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Vegetable Momos | Ventuno Home Cooking Momos Sauce/Chutney Ingredients Tomato - 3 nos Dry Red chili - 8 nos Oil - 1 tsp Garlic - 2 cloves Piece of Ginger Salt Sugar - 1/2 tsp Few Coriander leaves Method: 1. 8 nos dry red chilies, boil in water. Remove it from boiled water and keep aside. 2. Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water. Once tomatoes start peeling its skin, remove from boiled water & cool it. 3. Remove tomatoes skin and chopped it. 4. Heat a saucepan(Buy :https://goo.gl/X9hRl6 ), add oil, blanched tomatoes, garlic, ginger, blanched dry red chilies, salt and sugar. Cook it for two minutes and turn off the stove. 5. Check for seasoning and Cool down the mixture. Grind it with coriander leaves. Simple and spicy momos chutney is ready to dip! WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/homecookingshow TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoCooking A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com 29-May-2017
Sweet & Sour Prawns | Ventuno Home Cooki Sweet & Sour Prawns Ingredients Prawn - 250 gms Egg - 1 no Carrot - 3 small cut up Onion - 2 small chopped Spring Onions - 1 bunch chopped Few garlic cloves chopped Ginger - 1 pc chopped Peanut Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp Corn flour - 1 tbsp All purpose flour - 1 tbsp Soy sauce - 2 to 3 tsp (Buy : https://goo.gl/JhaNs0 ) Vinegar - 2 tsp (Buy : https://goo.gl/nnbR2M ) Sugar - 2 tsp Paprika - 1 tsp (Buy : https://goo.gl/7oD9OU) Pepper - 1 1/2 tsp Salt to taste Method: 1. Take a bowl add, prawns, all purpose flour, salt, paprika powder and mix it all together. 2. Add beaten egg to the prawn mixture and gently mix it. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. 3. Heat oil and start frying the prawns till it turns golden brown. 4. Heat a pan, add peanut oil, garlic, onion, ginger, carrot and saute well. 5. Add spring onion, vinegar, soya sauce, paprika powder, salt, pepper and sugar. Saute well and check for seasoning. 6. Add the prawns and mix it together Sweet and sour prawns are ready to taste! WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/homecookingshow/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoCooking A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com 29-May-2017
Crunchy Bread Almond with Custard | Vent Crunchy Bread Almond with Custard Ingredients Sweet Bread - 6 slices Almond - 1/4 cup sliced (Buy : https://goo.gl/k7QcCB ) Custard Powder - 2 tsp (Buy : https://goo.gl/qJa9To ) Milk - 1 cup Ghee - 1/2 cup Sugar - 3/4 cup Method: 1. Heat a tawa (Buy : https://goo.gl/GJODU2 ), add ghee and bread. Toast the bread slices on both the sides. And keep it aside 2. Take a pan, add sugar, milk. Keep it in a low flame and keep string till the milk gets thicken 3. Add almonds after milk got thicken 4. Add toasted breads in to the milk. Gently mix all together. Each bread should be coated with milk. Let all the moisture gets evaporated. And place it in a plate and let it come to a room temperature 5. Mix custard powder, sugar and milk together. Add more milk and heat the mixture to get thicken. Whisk it continuously to avoid clumps 6. Custard milk should be in a pouring consistency. If it becomes very thick, you can add little milk to it 7. Now gently pour the custard milk on the breads The most delicious crunchy bread almond custard is ready to serve! WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/homecookingshow/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoCooking A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com 29-May-2017
Virgin Mojito | Ventuno Home Cooking Virgin Mojito Ingredients Lime Sugar Mint leaves Crushed Ice Soda Method: 1. Cut the lime in to quartz and leave the seeds. 2. Take a glass or mason jar (Buy : https://goo.gl/cVAxCx ), add sugar, lime pieces, mint leaves and muddle the ingredients together. 3. Add crushed ice in to the jar. 4. Pour soda and mix them together. Fresh virjin mojito is ready to sip! WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/homecookingshow/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoCooking A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com 29-May-2017
