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Not Sure if You Are Good with Managing Finances? Here is Why You Need a Financial Advisor

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Not Sure if You Are Good with Managing Finances? Here is Why You Need a Financial Advisor

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 21 Nov 2019, 09:16 pm

Creating a balance between what you earn and what you invest is not as easy as it may sound. Many people think they are good at managing their investment decisions. However, they often end up over-spending on things they do not need and fall into a debt they can’t easily pay.

In India, inflation rate rose to 3.99% YoY in September 2019, making more people think about ways to get higher ROI.

Ask yourself if you need a financial advisor. Your first thought will be, “What can a financial advisor do for me?”, “Do I really need one?”.

You might think there is no need to ask for professional help to manage your investments. Consider an analogy –if you can’t fix the air conditioner installed in your home or fly a plane on your own, wouldn’t you look for help from an expert? You would because they are more knowledgeable and experienced to do so.

In the same way, if you struggle to keep a check on your investments and balance them up with your earnings, you need a financial advisor.

Let’s dig deeper onwhat an experienced financial advisor can do for you.

Role of a Financial Advisor in Your Life

Handling investment matters can become complicated sometimes. These include buying and selling equities at the right time, investing in mutual funds, preparing for your child’s education, or planning your retirement. Managing them all by yourself is a difficult task.

This is where a financial advisor can help. He is the one who can examine your financial situation holistically and craft a plan to ensure your investment decisions are in line with your life goals. Hewill have the required investment expertise to help you grow your money by making the right investment decisions.  He will also create a smart asset allocation strategy to match your financial goals and adjust it as your goals change with time. Similarly, he will assist you in planning your retirement and ensure you retire at the right age with freedom from financial worries.

Understanding If You Need Financial Advisory Services

Wondering about the right age or the career point to hire a financial advisor? Well, there is none. You need not wait for a specific age, a peak in your career or a guaranteed regular income to ask for help from a professional. Simply put, you need help to manage your finances and investment decisions when they are more complicated than what you can handle.

You may find some advisors placing a constraint onthe minimum initial investment. Out of them all, you need to choose the one who understands your financial situation best.

Significant changes in life like starting a family, having kids or getting a considerable amount as inheritance can also make you feel the need to hire a financial advisor. You would wantsomeone to share your financial responsibilities and help you prevent making mistakes while you invest your money. If you do not know much about how you can maximize returns on your investment, hiring a financial advisor is a must.

Whom Should You Choose?

After realizing that you need a financial advisor, searching for the right one is not easy. You may find some advisors who can only help you while investing in equities, bonds, mutual funds, and similar other financial instruments. They will help you build your investment portfolio and keep track of your financial goals.

While on the other hand, there are advisors who will take care of your overall financial health in addition to helping you invest smartly. They protect your assets in the long run, work on tax planning, child education planning, and similar other financial needs.

While hiring one, you need to make sure he is an expert in providing the services you need. Take the case of FinEdge, a leading team of financial planning experts, they are known to offer conflict-free financial planning advice to their clients using advanced technology.

When it comes to hiring an advisor to deal with your finances, you only need to consider a few essential things. In simple words, if you want to invest your money smartly, get a financial advisor and watch your money grow.

Not Sure if You Are Good with Managing Finances? Here is Why You Need a Financial Advisor

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