4 Top Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance for Family Trips

4 Top Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance for Family Trips

India Blooms News Service | 24 Jun 2016, 02:58 am

While travelling it is very likely to come across the unexpected; and most of us are aware of that to a certain extent. While a good surprise is something we all look forward to especially while travelling; we also need to be prepared for the unexpected which can range from the inconvenient to a truly serious emergency. When we take family trips with our loved ones; we are even more cautious; and these trips too are not immune to things that can go wrong. So whether you and your family are attending a wedding, going on a holiday, or visiting relatives; it is highly advisable to get family travel insurance beforehand.  

What you need to know?

Before deciding on the type of travel insurance you need to take; it is good to know the type of risks you might come across. Few of the unanticipated things that could occur on a family trip include- reaching the destination with your family to find the place has been destroyed due to a natural disaster and you need to make alternate travel plans. Besides this your child falling ill in a foreign place; you getting injured, or being robbed of money and many more such situations are what you need to be prepared for in advance.

Though it may not be possible to be completely prepared for such incidents; with travel insurance you and your family can at least be financially prepared. Before you depart on your trip it is better to research and purchase the right travel insurance in India beforehand to get a greater sense of security.

Here are few noteworthy reasons why you may feel safer purchasing a travel insurance plan before your next family trip.

Your flight is cancelled or delayed

You and your family are excited to go on a foreign trip, but what if you arrive at the airport and are told that your flight is delayed due to some unforeseen situation? Well, it is obvious to feel sad, but with the flight delay coverage, you’ll have the money to book a new air ticket or stay at a comfortable hotel. For instance, HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance offers compensation if your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours.

You need a medical emergency cover

Your family has planned a beach holiday in Maldives. After you reach your destination, suddenly you start feeling severe stomach pain. Your health gets deteriorated,and you immediately need medical treatment.

While travelling with family being faced with a medical emergency can be doubly taxing; not only are you feeling terrible about the holiday getting ruined, but you may also need to pacify the other family members. To add to this you may also need to shell out quite a lot of money; especially if you are in a foreign place; as only few personal medical policies will provide cover in such cases and if they do it will be a very limited cover. With the right travel insurance you not only are covered financiallybut also can get everything sorted in very less time. Hence if the emergency is something like a minor injury once everything is sorted you can easily get back to your holiday state quickly and most importantly without a hole in your pocket to affect the rest of your trip.

Your baggage is delayed or lost

There is nothing worse than waiting at the luggage reclaim carousel and realizing that your luggage is a no show! Have you lost your trendy bag which you bought from Bangkok? What if it is your business tour and your entire business attireis in the lost suitcase? Arriving at your destination and realizing that your luggage is lost can ruin your travel mood. As per the report of the Geneva-based technology service provider SITA, 6.5 bags per thousand got misplaced globally in 2015. Though we least expect it to happen, yet having one’s luggage lost or stolen while travelling; is not only frustrating and time consuming but also requires shelling out additional cash to get necessary items until the luggage is found. While travelling with family consider getting a plan which will not only provide refund for items lost, stolen or damaged, but also reimburse you for necessary items you need to buy to continue having fun on your trip until your baggage is returned.

Your passport is lost

You are roaming on the streets of London, and suddenly you realize you have left your passport at a local restaurant. With the travel insurance policy, you’ll be able to recover the expenses incurred in replacing lost documents.

Peace of Mind

While you work hard to procure time and money to plan your trip especially one with the family; it can be very disheartening to come across any sort of unexpected mishap; similar to the ones described above. Even the most careful preparations cannot cover us against all the surprises; yet getting the right cover may definitely benefit you to get back on track and find some peace of mind on your much needed time off with family.

While considering the various plans available for travel insurance in India, one needs to get all the right information and choose a policy from a reputed insurance company. If you are traveling outside India you may want to look into factors like- duration, location, cover needed and so on; before considering the various policies offered by renowned insurance companies.

4 Top Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance for Family Trips

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