Tangri kebab | Ventuno Home Cooking Tangri kebab Ingredients Chicken leg - 6 nos Ginger Garlic paste - 2 tsp Ghee - 1 tsp Green chili - 1 no chopped Kasuri methi - 1 1/2 tsp Few chopped Coriander leaves Chaat masala (optional) First Marination: Salt Juice of 1 Lemon Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp Chili powder - 1 tsp Second Marination: Hung curd - 1 cup Cumin powder - 1 tsp Coriander powder - 1 1/2 tsp Garam masala powder- 1 tsp Kashmiri chili powder - 1 tsp White pepper powder - 1/2 tsp Salt - 1/2 tsp Method: 1. Take chicken leg pieces and make some deep slits on each chicken legs on both the sides. 2. Add salt, lemon juice, turmeric powder, chili powder and mix it all together. Close the chicken and refrigerate for 1 hour. This is the first marination for the chicken. 3. For a second marination [To make Hung Curd - In a strainer, place the Muslin cloth & add the Curd. Tie it & drain the excess water. Hung Curd is ready.] In a bowl add hung curd, cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, kashmiri chili powder, white pepper powder and salt. Mix all the ingredient together. 4. To the first marinate chicken pieces add ginger garlic paste, ghee, green chili, kasuri methi, coriander leaves and mix all together well. 5. Add the spiced yogurt mixture to the chicken. Completely coat the chicken with the mixture. 6. Close the chicken and let it refrigerate for 3 hours. This is the second marination for the chicken. 7. Grill the marinated chicken for 8 minutes on each sides. (I have used grill settings in a microwave). Foil paper can be used in grill settings only. 8. After 8 minutes, remove it from the grill and brush a little ghee on both the sides. Grill it for an another 8 minutes. Delicious tangri kebab are ready to serve, you can sprinkle chaat masala on top of the chicken leg pieces its an optional or serve with mint chutney or mayonnaise WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM 29-May-2017
Potato chips | Ventuno Home Cooking Potato chips Ingredients Potato - 4 nos Water Paper towel/Dry cloth (Buy :https://goo.gl/BM2yNy ) Oil for frying Salt Chili powder Method: 1. Peel the potato skin completely. 2. Slice the potato with a thin slicer (Buy : https://goo.gl/ORaUQS ). Potato slice should be very thin. 3. Place the potato slices in water to clean and remove the extra starch. 4. Again wash the potatoes with clean water. 5. Place the potato slices on a paper towel or a dry cloth to remove the moisture from the potatoes. 6. Keep dry cloth or paper towel on top of the potatoes to remove the extra moisture. Before frying make sure dry the potato slice completely. 7. Heat oil and start frying the potato slices. ( Buy : https://goo.gl/X9hRl6 ) 8. Once the sizzling/bubbling sound stops & oil is clear that's the indication of chips are ready. 9. Add salt and chili powder. Toss the chips gently to mix well Crispy potato chips are ready to crunch! WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/homecooking... TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoCooking A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com 29-May-2017
Vegetable Stew | Ventuno Home Cooking Vegetable Stew Ingredients: Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp Bay Leaf - 2 nos Cinnamon - 1 stick Cloves - 3 to 4 Cardamom - 3 nos Onion - 1 no. thinly sliced Green Chilis - 3 nos slit Potato - 1 no. Carrot - 1 no. Few Beans Cauliflower Green peas Diluted Coconut Milk (Thin) Concentrated Coconut Milk (Thick) Few Curry Leaves Salt to taste Method: 1. Take a deep sauce pan. ( Buy : https://goo.gl/X9hRl6 ) 2. Pour 1 1/2 tbsp of oil. 3. Add bay leaf,piece of cinnamon,few cloves and 3 cardamom. 4. To this, add 1 sliced medium sized onion and 3 slit large green chilis and stir well. 5. Once the onions are transparent, add one evenly cut-up vegetables (potato, carrot, beans, cauliflower florets and green peas). 6. Add salt to this and stir well. 7. Pour the diluted coconut milk to cook the vegetables. 8. Pour water and then add curry leaves. Close the pot and let it cook for 15 to 20 mins or till vegetables cooked completely. 9. Finally pour thick coconut milk. 10. Keep it on low flame and cook for a 30 seconds and turn off the stove. Side dish for Stringhoppers (Idiyappam),Appam or Dosa. WEBSITE: http://www.21frames.in/homecooking FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/HomeCookingShow INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/homecookingshow/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoCooking A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com 29-May-2017
