday threatened America of retaliation if the US does not withdraw their 'Buy Americans' policy, media reports said. 14-Sep-2017
John Tory favourite in Toronto mayoral e Toronto, Sep 14 (IBNS): Toronto Mayor John Tory will certainly have no problem in winning the upcoming mayoral election next year, according to a recent poll conducted. 14-Sep-2017
US: Shooting leaves one dead, three inju Washington, Sep 14 (IBNS): A teenager was killed and another three were left reeling following a shooting incident at a school in Spokane, Washington, reports said. 14-Sep-2017
Canadian students reluctant to opt for c Ottawa, Sep 13 (IBNS): Canadian students are reluctant to study the courses which tend to provide them the best opportunity for the employment according to Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), media reports said. 14-Sep-2017
Bollywood's Manj Musik to perform at the Toronto, Sep 13 (IBNS): Songwriter and music producer, Manj Musik, known for his Blockbuster Bollywood films, will perform at the 4th annual Oakville Diawali Gala on Friday. 13-Sep-2017
Canadians return to country from Turks a Toronto, Sep 12 (IBNS): The Canadians, who were stranded in Turks and Caicos islands due to Hurricane Irma for a week, finally returned to the country on Monday night. 13-Sep-2017
Health Canada decides to put a ban on no Ottawa, Sep 12 (IBNS): Health Canada has decided to ban all non-prescription sales of an opioid codeine, media reports said. 13-Sep-2017
Turks and Caicos islands allow Canadians Toronto, Sep 11 (IBNS): Air Canada on Monday informed that the Canadians who were restricted to return to the country by Turks and Caicos due to Hurricane Irma, are now being allowed to fly off to Toronto on Monday, media reports said. 12-Sep-2017
Lac-Mégantic rail disaster trial: Jury Montreal, Sep 11 (IBNS): Several potential jurors have turned away as the Jury selection is underway in the trial of Lac-Mégantic rail disaster that killed 47 people, media reports said. 12-Sep-2017
Texas: Shooting kills eight, police gun Plano, Sep 11 (IBNS): At least seven people were killed in a fatal shooting incident which took place in Plano, Texas, reports said. 11-Sep-2017
Toronto woman helps Hurricane Irma evacu Toronto, Sep 9 (IBNS): A Toronto woman helped the Hurricane Irma evacuees in Georgia with air mattresses from Canadian Tire despite several initial difficulties, Global News said. 10-Sep-2017
Ontario projects a balanced budget for 2 Toronto, Sep 9 (IBNS): With an increase in employment in Ontario by 31,100 in August, the second straight month of job growth, Ontario continued to project a balanced budget for 2017–18, unchanged from the 2017 Budget forecast, the newly released 2017-18 First Quarter Finances report said. 09-Sep-2017
Government outlets, website only place t Toronto, Sep 8 (IBNS): Creating a negative impact on the recreational marijuana market, Ontario has announced on Friday that government-controlled outlets, website will be the only places permitted to sell cannabis after weed becomes legalised in July 1, media reports said. 09-Sep-2017
Supreme Court re-enforces extradition or Ottawa, Sep 8 (IBNS): Overturning an order passed by a B.C. court, the Supreme Court has again enforced an extradition order in a B.C. honour killing case to send two Canada residents to India to face charges, media reports said. 09-Sep-2017
Former US President Obama to visit Toron Toronto, Sep 7 (IBNS): Former US President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Toronto late this month to speak on global citizenship, media reports said. 08-Sep-2017
Bank of Canada raises benchmark interest Ottawa, Sep 7 (IBNS): Bank of Canada on Wednesday increased the benchmark interest rate by 0.25% to 1% making the second consecutive hike in the present year, media reports said. 08-Sep-2017
Toronto Transit Commission investing $50 Toronto, Sep 7 (IBNS): The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is investing $500,000 for studying air quality in the subway system, after Environmental Science & Technology journal reported earlier this year that high concentrations of pollutants were found in the agency’s underground lines, media reports said. 07-Sep-2017
Military action not first choice against Washington, Sept 7 (IBNS): US President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that military action was not his'first choice' against North Korea. 07-Sep-2017
Third round of NAFTA talks to be held in Ottawa, Sep 5 (IBNS): Canada is all set to host the third round of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) negotiations in later part of September, media reports said. 06-Sep-2017
Toronto school buses delay on first day Toronto, Sep 5 (IBNS): The Toronto school buses were delayed by several minutes right on the first day of the school this year, media reports said. 06-Sep-2017
Canada National Exhibition 2017 ends on Toronto, Sep 4 (IBNS): The Canada National Exhibition (CNE) which began on August 18, will end on Monday as the Torontonians had the chance of enjoying to the brim of the glass. 05-Sep-2017
Ontario Science Centre weaves special co Toronto, Sep 4 (IBNS): Hans Baer, a retired IBM Computer Engineer, was fascinated by the binary coding of the perforated cards used for weaving on a mid-19th century Jacquard loom, and realised the hard work that went into making these cards as he volunteered as a weaver for a special project under Canada's Ontario Science Centre (OSC). 04-Sep-2017
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