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Mineral Production during February 2016

India blooms News Service | 26 Apr 2016, 06:06 pm
New Delhi, Apr 26 (IBNS) The union Ministry of Mines has published provisional numbers related to the state of mining industry for February 2016 on Tuesday.
The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector for  February (new Series 2004-05=100) 2016 at 136.1, was 5 per cent higher compared to February 2015. 
Cumulative growth for the period April- February 2015-16 over the corresponding period of previous year stands at positive 2.4 per cent.
In February 2016, India produced mineral (excluding atomic and minor minerals)  worth Rs. 19995 crore. 
Of the total production, the maximum (43 per cent) was coal, worth Rs. 8662 crore. 
Following coal, was Petroleum (crude) Rs. 5266 crore, Natural gas (utilized) Rs. 2063 crore, Iron ore Rs. 1945 crore, Lignite Rs.705 crore and Limestone Rs. 512 crore. These six minerals together contributed about 96 per cent of the total value of mineral production in February 2016.
Production level of important minerals in February 2016 were: Coal 601 lakh tonnes, Lignite 51 lakh tonnes, Natural gas (utilized) 2495  million cu. m., Petroleum (crude) 29 lakh tonnes, Bauxite 1827 thousand tonnes, Chromite 350 thousand tonnes, Copper conc. 12 thousand tonnes, Gold 101 kg., Iron ore 164 lakh tonnes, Lead conc. 21 thousand tonnes, Manganese ore 171 thousand tonnes, Zinc conc. 90 thousand tonnes, Apatite & Phosphorite 57 thousand tonnes, Limestone 260 lakh tonnes, Magnesite 22 thousand  tonnes  and Diamond  4153 carat.
Important minerals that posted  positive growth during February 2016 over February 2015 include Iron ore (54.8%), Chromite (43.9%), Diamond (41.0%), Bauxite (37.4%), Copper conc. (20.2%), Lignite (9.2%), Lead conc. (9.0%), Magnesite (8.6%), Limestone (7.0%), Coal (3.7%), Natural gas (utilized) (1.7%),  and Petroleum (crude) (0.8%). 
Important minerals that posted negative growth were Apatite & Phosphorite, Zinc conc., Gold, and Manganese ore.

Mineral Production during February 2016

India blooms News Service
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