Bayern Munich honour retiring Lahm, givi Bayern legend Philipp Lahm is given a spot in the Bayern Munich hall of fame in recognition for his contribution to the club. 29-May-2017
I’m Sure India Will Win The ICC CT 201 By winning the first warm-up game against New Zealand, India tasted the conditions and started their preparations well for the first game against Pakistan, to be played on 4 June in Edgbaston. The practice game also saw Virat Kohli come back to form. NNIS caught up with Kohli’s childhood coach Raj Kumar Sharma, who is sure that India will defend the title with the right combination of youth and experience. 29-May-2017
Man City reported close to Ederson signi Reported sum would be a Premier League record for a goalkeeper 29-May-2017
Ahead Of India’s 1st Match,Ashwin’s A week ahead of India’s opening Champions Trophy match against Pakistan, sad news reached Indian team as spinner Ravichandran Ashwin’s grandfather passed away. 29-May-2017
Sehwag Says Not Approached By BCCI For C After a media report suggested that former Indian opener Virender Sehwag has been asked to apply for the post of Indian team’s coach after the board put out an advertisement, Sehwag has clarified that he has not been approached by any BCCI official on the matter so far. 29-May-2017
With A 45-Run Victory Over NZ, India Tic Defending champions India ticked all boxes in their first warm up match against New Zealand with a resounding 45-run victory via Duckworth-Lewis method in a rain-curtailed warm-up game, where captain Virat Kohli came good after an impressive performance from the bowlers 29-May-2017
Pakistan Begin Mind Games Ahead Of The Pakistan enjoys a superior record against India in the Champions Trophy, unlike the World Cups and wants to utilize the fact by playing mind games. This was evident when Pakistan pacer Junaid Khan took a dig at Indian captain Virat Kohli. 29-May-2017
Jonty Rhodes Shares First Glimpse Of New Former South African cricketer and Mumbai Indians’ fielding coach Jonty Rhodes took to Twitter to share the first glimpse of his new-born baby Nathan Jon. 29-May-2017
Paes To Face Baghdatis In The First Roun With no singles players in the main draw of the French Open, India will be represented in the doubles in Roland Garros. 29-May-2017
Groupama Team France claims first win, T Groupama Team France claims first win while Artemis hand Oracle Team USA their first defeat in America's Cup round robin match races. 29-May-2017
Sato races to Indy 500 victory, Alonso r Takuma Sato races to his first Indy 500 victory while Fernando Alonso retires with engine failure after briefly leading 29-May-2017
Yuvraj Singh Not To Feature In First War Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh will not feature in the first warm up match against New Zealand due to viral fever. 29-May-2017
Ajinkya Rahane Gets Nostalgic At Lord’ Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane is excited that he is in England once again. It is the Lord’s Cricket Ground where he scored his second test hundred in 2014. 29-May-2017
Rafa Aims 10Th Grand Slam Title In Open In a first for the first time the top five spots on ranking charts are occupied by players over age of 30. 29-May-2017
Oracle Team USA cruises, Ainslie crashes Oracle Team USA gets past rival Emirates, Ben Ainslie and Land Rover BAR collide with SoftBank Team Japan as America's Cup racing gets underway 29-May-2017
Wenger says Cup triumph has no bearing o Arsenal manager says he is proud of his achievements at the club after setting a new managerial record with most wins in the FA Cup. 29-May-2017
Higher pay in May, or some other day? Employment is in focus this week, with U.S. jobs data for May being released. Euro zone core inflation will also be on the agenda. Ciara Lee reports. 29-May-2017
HP CM Virbhadra Singh And Wife Gets Bail Himachal Pradesh CM Virbhadra Singh along with his wife got bail in disproportionate assets case. The lawyers argued against CBI’s reasonings and said that the organization is working on the instructions of Central Government. 29-May-2017
Muslims, Hindus Vow To Save Cows In Uniq Ramzan is on, and the Muslim and Hindu communities are often seen coming together to showcase a fine confluence of cultures and religions in this phase. Here’s a big example. 29-May-2017
