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Canada's GDP in August declined by 0.1%

Ottawa, Oct 31 (IBNS): Canada's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth declined by 0.1% in August, media reports said.

Sexual harassment case against David Pet

Toronto, Oct 31 (IBNS): Former premier David Peterson has received an apology from Ximena Morris, who accused the former of sexually harassing her after the Ontario Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit, media reports said.

Real Change that’s working for Brampto

Brampton, Oct 30 (IBNS): The 2017 Fall Economic statement will deliver more Canada Child Benefit Support, cut the federal small business tax rate, enhance the Working Income Tax Benefit, and other measures to help the middle class and those working hard to join it.

US: Demand for legalisation of cannabis

Washington, Oct 30 (IBNS): The demand for the legalisation of cannabis has hit an all time high in the Unites States, with now every two out of three Americans opting for it.

300,000 immigrants every year 'new norma Ottawa, Oct 28 (IBNS): Canada's immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, has said the influx of 300,000 immigrants in the country every year is "new normal", media reports said. 29-Oct-2017
Canada's former PM Harper lashes out at Ottawa, Oct 28 (IBNS): Canada's former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has lashed out at the Justin Trudeau government over the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), saying the government is "napping on NAFTA". 29-Oct-2017
Half million dollars in drugs seized and Ottawa, Oct 27 (IBNS): Investigators with the York Regional Police Guns, Gangs and Drug Enforcement Unit, have charged two people and seized more than $500,000 worth of illegal drugs. 27-Oct-2017
Largest collection of Vikings artifacts Toronto, Oct 27 (IBNS): The largest collection of Viking artifacts on display in North America will come to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on November 4. 27-Oct-2017
Canadian men held and tortured in Syria Ottawa, Oct 26 (IBNS): Three Canadian men, who were held and tortured in Syria over the accusation of having links to a terrorist organisation, have received a settlement amount of $31.3 million by Ottawa, media reports said. 26-Oct-2017
Legalisation of marijuana not a good ste IBNS Canada's Suman Das and Asha Bajaj interact with York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe. Excerpts: 26-Oct-2017
Las Vegas shooter's brother charged with Los Angeles, Oct 26 (IBNS): Bruce Paddock, the bother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, was arrested by Los Angeles Police for the possession of child pornographic images, reports said. 26-Oct-2017
CN Rail to hire workers, Western Canada Ottawa, Oct 25 (IBMS): Benefiting western Canada the most, Canadian National Railways, country's largest railway, is eyeing on to hire workers, media reports said. 25-Oct-2017
US aviation officials probe Air Canada l California, Oct 25 (IBNS): The Federal Aviation Administration is probing into the incident when an Air Canada plane landed at San Francisco International Airport against the orders of the air traffic controller, media reports said. 25-Oct-2017
Fetus served court order by mommy for be Provo, Oct 25 (IBNS): In a hilarious incident, a mom to be served a legal notice to her fetus for being a nuisance, 12 hours before she gave birth to her daughter. 25-Oct-2017
US: Republicans to investigate Obama and Washington, Oct 25 (IBNS): Congressional Republicans have decided to investigate former US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton over irregularities, reports said. 25-Oct-2017
Our involvement with the Indigenous peop In an exclusive interview with IBNS Canada's Asha Bajaj, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Eleanor McMahon, shares her thoughts about her ministry's model for other provinces in Canada. Excerpts: 24-Oct-2017
Liberals likely to increase Canada child Ottawa, Oct 24 (IBNS): The Liberals are likely to increase Canada child benefit, received by several families in the country, a report by CTV News said. 24-Oct-2017
Liberals win Tory seat in Quebec, Conser Montreal/Edmonton, Oct 24 (IBNS): Bringing a sigh of relief to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Liberal candidate Richard Hebert cliched a win in the Tory seat of Quebec in a recent by-election on Monday, media reports said. 24-Oct-2017
Opening arguments to start in Laura Babc Toronto, Oct 23 (IBNS): The opening arguments are all set to start in the murder trial of a Toronto woman, Laura Babcock, who had vanished five years ago, media reports said. 23-Oct-2017
MP Sahota seconds Sikh Heritage Month le Ottawa, Oct 23 (IBNS): Ottawa, ON, Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North was honoured to second a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Sukh Dhaliwal, Member of Parliament for Surrey-Newton, to recognize April as Sikh Heritage Month. 23-Oct-2017
Toronto: Anti-Trudeau, anti-racism demon Toronto, Oct 22 (IBNS): Four people have been arrested as anti-Trudeau and anti-racism demonstrators clashed here on Saturday. 22-Oct-2017
York Regional Police Services Board appr Vaughan, Oct 21 (IBNS): The York Regional Police Services Board has approved the 2018 operating budget of $323.5 million which is a 4.1 percent increase over the 2017 budget and features 22 additional personnel. 21-Oct-2017
York Regional Police Services welcomes n Vaughan, Oct 20 (IBNS): The York Regional Police Services Board has welcomed its newest member Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua of the City of Vaughan. 20-Oct-2017
Brampton: Vehicle roll-over in Highway 4 Brampton, Oct 19 (IBNS): A single vehicle roll-over in Highway 410 of Brampton killed one woman on Wednesday night, media reports said. 19-Oct-2017
York Regional Police Services Board elec Vaughan, Oct 19 (IBNS): The York Regional Police Services Board has elected Mayor of the Town of East Gwillimbury Virginia Hackson as its chair until January 2018. 19-Oct-2017
