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The future belongs to product Start Ups in India: Aditi Sinha

The future belongs to product Start Ups in India: Aditi Sinha

India Blooms News Service | 10 Jul 2016, 02:27 pm
An achiever in her own terms, Aditi Sinha, Vice-President, Project Delivery & Business Process Improvement, IMRB International, one of the top Market Research companies, has been dominating the corporate world for many years now. She sits pretty on her laurels achieved through sheer grit, determination, self development and self-belief. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra catches up with her for a conversation. Excerpts:

How do you look back and see your journey in the corporate world today?

The past 22 years have been eventful and exciting. The long hours and stressful times are well balanced with a sense of contribution and achievement. There are several people I have mentored and continue to mentor and it gives me immense satisfaction to see them doing extremely well in their individual careers today.

How difficult was it to establish yourself in the male dominated sector way back in 1994?

[Laughs] I was possibly the only woman national operations head in India in the express sector and a minority even in the global peer group. There were a few challenges – it was and still is a male dominated warehouse environment both internal, that is within the company, and also external – be it Customs personnel or Cargo personnel. Outside the work environment, when it came to work socializing, it was a complete “boys’ club” environment.

I never let myself feel less capable or let my gender be a concern – ever. The respect and care I have received throughout my tenure is heart-warming. In Nielsen, which is a world leader in Market Research, there is focus on building diversity (of race and gender) across rank and file and even though there were very few women at the level of manager and below, I did have the company of women in my peer group across function.

How do you see yourself contributing to the world in the next few years?

I have worked extensively in the villages of West Bengal during my young adult years, imparting education & basic hygiene knowledge and I have found the participation of girls in education and of women in workforce is very low in rural India. The fastest growing demographic group in our country is women who are graduates; yet, women participating in workforce have been steadily declining since 2005.

Over the next few years I want to create an organisation that can build specific employable skills and a social support group for young adult women – which will help women to be independent wage earners and /or participate in the workforce.

What changes have you witnessed in the corporate world since you started your journey 22 years ago?

Opportunities have increased in the last decade and employers and employees are both breaking out of the traditional moulds. Employers today design & implement the corporate culture they want to create. Technology is enabling flexible work hours and remote working; geographical divisions have given way to centralised, virtual workflow management. In this day and age employees do not consider working for the same employer for many years. As more Millennials enter the workforce and with the dynamic digital evolution, the work environment is changing rapidly and dramatically – it is less about IQ and more about EQ (Emotional Quotient). We are living in exciting times!

Do you think the scope of work for Indian women have increased in Indian industries now?

I would say there are more opportunities particularly as global & MNC employers focus on building diversity in their organisations. Flexible working hours, work from home, longer maternity leaves are benefits available to working women today.

How do you manage to find time for your family in between your busy schedule?

Work and family are equally important. There is nothing called balance - the key is to prioritise. For several years I was travelling outside of India for almost 80% of the time and it was challenging; but my family has been extremely supportive always.

Who has/have been the greatest inspiration/inspirations in your life?

I have been fortunate so far to work with many great leaders - some well-known like Dave Calhoun and Mitchell Habib, and some known only within corporate circles. I have learned from each of them. Amongst the public figures, I am inspired by the lives and work of Maya Angelou, Indira Nooyi, Mary Barra (CEO General Motors).

What are the qualities that your profession has built  in you over the years?

My professional growth has been driven by the key leadership qualities that I have developed – inter personal skills, emotional intelligence and conflict management. I have learned to take calculated risks and the courage to: (a) stand up for what you believe; (b) do the right thing.

According to you, what is the future of Start Ups  in India?

The future belongs to product Start Ups in India. India is home to more than 3000 vibrant tech/digital Start Ups and is the 4th largest base across the world. Opportunities in the domestic market, access to capital & mentors, increased consolidation and M&A is providing velocity to an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Enablers like Nasscom and iSpirit are bringing together key stakeholders of the ecosystem including startup incubators, accelerators, angel investors, venture capitalists, support groups, mentors, and technology. Given this pace of growth, if the landscape continues to evolve, then by the end of 2020 more than 11,500 start-ups are expected to get established in India, generating employment opportunities for more than 2,50,000 people

How do you want the world to remember you in future?

I concentrate more on being a good person than on any material achievement. In the end, I am happy if I am remembered as a good and compassionate human being.

The future belongs to product Start Ups in India: Aditi Sinha

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