Heavy rain kills over 160 in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is grappling with its most widespread disaster since a tsunami in 2004, and more torrential downpours have been forecast as a cyclone intensifies in the region. 29-May-2017
Versailles palace prepares for Putin vis The Palace of Versailles was closed on Monday (May 29) as French President Emmanuel Macron prepared to welcome his Russian counterpart in pomp and splendour after a cooling of relations in recent years. Rough cut (no reporter narration) 29-May-2017
Storm toll reaches almost 200 in Sri Lan An intensifying cyclone churned north towards Bangladesh on Monday (May 29) after heavy rain in Sri Lanka and thunderstorms in eastern India killed almost 200 people, with more torrential downpours forecast. Rough cut (no reporter narration) 29-May-2017
Tunisian public health sector struggles Overcrowded hospitals, exhausted staff and, disgruntled patients... Tunisia's public health sector is struggling to heal its many maladies. 29-May-2017
Tokyo bath house offers naked lectures t A public bath house in Tokyo is offering classes to its naked customers, hoping the experience of learning in the nude will not only be liberating but also bring back a young audience to the dying tradition of communal baths. Graham Mackay reports. 29-May-2017
Amnesty protests against homophobia in P Amnesty Internation hold protest against homophobia in front of Paris icon the Eiffel Tower ahead of a visit from Russian president Putin. Rough cut (no reporter narration) 29-May-2017
Inhumane! Young woman found chained, nak Hyderabad (Telangana), May 29 (ANI): In a disheartening incident, a young woman was found chained and naked at Hyderabad’s Aram Ghar rehab center. The authorities of the rehab centre alleged that the victim, Renuka, is mentally challenged and she has attacked her fellow inmates. They stated her mental disability to be the prime reason of restraining her and keeping her naked. However, Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Prasad Rao stated that the victim does not seem to be suffering from mental illness and even the extremely mentally ill patients are not chained because of the advanced medications. Though Aram Ghar has been running since last 60 years but the condition of the rehab is extremely degraded and most of the patients lacked proper hygiene and they complained about the frequent power cuts and unhealthy food. 29-May-2017
Watch: Patidar agitator hurls shoe at Mo Bhavnagar (Gujarat), May 29 (ANI): A patidar agitation activist hurled shoe at MoS for Road Transport and Highways, Shipping and Chemicals and Fertilisers Mansukh Mandaviya during a function in Gujarat's Vallabhipura in Bhavnagar district on Sunday. The patidar was identified as Bhavesh Sonani. Sonani is a member of Hardik Patel-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS). A case is being registered against Sonani for throwing shoe at the minister. 29-May-2017
IIT-Madras students organise beef festiv Chennai (Tamil Nadu), May 29 (ANI): Students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras organised a beef festival on the campus to protest against the Centre's ban on the sale of cows for slaughter. In a video, students inside the college campus can be seen serving beef among the participants. Strong protest was also held across Kerala after the Centre banned cow slaughter and even many people blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party of trying to infringe on personal rights of people. 29-May-2017
West Bengal Minister refuses to remove r Siliguri (West Bengal), May 29 (ANI): Defying the red beacon culture, West Bengal Public Welfare Department Minister Arup Biswas on Monday said that the state government has not banned the red beacon in the state of Bengal.Earlier this month, former Shahi Imam of the Tipu Sultan Mosque Noor-ur-Rehman Barkati after massive criticism removed the red beacon from his car. The union government, earlier of this month implemented the 'no red beacon' policy saying beacons would only be used on emergency vehicles. Even, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the removing of red beacon is aimed at removing VIP culture. 29-May-2017
PM Modi On To Seek Investments On His 4- PM Narendra Modi will start his 4-nation 6-days European tour today starting with Germany. He will be seeking investment opportunities there along with Russia, France and Spain. 29-May-2017