Denver: Sex racket busted, baby and chil Denver, Oct 19 (IBNS): A three-month old infant and a five-year-old child were among the scores of under-aged children rescued following a nation wide crackdown on sex racket in the United States, reports said. 19-Oct-2017
Ivanka Trump greets Indians on Diwali, s Washington, Oct 19 (IBNS): Joining the other world leaders on greeting Indians on the occasion of Diwali, Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump, says she's looking forward to her visit to India sometime later this year. 19-Oct-2017
US: Three killed in shooting at business Edgewood, Oct 18 (IBNS): At least three people were killed and several were injured in a shooting incident which took place at a business park in Harford County, Maryland, in the United States, media reports said. 18-Oct-2017
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wishes Diwali Ottawa, Oct 18 (IBNS): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has conveyed Diwali greetings on Twitter, saying "Diwali Mubarak", which drew several reactions from the users of the social networking site for the choice of his words. 18-Oct-2017
Charges lay at unlicensed day support ce Vaughan, Oct 18 (IBNS): Investigators with York Regional Police District Criminal Investigations Bureau have laid several charges against the owners and staff at an unlicensed day support centre for people with disabilities in the city of Vaughan. 18-Oct-2017
Joshua Boyle discloses reason behind his Ottawa, Oct 17 (IBNS): Joshua Boyle, who has been released from the Taliban captivity along with his wife last week, disclosed the reasons behind their decision to have kids in the captivity, media reports said. 17-Oct-2017
Taliban deny Canadian man Joshua Boyle's Ottawa, Oct 16 (IBNS): The Taliban have denied Canadian man Joshua Boyle's allegations that the kidnappers had raped his wife and killed one of his children in the captivity, media reports said. 16-Oct-2017
Louisiana: Oil rig explosion injures at Kenner, Oct 16 (IBNS): At least seven people were injured, some gravely, after an oil rig explosion in Lake Pontchartrain in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, rocked the adjoining area, media reports said. 16-Oct-2017
Canadian man released from Taliban capti Ottawa, Oct 14 (IBNS): A Canadian man, who has been released along with his family from the Taliban captivity in Afganistan, said the kidnappers had raped his wife and killed one of his children, media reports said. 15-Oct-2017
Captors authorized the killing of my dau Toronto, Oct 14 (IBNS): In a major revelation, a man, who was freed with his family after five years in militant captivity in Afghanistan, has said that people who had captured them had authorized the killing of one of his children and raped his wife. 14-Oct-2017
Montreal actress Erika Rosenbaum breaks Montreal, Oct 14 (IBNS): Montreal actress Erika Rosenbaum has finally gone public with her alleged sexual harassment complaints against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, saying Weinstein harassed her years ago, media reports said. 14-Oct-2017
Quebec: Uber wishes to negotiate with tr Montreal, Oct 13 (IBNS): After threatening to cease operations in Quebec, Uber has expressed its willingness to negotiate the new regulations imposed by transport minister André Fortin, media reports said. 13-Oct-2017
Toronto doctor accused of sexual intimac Toronto, Oct 13 (IBNS): Police have alleged a Toronto doctor of creating sexual intimacy with a 15-year old girl and later injecting her with medication, media reports said. 13-Oct-2017
Donald Trump calls ObamaCare a 'broken m Washington, Oct 13 (IBNS): US President Donald Trump on Friday called the ObamaCare as a 'broken mess'. 13-Oct-2017
California fires: Death toll climbs to 3 Napa, Oct 13 (IBNS): The death toll in the northern California wildfire has risen to 31, officials said on Thursday. 13-Oct-2017
Canada-U.S. deal possible, says Donald T Washington, Oct 12 (IBNS): After meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Donald Trump hinted at the possibility of a bilateral deal between the two countries, media reports said. 12-Oct-2017
Kidnapped Canadian couple in Pakistan re Ottawa, Islamabad, Oct 12 (IBNS): A Canadian couple, who were kidnapped in 2012 during backpacking through Central Asia, have been released after five years, media reports said. 12-Oct-2017
Seal meat dish: Toronto restaurant faces Toronto, Oct 12 (IBNS): A restaurant in Toronto is engaged in a bitter battle with animal rights advocates after the latter objected to one of its dishes on the menu, reports said. 12-Oct-2017
At least 23 people die as northern Calif Napa, Oct 12 (IBNS): The death toll in the California firestorm incident has risen to 23 as the wildfire spread rapidly through the northern part of the state, forcing new evacuations, reports said. 12-Oct-2017
Important to retain female politicians t Washington, Oct 11 (IBNS): Addressing a gathering at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, said it is important to retain female politicians than merely recruiting them, media reports said. 11-Oct-2017
US flies two supersonic bombers over Kor Washington DC, Oct 11 (IBNS): The United States, in a 'show of force' against North Korea, flew two supersonic heavy bombers over the Korean peninsula, according to media reports on Wednesday. 11-Oct-2017
California fires: Death toll touches 15, Napa, Oct 11 (IBNS): The death toll in the deadly California fires has increased to 15, while scores of people are still missing, reports said. 11-Oct-2017
Homeless Syrian family finds new place a Mississauga, Oct 10 (IBNS): A Syrian family, who had turned out to be homeless after their Mississauga house was destroyed in a fire, found a new place as an Iranian offered them an apartment, media reports said. 10-Oct-2017
California: Deadly fire kills at least 1 Napa, Oct 10 (IBNS): At least 10 people have lost their lives in a deadly fire which devoured parts of California's wine region, media reports said. 10-Oct-2017
Troops can be employed despite being med Ottawa, Oct 9 (IBNS): Canada's top general has dropped a hint that troops, who get medically unfit for deployment, can be employed in some other services in the future, media reports said. 09-Oct-2017
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