Pricol Secures its R&D IP with Microsoft Office 365

India Blooms News Service | 18 Dec 2014, 03:22 am
New Delhi/ Kolkata, Dec 17 (IBNS): Pricol, an auto component manufacturer for leading automobile brands, has deployed Microsoft Office 365 to secure its IP and sensitive data.

Office 365 has helped Pricol streamline its policies for access rights to sensitive information, thereby protecting its competitive advantage in the market.

The deployment ensures that the design and specifications of products under development are accessible only to authorized users and customers thereby creating a secure R&D environment.

In addition, O365’s collaboration services via Lync are helping Pricol employees and customers stay connected across countries, leading to significant savings in time, travel and cost.

This has had a positive impact on the company’s bottomline, in addition to a higher level of collaboration across teams.

Pricol is also promoting the use of Yammer, the social collaboration tool from Microsoft, inside the organization for employees across group companies to leverage talent and resources. 

Yammer has been helping the company find employees with niche skills from their existing talent pool across the globe.  It has also helped them share knowledge for a broad spectrum of assignments, starting from elementary foreign language translation and going up to finding solutions to complex engineering scenarios.

Pravin Kumar Sadavisam, Group Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO, Pricol said: “Our design, specifications and features represent our intellectual property. Each time we share our submissions with a customer, Office 365 ensures only authorized people are able to access the files. Earlier our product designs carried a risk of falling into our competitor’s hands.  Office 365 has addressed our concerns around reliability and security of our critical IP.”

Tyler Bryson, General Manager- Marketing & Operations, Microsoft India explains: “Every organization, irrespective of their size, needs an extra layer of protection for its critical data and that is where the security features of Office 365 are significant. By encrypting and applying intelligent policies, Office 365 secures data at all points - on premise, in the cloud or in transit. We are happy that Office 365 has been successful in providing Pricol the multi-tiered levels of security they needed.”

Microsoft Office 365 helps solve critical business issues at an affordable price along with scalability and flexibility. Its collaboration and communication capabilities help organizations engage better with their customers, suppliers and partners globally.

Pricol Secures its R&D IP with Microsoft Office 365

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