Watch: Bengaluru's Varthur lake spills t Bengaluru (Karnataka), May 29 (ANI): As fresh showers brought respite to the people of Bengaluru, it also created problems for the people living near the vicinity of the Varthur lake in the city's eastern periphery . The heavy showers again lead to the foaming of the lake. The highly toxic lake spelled toxic foams all across the roads and the people had a tough time commuting. 29-May-2017
Philippines army struggles to drive out Philippines troops battle to flush out Islamist militants holed up in buildings in the southern city of Marawi, as fighting continues for a seventh day. Ryan Brooks reports. 29-May-2017
People in S.Korea react to N.Korean miss People in South Korea react to North Korea's missile test -- the latest in a series of provocative launches that have ratcheted up tensions over its nuclear weapons ambitions. 29-May-2017
PM Modi to go on a four-nation tour to b New Delhi, May 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going on a four nation tour starting from today, with the aim to boost India's economic engagements and invite more engagements. PM Modi will start his journey from Meseberg near Berlin, where he will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about regional and global importance. On May 30, Prime Minister Modi will travel to Spain where he will meet President Mariano Rajoy to discuss ways to enhance bilateral engagement. This will be the first visit of an Indian PM to Spain in almost three decades. PM Modi will be visiting Russia for the 18th India-Russia Annual Summit at St. Petersburg from May 31 to June 2. The tour will conclude in Paris where he will hold official talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. 29-May-2017
Suspicious bag containing 3 uniforms fou Pathankot (Punjab), May 29 (ANI): A high alert has been sounded in Pathankot district of Punjab after a suspicious bag containing 3 uniforms was found near Mamun military station last night. As per reports, a joint search operation is being conducted by the Army and SWAT after the bag was found hidden and stuffed in a gunny sack. 29-May-2017
Three Years of Modi Sarkar Civil Society Three Years of Modi Sarkar Civil Society raises questions 29-May-2017
Maoists blow up railway track Giridih (Jharkhand), May 29 (ANI): Maoists on Monday blew up railway tracks between Chichaki and Karmabandh under the Dhanbad railway division. Reportedly, scores of passengers were stranded at the railway station and after some time the track was made ready for the trains. Meanwhile, Security was tightened in the district. 29-May-2017
23 killed by lightning, storm Bettiah (Bihar), May 29 (ANI): At least 23 people were killed in separate incidents of lighting and storm in Bihar on Sunday. Meanwhile, thundershowers are likely to occur at few places over Odisha, where sunstroke has claimed over 12 lives, in next 24 hours due to cyclonic storm 'Mora' over east central of Bay of Bengal. Parts of the national capital were also lashed by rain, bringing the mercury to 27 degrees Celsius. 29-May-2017
This is how India's longest Dhola Sadia This is how India's longest Dhola Sadia bridge looks like from the top 29-May-2017
Boy mercilessly beaten for returning TV Boy mercilessly beaten for returning TV taken against unpaid wages 29-May-2017
Sri Lanka faces more landslide risks as Flooding and mudslides have killed more than 150 people in Sri Lanka as rescue teams rush to distribute aid. Grace Lee reports. 29-May-2017
Security tightened at Bendi Railway afte Latehar (Jharkhand), May 29 9ANI): Heavy security has been deployed at the Bendi railway station in Latehar district of Jharkhand.The strike call has been given by Naxals in the district over Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (CNT) and Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act (SPT) tribal acts.Forces have been deployed for maintaining law and order and control any violence in the district. Under CNT and SPT Act, tribal land cannot be transferred or sold to non-tribals. It also bars tribal land use from other than agricultural and allied activities. Meanwhile, Naxals blew up railway tracks between Chichaki and Karmabandh railway stations under the Dhanbad railway division. 29-May-2017
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